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We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe in her bed, apparently trying to eat her depression away. She isn’t taking any calls from anyone and isn’t even seeing her patients. She comes to Lavon’s kitchen a while later. The situation gets really awkward when she sees Wade there, so Wade leaves for work in a hurry. Lemon and Magnolia still want Shelby out of Brick’s life, which is why Lemon is happy that Shelby and Brick have returned early from their vacation. Lemon asks Magnolia to be patient and says they don’t have to do a thing because Shelby will ruin their relationship by herself.

At the Jammer, everyone is giving Wade a really tough time for cheating on Zoe, and bring very sympathetic toward Zoe. Zoe tells Lavon she is going back to work because, taking care of others might help her forget about her own problems for a while. Zoe arrives at the clinic and sees Jonah covering for her. She also sees more pies that people have left for her, out of sympathy, which changes her mind about work and she leaves. Brick walks in, just as Zoe leaves, and Jonah notices he is in a really good mood. Brick says his vacation with Shelby went so well that he is thinking of asking her to move in. Jonah warns him about how the girls might react, but Brick says he has a plan.

Reverend Mayfair tells Lavon and Wade that he has chosen them to be volunteers for the church fundraiser. He says they can’t say no because the idea was revealed to him in a vision. Zoe asks Tansy for advice on how to get over Wade because she too has dated Wade in the past. Tansy’s solution is that they should get drunk. Lemon is shocked when she finds out from Jonah that Brick is planning to ask Shelby to move in. Lilly Ann Lornigan, who also dated Wade, is performing at the bar where Tansy and Zoe are getting drunk. Lily Ann helps Zoe feel better by telling her how horrible Wade is. Tansy feels that letting hate enter her heart is not the solution, although it might be easy. Tansy points out how bitter and angry Lily Ann still is so, instead, she asks Zoe to be more like her and forgive Wade. Zoe agrees, so she can move on with her life.

Next morning, Zoe wakes up and makes a promise to herself that she won’t let hate enter her heart, but she finds it difficult to keep this promise. Lemon is planning to prove to Brick that Shelby has ulterior motives for staying with him and she asks Magnolia to stay strong, because Brick and Shelby might try to buy her approval with expensive gifts. At work, Zoe vents her anger on a patient, when Zoe finds out she is seeing a boy who already has a girlfriend. Wade and Lavon both try to talk their way out of volunteering for the fundraiser, but it doesn’t work.

Lemon visits George and says she wants him to help her dig up dirt on Shelby, so that Brick breaks up with her. When George protests, she reminds him that he owes her for leaving her at the altar. At the clinic, Zoe finds out Max, Rose’s boyfriend, is cheating on her with the girl who came in earlier. She is so angry about it that she goes to Wade and tells him she hates him for what he did to her. She also sets fire to all of Wade’s stuff that’s in her house. Next morning, Jonah reminds Zoe that it would break doctor patient confidentiality, if she tells Rose about Max’s infidelity. At the fundraiser, Wade and Lavon aren’t seeing eye-to-eye, on how to go about things.

Shelby’s house in Pensacola is up for sale and there is an open house that Lemon is attending with George because, she feels, she might be able to dig up some dirt on Shelby from this house. Shelby is trying to buy Magnolia’s approval by offering her all sorts of amazing gifts, but Magnolia is doing her best to resist the temptation and keeps turning them down. Shelby later tells Brick that she tried her best to win Magnolia’s approval, but it didn’t work. Brick immediately concludes Lemon must have gotten to her, but he still feels they can outsmart Lemon. At the fundraiser, everyone is giving Wade a tough time. He decides to take a break and goes out, leaving the donation box unattended. The moment he leaves, someone steals the box.

Zoe doesn’t tell Rose that Max is cheating on her, but she lands up at Rose’s school and tells her they should check on Max. Rose finds this odd, but agrees to it. Zoe then takes Rose to the spot where Max is supposed to be doing his science project and, on the way, she hints that Max might be cheating on her. When they reach the spot they see Tanya, Zoe’s patient, waiting for someone. Rose is convinced that Max is cheating on her, so they hide in the nearby bushes to see who Tanya is waiting for. Lemon and George are still trying to dig up dirt on Shelby, but aren’t succeeding, and Magnolia’s approval has been bought with a new car.

Lavon lashes out at Wade when he finds out about the missing donation box and, just as Wade walks away, Mayfair comes and hands Lavon the box. He says someone picked it up, thinking it was his lunchbox. George and Lemon find bank records that reveal Shelby is in a massive amount of debt and Lemon says that this confirms Shelby is a gold digger. Rose and Zoe find out that Max isn’t cheating on Rose, but is actually there to do his science project, and Tanya is there to see some other guy. Zoe apologizes to them but Rose is really angry and says, just because Wade cheated on her, doesn’t mean everyone else is a cheat. Lemon returns home and tells Brick about Shelby’s financial troubles and does it right in front of Shelby.

Shelby nearly in tears walks away and Brick tells Lemon he is really disappointed in her and then tells her that he knows all about Shelby’s financial issues because they have an open and honest relationship. He adds that Shelby even insisted on a prenup, so she (Lemon) and Magnolia wouldn’t be saddled with her financial troubles. Lavon tells Wade about the donation box and the two make up and have a few laughs.

Zoe is drinking away her sorrows at the bar when Lemon arrives. They both share with each other the mistakes they made in the past twelve hours. Next day, Jonah meets Zoe and flirts with her, trying to make her feel better. It seems to work. Lemon meets George and tells him about Shelby and says the whole experience has taught her not to distrust people so much, which is also why she forgives him for leaving her at the altar. Zoe gives back Wade some of his stuff that she hasn’t already burnt. She says she doesn’t hate him anymore and, with time, she will also try to forgive him and move on. The episode ends at this point.