Islands in the Stream - Recap

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The episode begins with Wade removing a string of cured sausage from a basket. He says Zoe wanted it, but Zoe says she left a message on his phone saying she wanted to see a new foreign film and its name sounded to Wade similar to the words “cured sausage”. Wade isn’t too excited about the idea, but Zoe reminds him she went with him to the demolition derby, although she didn’t want to go. Zoe tells him that as a couple they have to make such compromises. Zoe feels it might be a good thing as Wade might end up liking something in life other than cars and beer. Annabeth runs into a handsome Englishman and is keen to make his acquaintance.

Shelby and Brick in the meantime are continuing covertly with their affair. Brick tells her he doesn’t want to sneak around anymore and wants to tell his girls about them. Shelby is happy to hear that. “I will tell them tomorrow night at dinner” he says. George in the meantime is surprised to see his parents paying him a visit. They it seems do not know that George is now living in the boat. He lies to them that he lives in the boat on the weekends, but eventually tells them the truth. They are pretty shocked to hear this. Tanzi comes out from inside the boat wearing only a towel and is surprised to see George’s parents. The situation gets even more awkward when his parents find out that Tanzi is a hairdresser. Later while George and Tanzi are out with his parents they run into Wade and Zoe who are also out on a date.

Turns out, they are all entering the movie theater to see the foreign film. Both, Tanzi and Wade aren’t too crazy about the idea but are tagging along only to please their partners. George’s mother in the meantime isn’t at all happy with George’s choice of girlfriend. After the movie Tanzi and Wade discuss how boring they found the film. Zoe and George on the other hand are busy discussing how brilliant the film was. George’s mother tells his father that Zoe and George should be together. George’s father asks her to let George be and also mentions that he too likes Tanzi. George’s mother basically feels Zoe can get George out of Bluebell and to the life he is meant for. Later at home, Zoe tells Wade she has promised they would go to dinner with George and Tanzi.

Wade isn’t too crazy about the idea, but Zoe feels it’s ok to go out with other couples. Zoe then tells him that it’s too late to cancel anyway, as she wouldn’t be able to come up with a good enough excuse. Tanzi on the other hand is saying the same things to George that Wade is saying to Zoe, about the dinner. Tanzi feels it would be awkward as Wade is her ex-husband. George and Zoe are both told by their partners to make up some excuse to cancel the dinner, but not say the truth. Zoe and George meet to cancel the dinner and make a load of excuses before cancelling the plans. Annabeth in the meantime tells Lemon about this new English guy named Oliver, who she has met.

Lemon is too distracted to listen as she has found out that her father has a secret lover. She wants to find out who it is so she can make sure the woman is right for him. Lavon confronts Oliver and says he knows that Oliver is pretending to be an Englishman when he is a Southern bred hickey. He has an old photograph of Oliver’s to prove this. He tells Lavon he isn’t trying to pull anything, and his accent is all too real and beyond his control. Wade and Zoe arrive for dinner at a restaurant outside town and see George and Tanzi there. Both on seeing each other try to make excuses for being there, but Wade says “you can stop now” to the both of them. Both the couples then sit awkwardly in two different tables. At the Jammer, Oliver tells Lavon he has a “foreign accent syndrome”.

Lavon doesn’t believe that there is such a thing, but Oliver assures him that there is and he can look it up. Oliver says he hit his head on a boat and started having terrible migraines and then landed up with a British accent. Lavon searches for it on his phone and finds out there is such a thing. “It’s rare but it’s well documented” Oliver says. He adds how with this new accent of his people started finding him sophisticated, witty and educated, so he did not take any medication to cure it. Lavon feels Olivier isn’t doing the right thing by lying to people and feels he should tell them the truth. He says as the mayor of the town it’s his duty to ensure Oliver doesn’t end up hurting people who get attached to him. Oliver admits he is getting attached to someone in Bluebell and Lavon insists Oliver be honest with that person.

Shelby tells Brick, Lemon wants her help in finding out the “bimbo” Brick is sleeping with. Brick assures her he will tell his girls the truth by “tomorrow”. George’s mother lies to Zoe and George, about his father not being well and calls them to the boat. They arrive and find out that it’s a set up. George’s mother then says George and Zoe are meant to be together and ask them to explain why they aren’t. Oliver in the meantime tells Annabeth the truth. Annabeth doesn’t mind him not having the accent if it goes away by him taking the medicine. She assures him she would like him even without the accent. “Accent didn’t change you it just gave you the confidence to be the person you really are” she tells him. Zoe texts Wade about what George’s mom did and Tanzi isn’t happy to hear that.

She decides to go to George’s boat and fight for him. She forces Wade to come along. Lemon and Shelby are having a meal at Brick’s clinic in the night and brainstorming about who the tramp could be, that is sleeping with Brick. Just then Annabeth calls for Brick who is home. Shelby takes a message and Lemon immediately assumes that Annabeth is the woman sleeping with her father and that is why she is calling him so late at the clinic. Shelby is shocked at Lemon’s assumption but doesn’t try to correct Lemon. On the boat George’s mom gets Zoe and George to admit that they have feelings for each other, just then Wade and Tanzi enter and hear them say that. Tanzi is really mad and storms out, with George behind her trying to pacify her.

Lemon in the meantime enters Annabeth’s house and sees Annabeth and Brick hugging. What she doesn’t know is Annabeth is thanking Brick for administering the migraine medicine to Oliver, who is sleeping inside. Lemon in anger starts accusing the two and Brick to shut her up tells her the truth that the woman he is sleeping with is Shelby. Lemon is too stunned to say anything and hurriedly leaves. Annabeth later discovers that Oliver’s Southern accent is back. George and Zoe honestly confess to their partners that they are surely over each other. George admits to Tanzi that he is happy with her and Zoe too tells Tanzi that she is really happy with Wade.

George and Tanzi proceed to break this news to his mother. Annabeth couldn’t digest Oliver’s Southern accent so the two parted ways. But, it’s shown that something might brew in the future between Lavon and her. Later, Zoe and Wade have dinner with Tanzi and George, now that things are sorted out. The episode ends at this point.