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Take Me Home, Country Roads - Recap

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The episode begins and Zoe tells Wade, since the time she helped the town with the flu, people have begun trusting her. In fact, they are now sharing their intimate secrets and deepest feelings with her. Later, Zoe tells Lavon how she is now popular and is finally fitting in. She cites a few examples to prove her point. Lavon runs into Annabeth and brings up the mention of the night they spent together. Annabeth on her part behaves weirdly and scoots, before Lavon can ask her anything more. At the town store, a guy named Jonah flirts with Zoe and even asks her out to dinner. She makes it clear to him that she has a boyfriend and leaves. Later at the clinic, Brick is irritated that all the patients are asking for Zoe.

She explains to him the reason for this. Shelby meets up with Lemon and Annabeth. Lemon isn’t at all happy to see her, but Shelby seems oblivious to that. She tells Lemon that its Brick’s birthday this “weekend” and they have to plan something special. Turns out, Brick is planning to tell everyone about Shelby, on his birthday. Annabeth is worried she has contracted VD (venereal disease) after sleeping with Lavon. She wants Zoe to check her. Zoe checks her and assures her that she doesn’t. Zoe is then shocked when she figures out Annabeth slept with Lavon. Zoe asks Annabeth to be honest with Lemon, about what she has done. Annabeth agrees, but is really scared. Next day, Wade introduces Jonah officially to Zoe.

Jonah it turns out is Brick’s nephew. Wade later suggests to Zoe they go away for the weekend, as it’s been sometime since they have had sex, thanks to Zoe being so busy. Zoe agrees. Jonah shows interest in hooking up with Annabeth and Lemon says she will talk to her about it. Tanzi in the meantime asks George to babysit her dog Dolly Parton, as she has to go out of town. George isn’t too crazy about the dog, but reluctantly agrees. Shelby is busy suggesting ideas to Lemon and Magnolia, for Brick’s party. They aren’t too crazy about any of them. Lemon who realizes how happy Brick is with Shelby being in her life, decides to play along and agrees to help her implement any idea she likes. Magnolia isn’t too happy with Lemon “going soft” on her.

Lemon later tells Annabeth about Jonah. Annabeth though, is looking for an opportunity to tell Lemon about her and Lavon, but is just not able to muster the courage to do so. Lemon in the meantime sets up a dinner for Annabeth with Jonah. Brick sees all the patients at the clinic wanting to be treated by Zoe and is worried. He later tells Lemon that he has decided to call off the party, where he was going to tell everyone about Shelby. He feels it won’t be good idea at this point, as Shelby is half his age, and he might be judged by the townspeople for that. Jonah and Annabeth are having dinner at the Jammer, just then Lavon walks in. He is visibly hurt to see them together and storms out in anger.

Annabeth see this and excuses herself from the table. She catches up with Lavon and explains to him that Lemon set her up with Jonah, just to make sure she doesn’t have feelings for him. Lavon begins explaining to her that Lemon and him have both moved on, but suddenly realizes that Lemon hasn’t. Annabeth realizes she has said too much, and walks away. Wade gets Jonah who is actually a doctor, to cover for Zoe, while they are gone for the weekend. George manages to lose Dolly and Tanzi is disconsolate when she finds out. They decide to hand out flyers with Dolly’s picture on them. Zoe and Wade arrive at a hunting lodge for their weekend, but Zoe is too distracted with her work. Magnolia in the meantime, lies to Shelby that the party is still on and Brick wants to show her off to everyone.

Lavon calls up Zoe and mentions what Annabeth told him. Zoe admits she knew Lemon had feelings for him during the elections. She didn’t tell him because he had moved on and she knew how he felt about Ruby. Lavon later arrives at Annabeth’s doorstep and tells her he isn’t in love with Lemon anymore, even if she still loves him. Lavon concludes Lemon has moved on, as she seems really happy with Walt. He tells Annabeth that she makes him happy and kisses her. Lavon asks her if she would like him to speak to her. Annabeth says it would be better if she spoke to her and Lavon readily agrees and wishes her luck. Zoe is obsessing about her patients and is worried Jonah might take over and she might lose her newfound popularity. Wade asks her to stop obsessing.

Zoe retorts that he wouldn’t understand, as he doesn’t have much of a career. Zoe immediately realizes her mistake. Wade on his part is visibly hurt and decides to take Zoe back to town. Magnolia tells Lemon about her plan to make the news public that Brick and Shelby are dating. She basically wants Brick to be so scandalized that, he would have to dump Shelby in order to keep his patients. Lemon is really angry to hear this and reprimands Magnolia for doing such a selfish thing. Magnolia says she learnt it from her and thought she would be proud. Lemon makes it clear that she isn’t proud and says Magnolia did a very wrong this. “I am not that person anymore. I am better than that” she tells Magnolia.

Magnolia sees sense and decides to tell Shelby the truth. Magnolia tells her the truth, but can’t figure out what Shelby is now planning to do. George in the meantime finds Dolly Parton. Wade drops Zoe back in town. She again apologizes to him for what she said, but he still seems hurt. Zoe arrives at the clinic and sees the whole town there. She reprimands everyone for so quickly shifting their loyalties to Jonah. Just then Brick arrives and they all yell “surprise”. Zoe figures out, they are all there for Brick’s surprise birthday party, and is embarrassed to no end. Annabeth tells Lemon about her and Lavon. Lemon is extremely hurt and tells Annabeth “I don’t think I can look you the same way again” and walks away in tears.

Shelby just then comes out of Brick’s birthday cake dressed like a sexy nurse. Turns out, Magnolia had planned this to humiliate Brick and Shelby stuck to the plan despite Magnolia telling her the truth. Shelby performs a song and dance routine, while the whole town looks on in shock. Brick though, seems happy with the show Shelby is putting on. After her performance, Brick tells everyone that Shelby is her girlfriend and everyone seems fine with it.

Lemon and Magnolia aren’t at all happy that this news has been so well accepted by the whole town. Zoe and Wade make up and he shows her his plans to open his own bar. Annabeth arrives at Lavon’s and tells him they can’t continue seeing each other. She says they can’t be together until she can win back Lemon’s trust. A depressed Lavon, lands up at Wade and Zoe’s doorstep, just as they are about to have sex. The three sit on the couch and Lavon wallows in his sorrow. The episode ends at this point.