Where I Lead Me - Recap

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The episode begins and Zoe in the morning knocks on Wade’s door, breakfast in hand. She discovers Wade isn’t home. She lands up at the Jammer and asks George and Tansy if they have seen Wade. They tell her they haven’t seen him. Zoe is worried Wade is mad because she didn’t show up for his band performance last night. Lemon hands Annabeth the papers to officially dissolve their business. Annabeth tries to talk her out of it but Lemon says they simply can’t work things out. Annabeth reluctantly signs the papers. Just then, Tom and Wanda announce to everyone that they are getting married in two days and everyone’s invited.

Later on the boat, George tells Tansy that he should probably have a talk with Wade about what happened the other night. Tansy says they only saw Wade leave the bar with a girl but they can’t be sure what exactly happened. Tansy also mentions that it’s none of their business. “You are going to talk to him anyway aren’t you?” Tansy asks. George is glad that Tansy knows him so well. Zoe is at a coffee shop still wondering where Wade is. She overhears a bunch of women talking about how Wade left the bar in the night with a trashy woman. She goes back home and confronts Wade who has returned. “I know you left the bar last night with another woman” she says. Wade admits he did walk out of the bar with a woman but only led her to her car.

He says that the woman probably wanted something to happen but it didn’t. He says he spent the night in the back of his car drunk because he lost the ‘Battle of the Bands’ and consequently the $20,000. She calms down and apologizes for not being there to see him play. Later, Wanda tells Zoe she wants her to be the maid of honor at the wedding. Zoe is happy to oblige. Lemon runs into a guy name Dale on the street. Dale recognizes Lemon although she doesn’t recognize him. He reminds her they were in second grade together. She concludes she could take Dale as her date for Tom and Wanda’s wedding. She therefore begins asking him if he has a tux and if he is free in two days. Dale is visibly baffled with the questions.

Wanda introduces Zoe to her mother. Wanda beforehand has warned Zoe that her mother can be more than a handful. George arrives to talk to Wade. He says he is there to talk to him because he left the bar with someone other than Zoe. Wade says nothing happened between him and Claudette, the woman with who he left the bar with. George is relieved and glad to hear that and commends Wade for having become a “changed man”. George leaves and Wade on his part doesn’t look too happy with himself. Zoe goes wedding cake shopping with Wanda’s mother. Before leaving, Wanda warns Zoe to not allow her mother to drink any gin or talk to any strange men because she has been a little “wild” since her divorce. At the Jammer, Tom asks Wade if he would be his ‘best man’.

Wade agrees. During the cake shopping Wanda’s mother suggests they get a few drinks and have some fun. Zoe tries to discourage her but to no avail. Lemon is having dinner with Dale at a restaurant. Annabeth who is with Cricket on another table sees the two together. Annabeth knows Dale and tells Cricket he is a really weird guy. Lemon is also realizing how weird Dale is because he is asking her some bizarre questions. Annabeth arrives at their table and makes some excuse to get Lemon out of there. Lemon quickly proceeds to leave. “I’ll see you soon when I watch you through your window” Dale tells Lemon. Zoe brings Betsy, Wanda’s mom, to the Jammer in order to introduce her to Wade.

Betsy is already tipsy because she has had a few drinks but wants Wade to serve her a few more. Wade is happy to oblige. Zoe gets busy in chatting with Wade and suddenly realizes Betsy is nowhere to be seen. Zoe is told that Betsy climbed into the truck of a “mysterious gentleman” and left. Zoe is shocked to hear this. Zoe begins searching for Betsy and discovers she shacked up with an old guy named Sal. “I needed to get my engine revved” Betsy tells Zoe. “Now you need to get it checked for STDs” Zoe says. Zoe reminds Betsy they have to get ready for the wedding. Betsy feels Tom and Wanda are too young to get married and hence she doesn’t want to go to their wedding. Zoe is mortified on hearing this.

Zoe comes back and tells Tansy that Betsy won’t be coming for the wedding. She doesn’t tell Wanda this because she doesn’t want to worry her right before her wedding. Wanda asks Zoe if her mother will make it to the wedding because she wants her to be by her side. Zoe assures her that she will. Zoe arrives at Betsy’s hotel room and tries to reason with her. Betsy explains that she is worried Wanda will have her heart broken like she had. She recounts how her husband cheated on her and then lied about it and was extra sweet to her so she wouldn’t suspect anything. The instances Betsy gives, reminds Zoe that Wade too has of late been behaving in a similar fashion. She is really worried and is virtually in tears, but she tells Betsy “we can’t think about our feelings now”.

She tells Betsy to think about Wanda’s happiness. “You, not going to her wedding is, something you will never be able to forgive yourself for” Zoe says. Betsy in the end gives in and agrees to go. Tom on the other hand is having cold feet, but Wade gives him a pep talk and pumps him up for the wedding. Tansy asks George if he had a talk with Wade. George says he did and also says there is nothing to worry about because nothing happened between the girl and Wade. George mentions that Wade told him the girl’s car battery was dead and he only helped her with that. Tansy says Wade used that excuse when he was dating her and she also sarcastically mentions that she knows how sincere and honest Wade is.

George isn’t too happy to hear this. Later, Tom and Wanda get married. During the ceremony Wade is barely able to look into Zoe’s eyes. After the ceremony Wade walks up to her to tell her the truth but before he can say anything she says “I know”. Later, the two talk about it. Wade says he was drunk and “in a dark place” and the whole thing meant nothing to him other than sex. “Please forgive me” he says. “I will do anything to make this up to you” he adds. Zoe says they are just too different to be together and walks away.

Annabeth and Lemon are together at the wedding reception because they both don’t have dates and are friends again. Lemon thanks Annabeth for saving her from Dale “last night”. Lavon dances with Zoe at the reception to make her feel better. The episode ends at this point.