Old Alabama - Recap

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The episode begins and Bluebell is gearing up to celebrate the day it was founded 250 years ago. Zoe and Wade are now a couple and are seemingly enjoying their time together. Lavon in the meantime is depressed, as Ruby has left. As a mayor he has responsibilities, as its Pioneer Day the town’s founding day. He isn’t feeling up to the task of celebrating it. Zoe and Wade say they will do whatever they can to help him. Wade and Zoe are asked to play the founding couple by Lavon. Zoe is fine with the idea but Wade isn’t too excited. Zoe later tells Lavon how happy she is now that she is dating Wade.

Lavon comments on how he had never thought he would see her and Wade together. Lavon makes it clear to Zoe that the first month of the dating is always the honeymoon period, it’s how she and Wade mange after that, is what would make or break their relationship. Zoe is visibly worried to hear this. Lemon and Annabeth decide to cook for Pioneers Day, as they feel it would be good publicity for their business. Lemon decides to convince Lavon about it and Annabeth wishes her luck after reminding her how Lavon and Ruby broke up because of her. Lemon feels that won’t be a problem. Lemon later arrives at Lavon’s doorstep to convince him. Lavon makes it clear she and Annabeth will not be catering the feast. He then closes the door on her face.

Zoe in the meantime has planned to overlook Wade’s shortcomings, so they can have a long fruitful relationship like the town’s founders. Wade on his part feels Zoe is being a bit too understanding. Zoe explains to Wade what she is trying to do. Wade confirms with Zoe that she won’t get mad if he does something boneheaded, and Zoe confirms that she won’t. Wade is happy to hear that. Later, Wade tells Zoe he and his friend Meatball are going to spend the day together drinking. Zoe is disappointed as Wade had promised to go “orange picking” with her. Wade apologizes to her and says he totally forgot. “You guys you should just go do your thing” says a visibly disappointed Zoe. Wade lies that he would love to go orange picking, but Zoe insists Wade go with Meatball.

Wade and Meatball are overjoyed that Zoe gave in. Lemon is adamant that she wants to cater at the feast. Lavon’s current caterer quits in the meantime. Lemon has a plan to convince Lavon. Annabeth and Lemon fight in front of Lavon. The two actually pretend to have a fight and Lemon fires Annabeth. She then storms off and Annabeth is in tears. Lavon sees this and hires Annabeth. “Thank you Lavon, I will make you proud” says an overjoyed Annabeth. “Mission accomplished!!!” Annabeth texts Lemon. Zoe on the other hand is trying to channelize her anger and frustration, into sewing. She later tells Lavon about her plan. Lavon doesn’t feel it’s a good idea, and says if she keeps things bottled up and doesn’t tell wade the mistakes he is making, Wade will never change.

Zoe reasons that she pointing out Wade’s faults could result in them fighting and she doesn’t want that. So she feels sewing her anger away, is the best idea. Zoe then moves on to other projects to keep herself occupied. Wade sees how wound up Zoe is lately and feels she is slowly turning into Lemon. Wade goes to George for some advice. He tells George what Zoe is trying to do. George is familiar with what Zoe is trying to do and advices Wade that he get a mini-eruption out of Zoe before she erupts like a giant volcano on him. Wade wonders how he should do that. George retorts that, Wade is one guy who can “piss off” women at the drop of a hat, so it shouldn’t be difficult for him to get an eruption out of Zoe. “Yeah right” Wade says with a smile.

At the feast Lemon is disappointed as Annabeth is getting all the credit for the cooking. Wade embarks on his project of trying to bug Zoe and in the end succeeds. “Why are you trying to provoke me?” asks a visibly irritated Zoe. Wade tells her that he can’t take her weird behavior anymore. He tells her that she is turning into Lemon. “You need to get mad Zoe, cause if you don’t, you are going to explode” he tells her. “I don’t know how or when but it ain’t gonna be pretty” he adds. Zoe though, says that she won’t get mad because she cares. She continues keeping her emotions bottled up, which frustrates Wade to no end. During the feast, Lavon thanks Annabeth for her catering, much to Lemon’s dismay.

Also, the townspeople are loving, the food and giving all the credit to Annabeth. George in the meantime is helping Brick break up with Shelby, as he isn’t somehow able to do it by himself. Shelby realizes from the phrases Brick is using to break up with her that, George is helping him. She yells out for George to come out. George who is hiding nearby is left with no other option but to come out. “I apologize” George tells her and gets slapped in the face for his efforts. Lavon tells Lemon that he knew Annabeth and she were faking their fall out. “I could smell your schemes a mile away” he says. “I only had to scheme because you wouldn’t let me help you” Lemon retorts. Lemon feels Lavon should have put away his anger for one night. Lavon counters that he has a right to be angry.

“Lemon I loved you and you broke my heart and now thanks to you it’s broken all over again” Lavon says. Lemon reasons that she didn’t want to tell Ruby the truth, but she was drunk and therefore blurted it out. Lavon doesn’t believe her and asks her as to why she couldn’t let him be happy with Ruby. Lemon begins to tell Lavon the real reason why, but then changes her mind and says it’s because she doesn’t like Ruby since high school. “Ya that’s what I thought. Just stay out of my way for now” Lavon says and walks away. Lemon is hurt by Lavon’s reaction and has tears in her eyes, but says nothing. At the feast Zoe can’t cope with her anger anymore and erupts like a volcano. She lashes out publicly at Wade for all the mistakes he has made up until now.

Wade and she then get into a huge argument, with the all the townsfolk looking on. Zoe storms out of the feast in anger, with Wade close behind him. Lavon arrives and somehow controls the situation by raising a toast to Bluebell. Next day, Wade and Zoe discuss the issues they have with each other and sort things out. They both agree that they are sometimes going to drive each other crazy, but that is a part of being in a relationship.

George in the meantime tells Brick that he should be with Shelby if he really wants to be with her. George suggests that Brick shouldn’t care about what anyone has to say. Brick likes the suggestion and decides to call Shelby. Wade and Zoe on the other hand argue about stuff but also make up quickly enough. The episode ends at this point.