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Blue Christmas - Recap

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The episode begins with Bluebell gearing up for Christmas. The whole town is decorated and there are carolers on the road. Zoe tells Lavon she is much happier now that Wade and she have broken up, as she can now focus on other things. Also, Zoe isn’t happy that her mother is coming to visit her. She tells Lavon how judgmental her mother can be. Lavon on his part tells Zoe that Ruby is leaving next week and they have both decided to give the long distance relationship a shot. They have mutually decided that either one would move to where the other lives after a year.

Lavon wants to convince Ruby in this one week he has left that, Bluebell is the place to be. Zoe suggests her mom can judge the Christmas contests that would be taking place in Bluebell. That way Lavon can spend time with Ruby and her mother wouldn’t be able to criticize her as she will be too preoccupied. Lavon thinks it’s a good idea and says he will make the necessary arrangements. Lemon and Annabeth are entering a cookie baking contest, which Lemon desperately wants them to win. Zoe sees that Wade is dating other women. She tells him that her mother who is arriving imminently can never know that they were dating. “Don’t you worry about it doc, as you can see I barely remember myself” Wade says. Lavon tells Zoe that he mother shall now be judging all the 22 “yuletide events”.

Her mother arrives and Zoe tells her about the contests, but she refuses the offer and says she wants to spend all her time with Zoe. George is dressed up as Joseph for a town event. Once his shift is over, Brick takes over and George leaves with Tanzi. In Joseph’s costume Brick finds an engagement ring and assumes George is planning to propose to Tanzi. Brick apparently isn’t happy with the discovery. Zoe in the meantime is busy showing her mother around town. Lemon is declared Bluebell’s Christmas cookie champion much to Ruby’s chagrin. Lavon comes over and tells Ruby that he has free time that they can spend together, but Ruby is too irritated with Lemon to pay any attention to Lavon. She tells Lavon that she simply can’t understand why he is friends with Lemon.

Lavon awkwardly tells Ruby that Lemon and he aren’t close and she simply helped him with his campaign. Wanda knows about the engagement ring and can’t stop herself from telling Tanzi about it. Tanzi is visibly surprised to hear the news. Tanzi meets up with George and tells him that things are going way too fast between them. She then tells him, they need to take a break. George is shocked to hear this and can barely react, before Tanzi leaves. Lavon begs Lemon to be nice to Ruby till she is in town. Lemon reluctantly agrees and says “for you I will”. Brick meets George and forbids him from breaking Lemon’s heart. George can’t figure out what Brick means.

Brick clarifies that George can’t propose to Tanzi during Christmas, as it will hurt Lemon. “I am not proposing to anyone Brick” George says. Brick shows him the ring and asks why it was there in the Joseph costume. “That’s not mine. I am not the only one who has played Joseph this week” George says. Turns out, the ring’s Lavon’s, who is frantically hunting for it. George returns the ring to Lavon, much to his relief. Lemon tries to make amends with Ruby and asks her to participate in a town event. Ruby is reluctant, but Lemon urges her to do it for Lavon’s sake.

George clears up things with Tanzi. George then goes the extra mile and tells Tanzi that he hasn’t even gotten her a Christmas gift, but she isn’t happy to hear this and storms out. Shelby who overhears the whole conversation offers to help George. She says she wants to help George find the perfect gift for Tanzi, to make up for the time she slapped him after he broke up with her. George reluctantly agrees to Shelby’s offer. Brick tells Lemon that Lavon might propose to Ruby. Lemon is shocked to hear this. Zoe’s mother finds out from Crazy Earl that Wade and Zoe were dating. George and Shelby in the meantime have bought a gift for Shelby. During the town event Ruby gloats to the girls about how Lavon has never loved anyone but her. Lemon can’t take it anymore and blurts out that Lavon at one point also loved her.

Ruby is shocked to hear this and storms out in anger. Zoe’s mother figures out that Zoe has lied to her about a lot of things since she got there and confronts Zoe about it. Zoe says she only lied so her mother wouldn’t judge her. But, her mother says she is there only because she wants to spend some quality time with Zoe and all she wanted was Zoe, be honest with her. She is hurt and therefore walks away. Crazy Earl was suppose to be Santa for an event, but he is missing. Zoe begs Wade to help her find him, as it’s at this event that Lavon is planning to propose to Ruby. Zoe arrives to meet Wade and sees him talking to Crazy Earl. Zoe sees Wade trying to convince Earl to be Santa once again, although Earl seems reluctant. In the end Wade talks Earl into being Santa.

From Wade and Earl’s conversation it’s revealed that Wade’s mother had died of cancer which led to Earl becoming the way he is. Zoe comments that Wade never told her these things. Wade in turn says that it’s a little too late for her to know these things. Lavon sees Ruby arrive and is about to propose to her when Ruby asks him “did you have a thing with Lemon Breeland?” “Yes a long time ago” Lavon says, but adds that they have more important things to discuss. “Did you love her? I need to know” Ruby says. Lavon admits that he did love Lemon once, but it’s not relevant anymore as he loves her now. Ruby is livid that Lavon never told her he used to love Lemon. Lavon argues that he didn’t, because of Ruby’s equation with Lemon.

Ruby though hears none of it and says she can’t trust him after he hid such important information from her. Lavon can’t think of anything to convince her so he gets down on one knee and proposes to her. Ruby sees the rings and runs away in tears. Zoe is happy to see that Earl is doing a great job of playing Santa. Wade also is happy with Earl and tells him “you did a great job”. Lavon arrives at Ruby’s door and apologizes to her for not telling her about Lemon. Ruby too apologizes for running out on him. Ruby asks him “do you really see yourself leaving Bluebell and moving to Dallas?” Lavon says Ruby could change her mind and move to Bluebell instead. Ruby explains to Lavon that they have to stop fooling themselves, as he can never leave Bluebell and she can never live in a small town like Bluebell.

She basically tells Lavon that their relationship is over. Zoe tells her mother she misses Wade and that she made a mistake by pushing him away. She also tells Zoe that she should be with Wade, if that makes her happy. Lavon in the meantime arrives at Lemon’s to give her a piece of his mind. Lemon apologizes to Lavon and promises that she will talk to Ruby. “There is no point, she just broke up with me” Lavon says. “I will never forgive you for this” Lavon says and storms out.

George is shocked to find Shelby sleeping with Brick. Brick urges George to not tell anyone about it. Zoe apologizes to Wade for earlier and the two kiss and make up. Basically, Zoe wants to have a serious relationship with him and doesn’t want it to be a secret anymore. The episode ends at this point.