The Gambler - Recap

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The episode begins with Wade riding around the town in the back of his truck playing his guitar. Zoe somehow finds this hot. Wade reveals that he is preparing for a contest called “Battle of the Bands”. The winner shall receive a cash prize. Wade is participating in this contest with his buddy Meatball. Zoe isn’t too crazy about the whole idea but she wants to be the supportive girlfriend and therefore agrees to see them practice. George and Tansy give her company. After hearing Wade and Meatball play, the three come to one conclusion that, Meatball is really awful. Lemon and Annabeth still haven’t patched things up.

Turns out, Lemon still hasn’t forgiven Annabeth for hooking up with Lavon. Turns out, now that Annabeth is out of the picture Lemon is spending most of her time with her boyfriend Walt. But, the issue is Walt is scheduled to be out of town for the weekend and hence Lemon is at a loss about how she should spend her time. It is then decided that Lemon and Magnolia would spend time together during the weekend, because it turns out Magnolia too has nothing better to do. Annabeth on the other hand runs into Lavon and sees that he isn’t really in the mood for romance at the present moment. Annabeth then decides to win back Lemon’s friendship. Annabeth and Cricket plan to run into Lemon as frequently as they can, so Lemon sees what a good time the two are having and that Lemon is missing out on all the fun.

For this plan they decide to track Lemon’s movements through the Lemon GPS on Cricket’s phone. The plan doesn’t go as well they had expected, because they run into Lemon but Lemon isn’t interested in being a part of their activities. Tom in the meantime asks Lavon to help him in proposing to Wanda. Lavon is initially reluctant but he is reminded of how well he planned things when he proposed to Ruby. Lavon really can’t argue with that and agrees to help Tom. Later, Lavon overhears Wanda mentioning that “it’s a disaster” when she finds out Tom is planning to propose. Lavon tells Tom what he overheard. Tom is really upset on hearing how Wanda feels about the proposal; he ends up upsetting the horses that were going to be a part of his special night.

He as a result ends up getting dragged alongside them, down the street. Battle of the Bands in the meantime is nearing. George decides he has to be honest with Wade about how awful Meatball is, even if no one else is going to be. George has a talk with Wade and suggests he replace Meatball because he is so awful, but Wade really doesn’t want to do that. Zoe intervenes and tells Wade she would rather have him playing with Lily Ann, who she isn’t crazy about him playing with Meatball, who she too thinks is awful. Wade realizes Zoe is really serious about what she is saying and has a chat with Meatball about it. Meatball realizes Wade wants to replace him although Wade tries to sugarcoat it. He as a result quits. Now Wade doesn’t have a partner and in panic gives George a call.

He asks George to play with him. George is really excited at the proposition. But, it turns out Tansy isn’t too happy about it. She says she can’t date a musician. George though, stands his ground. He says he allowed Lemon for 15 years to control various aspects of his life and is in no mood to be with another woman, who would do the same. Tansy gives some serious consideration to George’s argument and in the end sees sense in it. She therefore is fine with him being a musician. Lemon and Magnolia on the other hand are having a girl’s weekend. They apparently are having a good time, but things come to a halt when Lemon finds out that Walt has returned.

She as a result ditches Magnolia and goes to dinner with Walt. Annabeth and Cricket’s plan is still very much on track. They turn up at the restaurant where Lemon and Walt are having dinner. They then deliberately run into Lemon and Walt and tell Lemon about Cricket’s plan to redo her kitchen, hoping it would kindle Lemon’s interest. But, it doesn’t seem to work. Lemon dismisses what the two have to say and in fact begins making plans of her own with Walt. Walt on his part isn’t too comfortable with Lemon making so many plans and decides to break up with her. Zoe on the other hand is still trying to be the supportive girlfriend. She even gets Wade a neon sign that says “Wade’s Place”, for the bar that Wade wants to open.

Just then, she receives a call from Lavon who wants her to help him with Tom. Zoe leaves. Later, Wade begins freaking out after seeing Meatball at the bar. He basically is too embarrassed to face Meatball because of their fallout. Because of everything, Wade is under a lot of pressure and is drinking a lot. George sees this and tells Wade to slow down. Wade doesn’t take too kind to George’s suggestion and kicks George out of the band. With George out, Meatball is back in the band. Annabeth and Cricket are still sticking very much to their mission. They again land up in the same place where Lemon is. Lemon realizes that the two of them showing up at every place she is in, can’t be a coincidence. She figures out they were using GPS to keep track of her movement and isn’t at all happy to discover this.

Lemon in fact is so angry that she tells Annabeth, she wants to end their partnership in the catering business. Annabeth tries to reason with her but to no avail. Later, Lavon lands up at Annabeth’s doorstep. He was inspired after seeing Tom’s proposal to Wanda. He tells her he is ready to wait for her, until she sorts out the whole Lemon issue. At the Battle of the Bands, Wade and Meatball lose, which was a foregone conclusion, given the fact that Meatball is really terrible.

George does his best to console Wade, who is visibly depressed. But, Wade explains that he is sick of everyone supporting him and believing in him, because he personally believes that he is nothing but a failure. To make matters worse Zoe doesn’t show up and Wade who is really depressed and angry leaves the bar with another girl. The episode ends at this point.