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Hart Of Dixie: Where I Lead Me

With the sudden nuptials of Wanda and Tom in BlueBell, Zoe agrees to be maid of honor, which entails the difficult job of watching Wanda's crafty mother. Zoe uses her wedding duties to try to avoid the awkwardness between her and Wade, but has a feeling something is wrong. Lemon faces the memory of being left at the altar and decides to take matters into her own hands. Meanwhile, Lavon hears about the neighboring town trying to build a shopping mall next to their local beach and he enlists George's help to fight it, but an unexpected side of George rears its ugly head.

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Episode Info

Episode number: 2x16
Production Number: 2J7266
Airdate: Tuesday February 26th, 2013

Alternate Airdates:

AU (FOX8) Feb 25, 2013
UK (REALLY) Sep 16, 2013
DK (Kanal 4) Feb 24, 2014


Guest Stars
Mircea MonroeMircea Monroe
As Tansy Truitt (George's Girlfriend, Wade's Ex-Wife)
Kaitlyn BlackKaitlyn Black
As Annabeth Nass (Friend of Lemon Breeland)
Peter MacKenziePeter MacKenzie
As Rev. Peter Mayfair (Officiates Tom and Wanda's Marriage)
Matt ObergMatt Oberg
As Scooter McGreevy (Lawyer for Todd Gainey Sr.)
Debra Jo RuppDebra Jo Rupp
As Betsy Maynard (Wanda's Mother)
Ryan GaulRyan Gaul
As Dale King (Lemon's Old Friend From School)

Co-Guest Stars
Mallory MoyeMallory Moye
As Wanda Lewis (Tom's Fiance, Waitress at the Rammer Jammer)
Ross PhilipsRoss Philips
As Tom Long (Wanda's Fiance)
Brandi BurkhardtBrandi Burkhardt
As Crickett (Friend of Lemon Breeland)
John Marshall JonesJohn Marshall Jones
As Wally Maynard (Owner of the Rammer Jammer)
Kim RobillardKim Robillard
As Sal Nutter (Bluebell Resident)
Alan AutryAlan Autry
As Todd Gainey Sr. (Mayor of Filmore)
Reginald VelJohnsonReginald VelJohnson
As Dash Dewitt (Bluebell Film Society President, Lavon's Father)
Armelia McQueenArmelia McQueen
As Shula Whitaker (Bluebell Resident)
Deborah LaceyDeborah Lacey
As Madame Van Horn (Psychic from Daphne)
Carla RenataCarla Renata
As Susie Collins (Owns the Mane Street Beauty Salon)
Joe MassingillJoe Massingill
As Cody (Bluebell Resident)
Megan FergusonMegan Ferguson
As Daisy (Gossips About Wade Kinsella)
Lindsey Van HornLindsey Van Horn
As Amy-Rose (One of Wanda's Bridesmaids)
Alexandra OliverAlexandra Oliver
As Marian (One of Wanda's Bridesmaids)
Main Cast
Rachel BilsonRachel Bilson
As Dr. Zoe Hart
Jaime KingJaime King
As Lemon Breeland
Cress WilliamsCress Williams
As Lavon Hayes
Wilson BethelWilson Bethel
As Wade Kinsella
Scott PorterScott Porter
As George Tucker


The episode begins and Zoe in the morning knocks on Wade’s door, breakfast in hand. She discovers Wade isn’t home. She lands up at the Jammer and asks George and Tansy if they have seen Wade. They tell her they haven’t seen him. Zoe is worried Wade is mad because she didn’t show up for his band performance last night. Lemon hands Annabeth the papers to officially dissolve their business. Annabeth tries to talk her out of it but Lemon says they simply can’t work things out. Annabeth reluctantly signs the papers. Just then, Tom and Wanda announce to everyone that they are getting married in two days and everyone’s invited. ..

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Episode Notes
Ratings: 1.38 Million Viewers

Casting: Although credited, Tim Matheson (Dr. Brick Breeland) does not appear in this episode.

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Jeremy AdelmanBigger in the Country 
Jeremy AdelmanDinner 
Jill AndrewsThese WordsTom and Wanda's wedding
Jon PardiDrinkin' With MeTom and Wanda's wedding reception.
Jordan LawheadBorn To Love YouZoe and Wade break up.
Michael MazochiThe Lonesome Road 
Sara WatkinsYou And MeEnd of episode
Sera CahooneNervous Wreck 
Von CottonJohnny Walker 
Whitey Morgan & The 78'sSinner 

Episode Quotes
Zoe: Hey, have you guys seen Wade? He's not at his place, he's not at Lavon's.
George: Seen Wade? Have
Zoe: Well, he didn't come home last night and he hasn't called. He could be in a ditch somewhere! I put so much pressure on him to win that contest and then I didn't make it to see his band play and I think he's mad. Where is he?
Tansy: He's probably just at Meatball's nursing his wounds.
Zoe: Yeah, that's probably it. Are you going to eat those pancakes?
Tansy: Yes.
Zoe: How about your waffle?
George: Have them, have all of them, for no reason. I was done with those.
Zoe: Thanks, cause I get hungry you know when I'm worried. Don't look at me!

Lemon: Cricket, why on God's green earth would I want to see a two-bit charlatan who takes my money, messes with my head and works out of a tent?
Cricket: Well, because this is the first Bluebell wedding since your own calamity. All eyes will be on you, and in recent weeks you've lost your business, your best friend, and your dentist boyfriend. Besides, she's moved from a tent to the mini-mall!

Zoe: Tom, what are you doing here?
Tom: Well, I was getting ready to practice our wedding dance, but then Wanda postponed the wedding. Said it was doctors orders, so, thank you doctor.
Zoe: Umm, I should with this.
Wade: Yeah.

Tom: As my best man I was hoping you might offer me some guidance about tomorrow night. You know, me and Wanda's wedding night? Because I'm--
Wade: No. No, god no.
Tom: I want to, uhh, please Wanda. Be my sex Yoda?
Wade: No. No I won't be your sex Yoda. Just rent a Ryan Gosling movie, alright? Do what he does.
Tom: Okay, he does make the ladies crazy.
Wade: Oh he sure does.

Dale: You are just as beautiful as you were in second grade. Tell me, do you still eat paste?
Lemon: Umm, I only ate paste that one time. Lory Oberman dared me to, so...
Dale: Well that was an important moment for me as a devoted paste eater.

Wanda: I think Tansy just punched Wade.
Tom: Oh I'm sorry, are there other people here? I didn't notice.

Cultural References
Episode Title: Where I Lead Me

'Where I Lead Me' is the title of a song originally sung by American singer-songwriter Townes Van Zandt.

Ryan Gosling: Wade tells Tom to rent a Ryan Gosling movie to prepare himself for his wedding night.

Ryan Gosling is an actor that has starred in popular romantic films such as 'The Notebook.'

Tom Cruise: Lavon tells George that he "was like Tom Cruise in A Few Good Men meets Tom Cruise in The Firm.'

Tom Cruise is an American actor.

Lord of the Rings: Tom and Wanda have a 'Star Wars' themed wedding.

'Lord of the Rings' is a novel written by J. R. R. Tolkein.

Rocky: George tells Lavon that he feels like 'Rocky' and suggests running the steps at the courthouse.

'Rocky' is a film from 1976 starring Sylvester Stallone.

Episode References
Season 2, Episode 15: Tom and Wanda got engaged in 2x15 "The Gambler" during a flash mob.

Season 2, Episode 15: Wade left the bar with a girl at the end of 2x15 "The Gambler" after losing the Battle of the Bands.

Season 1, Episode 22: Cricket says that they have not had a wedding in Bluebell since Lemon's. In 1x22 "The Big Day" Lemon and George were supposed to get married but George called it off.

Season 2, Episode 3: Wanda asks Zoe if she is going to quarantine her like she did to Tom. In 2x03 "If It Makes You Happy" Zoe thought Tom had leprosy and put him under quarantine.

Season 1, Episode 7: Tansy says that last time George and Todd Gainey crossed paths George was shot with a crossbow. In 1x07 "The Crush & The Crossbow" George was accidentally shot in the leg with a crossbow while confronting Tansy's ex-boyfriend.

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