Lovesick Blues - Recap

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The episode begins and Lavon is unhappy about the fact that their rival town Fillmore, is trying to eat into Bluebell’s strawberry business. Fillmore has made an appealing commercial to market their strawberries and George suggests to Lavon that Bluebell too make their own commercial. George says he took a filmmaking class in college and can make the commercial himself, in two days. Lavon is happy to hear this. Annabeth on the other hand tells Lemon that she and Walt have been dating for eight weeks and its time they had sex. Lemon is shocked at the suggestion but pretends she too wants it, although it seems like she clearly doesn’t.

Tom is helping George with the commercial and Lavon asks them to make a commercial so great that, it would drive the mayor of Fillmore to tears of despair. George presents his concept, which sounds great; the only problem is it would take $1.2 mill and few other things to make the commercial. Lavon makes it clear that he can only spare $370 and change. George tells Lavon he will manage with the $370. He gives Lavon his word that “Fillmore ass will be kicked”. Zoe later informs Lavon that a flu outbreak is about to hit Bluebell. Lavon is worried as it would affect their commercial, as George wants the townsfolk to be a part of the commercial. Magnolia decides to have a party at her house as Brick is out and Lemon will be at her house with Walt, all night. Lavon tells Zoe they should close the border of Bluebell for the next 48 hours, to prevent the flu from reaching the town.

He points out that a town by-law says so too. Zoe is reluctant as Wade is out of town performing in a band with his ex-girlfriend Lilly Ann. But, Lavon is adamant, so Zoe gives in. Lemon on her part is worried about the quarantine as it would mean that Walt wouldn’t be able to get into town. Annabeth points out that there will be a vote and the whole town will collectively decide about the quarantine. Lemon decides to vote against it. Lavon and Zoe later, make a case in front of the whole town. It is then decided by everyone on Lemon’s insistence that anyone who can show proof that they have taken a flu vaccine, can enter Bluebell. Later, Lavon asks Annabeth to be with him in the commercial. George doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Annabeth agrees to do it and Lavon pays no heed to what George has to say.

George figures out that Lavon is into Annabeth. Cricket too sees this and tells Annabeth about it. She tells Cricket she can’t foresee a relationship with a man Lemon once loved. Zoe is worried when she finds out Wade will be spending the night on Lily Ann’s couch, as he can’t come back to town, because he has never taken a flu shot. Lily Ann later tries to get cozy with Wade and it makes him really uncomfortable. Annabeth figures out she can’t hurt Lemon, so she decides to pull out of the commercial and tells George to pass on the message to Lavon. Zoe finds out that one of the guys Cody working on the commercial has the flu and pulls him out and asks him to go home. Zoe then sees a bunch of patients sitting in her office and they all have the flu. “How is this possible?” Zoe wonders.

It is then shown that 14 hours ago Cody caught the flu from Wade, who sneezed on him, while he was walking down the road. Zoe is worried that Wade is incommunicado and her jealousy is getting the better of her. During the shoot of the commercial, Lavon yells “cut” and says the commercial isn’t working without Annabeth. Turns out, she has been replaced by Cricket. George takes Lavon aside and tells him they have to make do as they don’t have options. Lavon is insistent that they should get Annabeth back. George knows Lavon likes Annabeth, but he denies it again. Lavon then leaves to convince Annabeth. Annabeth in the meantime coaches Lemon on how she should go about her date with Walt. Just then Lemon sneezes and immediately figures out she has the flu.

Lemon begins panicking and tells herself that she can’t get sick “not tonight, not tonight”. Lavon arrives to meet Annabeth. Annabeth has lied that she has the flu and he has gotten her some soup. George in the meantime has a brilliant idea for a commercial and this time it involves a kid eating strawberry pie. At home, Lemon has readied everything for Walt’s arrival, but her flu is slowly getting the better of her. Just then Walt arrives. She is pretending in front of him that she is fine although the flu is getting her down. Rose arrives at Magnolia’s for the party and sees no one’s there as everybody is down with the flu and hence no one came. Zoe finds out that Wade is in town as he was seen “last night” by one of the townsfolk. Zoe figures out, it was Wade who brought the flu into town. Zoe goes to Wade’s house and sees he is burning up with fever and is barely conscious.

Later, Wade tells Zoe that Lily Ann made a pass at him, which is why he bailed out and snuck back into town. He also tells off Zoe and says he doesn’t want her taking care of him, as he has been taking care of himself since he was 10. Zoe is hurt and irritated by his attitude and storms out. Lemon on the other hand is trying to cover up her flu but is finding it difficult to, as it seems to be catching up with her. At her home, Annabeth has the soup and tells Lavon that it’s delicious. Lavon feels the soup has done its trick as Annabeth already seems better. Lavon observes that Annabeth is trying to push him away. She in fact politely tells him to leave. Lavon is about to, but before he does he tells her how his mother when he was a kid used to take care of him, when he was sick.

Then instead of leaving he begins reading to her from a magazine, in order to make her feel better. Annabeth doesn’t stop him and in fact encourages him. Lemon is about to seduce Walt but she is too dizzy to even stand. Walt figures out she, has the flu. Lemon in the end is forced to admit she has the flu. Walt decides to stay and take care of Lemon. Zoe comes back to Wade and tells him she is going to take care of him whether he likes it or not, as that’s what couples do. Lavon is about to kiss Annabeth but she pushes him away and asks him to leave.

Lavon is baffled but quietly leaves. Later, George shows Lavon the commercial he has made with the kid enjoying a strawberry pie and Lavon loves it. Annabeth sees Lemon is happy with Walt and decides to follow her heart. She goes to Lavon’s house and the two end up kissing. Zoe is down with the flu and Wade is busy taking care of her. The episode ends at this point.