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Hart Of Dixie: Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me

After Zoe treats the high school football team, she learns that Max, who happens to be Rose's new crush, has become infatuated with her instead. Eager to nip his crush in the bud, Zoe learns that Max is prone to overreacting to heartbreak and is encouraged by the town to wait until after the big game, as they are counting on him to win. Lemon decides to start a catering business and asks AnnaBeth to join, but Lemon is taken aback by her answer. Meanwhile, Lavon tries to win over Ruby's grandfather Sergeant Jeffries by doing his chores, but Lavon finds out there is another reason her grandfather doesn't want them together.

Source: The CW

Episode Info

Episode number: 2x7
Production Number: 2J7257
Airdate: Tuesday November 20th, 2012

Alternate Airdates:

UK (REALLY) Jul 15, 2013


Guest Stars
Golden BrooksGolden Brooks
As Ruby Jeffries (Ran for Mayor, Lavon's Girlfriend)
McKaley MillerMcKaley Miller
As Rose Hattenbarger (Friend of Zoe Hart's)
Nicholas PodanyNicholas Podany
As Max Burgess (Boy Rose Has A Crush On)
Kaitlyn BlackKaitlyn Black
As Annabeth Nass (Friend of Lemon Breeland)
Charles RobinsonCharles Robinson
As Sergeant Jeffries (Grandfather of Ruby Jeffries)

Co-Guest Stars
McKayla MaroneyMcKayla Maroney
As Tonya (Rose Hattenbarger's Friend)
Christopher CurryChristopher Curry
As Earl "Crazy Earl" Kinsella (Wade Kinsella's Father, Town Drunk)
Mallory MoyeMallory Moye
As Wanda Lewis (Waitress at the Rammer Jammer, Dating Tom)
Brandi BurkhardtBrandi Burkhardt
As Crickett (Friend of Lemon Breeland)
Reginald VelJohnsonReginald VelJohnson
As Dash Dewitt (Bluebell Film Society President, Lavon's Father)
Kevin BerntsonKevin Berntson
As Coach Scott (Bluebell's High School Football Coach)
Aaron Todd KesseeAaron Todd Kessee
As Colby Slaughter (Football Team Quarterback, Has Atheltes Foot)
Kevin RailsbackKevin Railsback
As Fred Sawaya (Part of the Flash Mob at the Rammer Jammer)
Esther ScottEsther Scott
As Delma Warner (Part of the Flash Mob at the Rammer Jammer)
Dawn DidawickDawn Didawick
As Eugenia (Part of the Flash Mob at the Rammer Jammer)
John Eric BentleyJohn Eric Bentley
As Sheriff Bill (Local Police Officer, Addy's Husband)
John Marshall JonesJohn Marshall Jones
As Wally Maynard (Owner of the Rammer Jammer)
Joe MassingillJoe Massingill
As Cody (Part of the Flash Mob at the Rammer Jammer)
Armelia McQueenArmelia McQueen
As Shula Whitaker (Part of the Flash Mob at the Rammer Jammer)
Main Cast
Rachel BilsonRachel Bilson
As Dr. Zoe Hart
Jaime KingJaime King
As Lemon Breeland
Cress WilliamsCress Williams
As Lavon Hayes
Wilson BethelWilson Bethel
As Wade Kinsella
Tim MathesonTim Matheson
As Dr. Brick Breeland
Scott PorterScott Porter
As George Tucker


The episode begins with Zoe waking up from her sleep and seeing Wade in peals of laughter. Wade is watching a cartoon on television. The two, talk about the relationship they share and Zoe says she doesn’t want romance, but wants something little more than just sex. Wade on his part can’t really figure out what Zoe exactly wants. “How did evolution skip Bluebell entirely?” Zoe wonders. Ruby and Lavon are now together and are busy getting all frisky. Lemon meets Annabeth and tells her, she has found her “singular purpose in life”. “We are starting a catering business” Lemon says gladly. Annabeth isn’t too excited to hear Lemon’s idea and tries her best to discourage Lemon. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 1.23 Million Viewers

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Cory Chisel And The Wandering SonsOld LoveZoe talks to Wade in the locker room
Family WagonWonder If She KnowsMax compliments Zoe while on their date
Jesse TerryLet the Blue Skies Go to Your HeadEnd of episode
Michael MazochiGeorgia LineZoe is booed as she walks into the Rammer Jammer
Mike StocksdaleOh My SoulMax and Zoe are leaving the Rammer Jammer

Episode Quotes
Zoe: How did evolution manage to skip Bluebell entirely?
Wade: Well, it happens. We also missed out on Bieber Fever.

Zoe: Okay, I hope this doesn't sound harsh, but based on your previous obsessions...does he even know you're alive?
Rose: That's the thing, he does! We've had lunch three times this week already. Yesterday I traded my Ho-Ho for his Ding-Dong.
Zoe: Okay, I'm not up with the teen slang, but I really hope those are still snacks.

Lemon: Goodness, I am just running into everyone this morning. It's like a private tour of my own life.
George: You okay, Lemon? You look a little pale.
Lemon: Then the efforts to avoid the ageing effects of sunlight are succeeding. Are you okay, or is this box a little cry for help?
George: Funny, funny.

Zoe: Bartender, a glass of pinot.
Wade: For the millionth time, we got red and we got white, so...
Zoe: I know, I know I just miss saying it. Red.
Wade: Alright, you're in a good mood.
Zoe: I cured some foot fungus.

Max: You are magnificent.
Zoe: (eating noisily) ...thank you.
Max: And I'm not just talking about your kind eyes, or your glowing dew-kissed skin, I'm talking about your brain.
Zoe: Thanks, Max. That is nice to hear.
Max: You know, you are all of those things and a damn good doctor.

Wade: Hey, Wanda. Can I ask you something. I've got this friend, and he wants to do something romantic for this girl he's been hanging out with. You know, something to show her he appreciates her.
Wanda: Aww, that's so sweet.
Wade: Whatever, I hate all that mushy stuff. But I thought you might have some ideas I could pass along to him.
Wanda: Well, Tom's always doing small things. Like dedicating Celine Dion songs to me on the radio. Oh, and he got us those matching spray paint t-shirts, they make at the fair.
Wade: Yeah, I think my friend would think those are pretty terrible ideas.
Wanda: It really doesn't matter what it is, as long as it's from the heart.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me

'Baby, Don’t Get Hooked on Me' is the title of a song by American country singer Mac Davis.

Dumbo: Zoe says Max's lucky charms were like the magic feather in "Dumbo".

'Dumbo' is an animated Disney film from 1941.

How Stella Got Her Groove Back : Zoe says to Brick "Looks like Stella got her groove back!"

'How Stella Got Her Groove Back ' is a film from 1998 starring Angela Bassett, Taye Diggs and Whoopi Goldberg.

Pepé Le Pew: When Zoe waked up to the sound of Wade laughing, he is watching Pepé Le Pew on TV.

Pepé Le Pew is a Warner Bros. Looney Toones character.

Justin Bieber: Wade tells Zoe that Bluebell missed out on Bieber Fever.

'Bieber Fever' is a slang for the actions and enthusiasm of the obsessive fans of pop singer Justin Beiber.

Nuremberg Trials: AnnaBeth tells Lemon that today is the anniversary of the start of the Nuremberg Trials.

The Nuremberg Trials were a series of military tribunals post World War II that prosecuted members of the political, military, and economic leadership of Nazi Germany.

Harry Potter: Lemon calls Ruby "She Who Shall Not Be Named."

This is an allusion to "He Who Shall Not Be Named," which is what the characters in the Harry Potter series call the villain, Lord Voldemort, in place of saying his name.

60 Minutes: AnnaBeth tells Lemon that she saw on '60 Minutes' that catering businesses are suffering in the current economy.

'60 Minutes' is an American television newsmagazine program that is broadcast on the CBS television network.

Babe Ruth: George tells Lemon that she is the Babe Ruth of party planning.

Babe Ruth was an American professional baseball player.

Celine Dion: Wanda tells Wade that Tom dedicates Celine Dion songs to her on the radio to be romantic.

Celine Dion is a Canadian performing artist that has had many chart-topping romance ballads.

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 6: Lavon won the election against Ruby in 2x06 "Walk The Line" by one vote.

Season 1, Episode 8: Brick tells Zoe that she can't go see the football team since she went there last year in her short-shorts. In 1x08 "Homecoming & Coming Home" Zoe went to treat the football team who were coming down sick before a big game.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorLeila Gerstein
Executive ProducerLeila Gerstein  |  Josh Schwartz  |  Stephanie Savage  |  Len Goldstein
Co-Executive ProducerAlex Taub  |  Carter Covington
ProducerSarah Kucserka  |  Kelly Van Horn
Co-ProducerBen Kunde
Consulting ProducerJamie Gorenberg  |  Donald Todd
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