Sparks Fly - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe coming over to meet Wade. She basically asks Wade, as to why he hasn’t been coming over to her house for the past one week. Wade says he has been really busy. She realizes Wade is blowing her off, but doesn’t say anything about it. Lemon is still depressed that, Lavon and Ruby are now a couple. Tanzi comes into George’s office, to have a talk with him. Tanzi wants legal advice from George on how she should get back the custody of her dog “Dolly Parton” from her ex-boyfriend Cole. George says it would be difficult to get Dolly Parton back, as there is no legal agreement of any sort.

George then hints to Tanzi that he likes her, but she doesn’t catch the hint. Basically, there is a bachelor auction in Bluebell the next day and George says he doesn’t want to take part in it because she only likes one girl. Tanzi immediately jumps in, to suggest how George can impress this one girl, without letting George tell her that, it’s her. Ruby tells Lavon, she plans to win him at the bachelor auction as her date. But, according to the rules of the auction, the girl who likes the guy in the auction has to guess the things the guy likes and has therefore put in a basket. She can then bid on it. Lavon says he can’t tell her what’s in his basket, but tells her that he has kept it open in his study.

Zoe enters just then and tells them, how Wade has been avoiding having sex with her. Lavon leaves Ruby to sort out Zoe’s issue. Zoe while discussing the issue suddenly concludes that, Wade is bored of her. Ruby tells her how sorry she is, but Zoe is fine with it and feels it had to happen eventually. Brick is still moping after his breakup with Emily. Lemon tries to talk him out of it. Lemon asks Brick to “enter a basket in tomorrow’s bachelor auction”. Brick reluctantly agrees. Wade pays Zoe a visit and tells her “I think we should go on a real date”. Zoe is visibly surprised to hear this. Wade suggests that, if Zoe does want to go out on a date with him, she should bid on his basket “tomorrow”. Wade then leaves. Zoe is visibly befuddled at what Wade has just said and seems at a loss.

George meets Wade and asks him the kinds of things Tanzi likes, so he can put those in his basket. Zoe is struggling in her head with what Wade has said to her and feels the arrangement that she had with Wade earlier was the best. She basically doesn’t want things to change between Wade and her. Later at the auction, Lemon runs into a guy named Walt, who she had dated a few weeks ago. Walt still seems interested in her and says she can bid on his basket, if she likes “hazelnut truffles”. Wade is visibly worried as he isn’t seeing Zoe around at the auction, which is about to begin. A young girl, who George was earlier dating, wins Brick in the auction. Brick clearly isn’t happy about it. Just then, Zoe arrives at the auction.

Ruby has forgotten to look into Lavon’s basket and asks Zoe to help her find it, so she can look into it. Tanzi in the meantime, wins George in the auction. The next basket has hazelnut truffles in it and Lemon assumes the basket is Walt’s and begins bidding on it. But it turns out the basket is Lavon’s, who is worried that Ruby is nowhere to be seen. Ruby on the other hand finds Walt’s basket with hazelnuts in it and assumes its Lavon’s. Lemon wins the bid and is shocked to find out that, she has won Lavon. Ruby is disappointed at the goof up and Lavon too seems surprised. Before Zoe can bid on Wade, Magnolia wins him in the auction, much to Wade’s dismay. Later, Zoe apologizes to Wade for the fiasco and assures him she will put things right.

Tanzi figures out that George was talking about her “yesterday”. Tanzi seems happy with the outcome. Ruby apologizes to Lavon for what happened, but he isn’t in a very forgiving mood. Lavon and Lemon then leave for their date. Zoe buys Wade from Magnolia after promising to do a bunch of things for her in return. The two then leave for their date. Lemon is overwhelmed on seeing the arrangements Lavon had made for his date with Ruby. She feels it was really a great romantic gesture for Lavon to go through all the trouble that he did for Ruby. Zoe on her part is worried that she won’t have much to talk about with Wade on their date, as they have nothing in common.

Wade is at a loss for words on seeing Zoe make awkward attempts at making conversation. George and Tanzi on the other hand seem to be having a fun time together. George suggests they do something unpredictable and Tanzi immediately says they should steal Dolly Parton. George is visibly shocked to hear this. Zoe and Wade see George leaving with Tanzi, to steal her dog. Wade tells Zoe, George and Tanzi are dating. Zoe is shocked to hear this. Zoe feels Tanzi and George won’t last long as a couple, as they are completely different. “So what you are saying is, if two people don’t have much in common, they can’t make it as a couple?” Wade asks visibly disappointed. Zoe catches Wade’s drift and tries reasoning with him.

But, Wade comments on how, if Zoe feels George and Tanzi can’t make it, she also probably feels he and Zoe can’t make it either. Wade asks Zoe as to why she agreed to the date. Zoe counters that it was he who pushed for the date and she was fine with their earlier arrangement. Wade says he wasn’t happy with just being a “placeholder for George Tucker”. Wade in anger then walks away from the date and says he is going home. Tanzi and George steal Dolly Parton, but George injures his hand in the process. They come to Zoe for help, with George’s arm bleeding. Lavon and Lemon are dancing on their date, with two men playing violin in the background. They seem to be enjoying themselves. Lavon reminisces about the time they were together. “You Lemon Breeland were my first true love…and I will never forget you” he says.

He says it was Lemon who made him realize he can have a real relationship. He admits that, it probably why he is afraid of Ruby leaving, as he knows he and Ruby have “something real”. Lemon says she has no doubt in her mind that Lavon will find “true happiness”. She then thanks Lavon for “the lunch and for the dance” and walks away. Zoe attends to George’s hand, she then sees Tanzi and George kissing, and doesn’t look too happy. “You two actually make a nice picture” Zoe tells George. In the night, Lemon and Walt hook up at the Jammer, after they are done with their dates. Lavon returns home and tells Ruby, he has realized he loves her. “I love you too” Ruby says. The episode ends at this point.