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Achy Breaky Hearts - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe telling Wade she doesn’t want to pretend liking Ruby, when she actually doesn’t. George knocks on Wade’s door just then and Zoe immediately hides behind Wade’s bed. George leaves and then Wade asks Zoe “tell me again why we can’t tell Tucker what’s going on between us?” She tells Wade that George will hate them if he finds out the truth. Later Lavon sees the awkwardness between Zoe and Ruby and tells Zoe that she needs to accept the fact that Ruby is her girlfriend and she should therefore try to be nice to her. Zoe tells Lavon that she is worried Ruby will never stay in Bluebell and will as a result end up hurting Lavon.

Lavon tells Zoe to be nice to Ruby for his sake and wants her to start, by being nice to Ruby over dinner “tonight”. Wade agrees to go for a camping trip with the Reverend and a bunch of school boys, in order to avoid spending time with George. Wade basically feels George knows about him and Zoe and wants to talk about that. Brick asks Magnolia how she would feel if he asked Emily to move in with them to Bluebell. Magnolia makes it clear that she isn’t really crazy about the idea, much to Brick’s disappointment. Lemon and Annabeth on the other hand are busy discussing business plans for their catering company. Lemon confesses that talking about their business helps keep her, from thinking about Lavon. Then suddenly, the two at a distance see Ruby talking to a man in a visibly flirtatious fashion.

Ruby is heard, agreeing to have one drink with the man. “Positively scandalous” Lemon exclaims, while watching Ruby from behind some bushes. “Poor Lavon” Lemon then says. Annabeth guesses that Lemon is planning to get involved with this issue and reminds her “this is not our business”. “Do not do anything crazy” Annabeth adds. Later, Lemon paying no heed to Annabeth’s advice asks Zoe to help her find out, if the man Ruby was speaking to is her lover. Wade is about to embark on his camping trip, just then he sees George arrive with his camping gear. The Reverend says that George volunteered, so he invited him. “Looks like we will finally get our chance to chat” George happily tells Wade. George later manages to catch hold of Wade, in order to talk to him.

Wade prepares himself for the worst but is surprised when George asks him, if he can “ask Tanzi out”. George says that, he feels he has a connection with Tanzi and wants to explore it. George feels Tanzi would be a little self-conscious about the whole situation unless Wade is ok with it. Wade tells George he will “marinate on it” and get back to him. Lemon in the meantime drags the man Ruby was talking to, into Zoe’s clinic. The man says Lemon dragged him in there saying he might have pinkeye. Basically Lemon wants Zoe to get some information out of the man. Zoe finds out that the man is a “corporate headhunter” from Dallas, and he has been hired by a big fashion company to find their new CEO. The man then hints that his search might have ended with Bluebell, and says that Bluebell has the most sought after CEO in the country.

Zoe tells Lemon “she is not sleeping with him, but she is going to break Lavon’s heart”. Wade in the end makes his decision and tells George “you cannot date Tanzi”. George is shocked to hear Wade’s answer. Lavon is told about the headhunter and isn’t happy about it. He admits that Zoe was right. Ruby arrives just then, for dinner. Emily and Magnolia have a chat about Magnolia’s boy troubles. Wade is informed by the Reverend that, Connor the kid Wade was watching over, is missing. George and Wade go out in the woods to find him. Lavon confronts Ruby about the headhunter, and she is livid that Lavon spied on her. She says she wasn’t going to take the job and therefore did not want to worry Lavon, by telling him about it. “You are the same jackass now that you were, when you left for college” Ruby tells him in rage.

Ruby in anger says that she has changed her mind and is now going to “interview for that job”. Later Zoe has a chat with Lemon, who isn’t feeling sorry that Lavon’s relationship has failed. Zoe then figures out that Lemon still has feelings for Lavon. She tells Lemon, they have to make the whole thing between Lavon and Ruby, right. “You had your chance with Lavon, you broke his heart” Zoe tells Lemon. Zoe feels Lavon deserves to be happy and therefore they should put things right. Lemon on her part is in no mood to do so. Brick returns home and is surprised to see Emily and Magnolia bonding. Magnolia takes him aside and basically tells him that she is fine with Emily moving in. Wade tells George during their search that, he is worried George will break Tanzi’s heart, as he will in the end leave Tanzi for Zoe.

Just then they find the lost kid Connor sitting on a tree. Zoe tries to reason with Ruby and tries to change her mind about Lavon, but Ruby feels Zoe did her a favor. Ruby confesses that, Bluebell was never going to be a permanent stop for her and she never saw herself settling down in Bluebell. Lemon in the meantime pays Lavon a visit, with a cake she has baked, in hand. “Lavon is really good guy, but I can’t derail my career for a murky future in a small town” Ruby tells Zoe. Lavon tells Lemon how long it took for him to get over her and then find someone again. Lemon realizes the pain Lavon is in and she gives Zoe a call. “You were right about Lavon, we have to fix this” Lemon tells Zoe. “I don’t think it’s fixable” Zoe says. Lemon though, isn’t ready to give up.

She asks Zoe to meet her in five minutes. The two then have a talk with Lavon and tell him that he can’t give up on Ruby this easily. They urge him to have a talk with her, while she is on her way to the airport. The plan is for him to be the limo driver, of the limo that is going to take Ruby to the airport. He shall have 30 minutes to put forth his case, while on the way to the airport. Lemon and Zoe’s plan is put into action. Ruby makes it clear to Lavon that she won’t change her mind about Dallas, but Lavon says that he still wants to give it a shot, while he is driving her to the airport.

Next day, Lavon tells Zoe the things he said to Ruby, in order to convince her. “Then she got on the plane to Dallas and I haven’t heard from her since” Lavon says. Just then Ruby enters the Jammer and the two are surprised to see her. Zoe excuses herself. “I took the job” Ruby tells Lavon, but adds that “I told them I couldn’t start before the first of the year”. She wants to spend time in the interim with Lavon, to see if she can make it work with him. “I’m in” Lavon says happily. A dejected Brick tells Magnolia that, he has parted ways with Emily. George assures Wade that, he doesn’t see Tanzi as a “placeholder”.

Wade seems convinced and the two shake on it. George then tells Wade he knows about him and Zoe and he is “kind of” ok with it. Wade later pays Zoe a visit and tells her that George knows about them and is cool about it. He then observes that Zoe isn’t too happy to hear this, although she is pretending to be. Wade then goes back to his house, instead of spending the night at Zoe’s. The episode ends at this point.