Why Don't We Get Drunk? - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe visibly shocked on seeing a bunch of teenagers frolicking in the pond in front of her house. Turns out, Lavon is promoting the town as a spring break destination because it will bring in a lot of publicity and revenue. Zoe doesn’t like the idea, saying partying teenagers means sex crimes, vandalism, drug abuse etc. At the clinic, while Zoe is busy complaining to Brick, how this whole spring break thing is a bad idea, Jonah arrives. He in the course of his conversation with Zoe realizes that she has never been to spring break, so he invites her to go with him, but she refuses.

Lavon runs into Annabeth and tries to talk about their relationship, but she cuts him off, saying Lemon and she have just become friends, so she can’t think about hooking up with him at the moment. Lavon is clearly disappointed, but says he understands. At the clinic while getting a checkup, Wally tells Zoe that he is planning to sell the Rammer Jammer because it takes up all of his time. He wants to for a change have fun and relax, saying the teenagers on spring break have inspired him to live his life to the fullest. Zoe agrees with Wally and herself seems inspired by his words. Back at the Rammer Jammer, Wally puts a “FOR SALE” board on the window. Wade on seeing the board tells Wally that he wants to buy it, but Wally laughs him off.

Wade wasn’t kidding and is hurt by Wally’s reaction. Lemon, who is also at the Jammer, tells Annabeth that she too is interested in buying the place. Annabeth opts out, but encourages Lemon to go ahead. While watching all the teenagers partying, Lavon notices Ruby standing in the crowd and walks up to her. She says she is visiting her grandpa for a few days and after an awkward conversation they decide to have coffee the next day. While George is hanging out at the Jammer and chatting with Wally, Jonah arrives. George isn’t happy to see him because he feels Jonah is a disingenuous womanizer. He even tells this to Jonah, when he walks up to the bar to talk to Wally. Jonah accuses George of simply being jealous, saying George was stuck with one woman all his life, where he has dated several fine women.

George counters that all the women Jonah has dated were probably dumb, when Zoe arrives and accepts Jonah’s invitation to attend spring break with him. George on hearing this is too shocked for words and is clearly not happy. The next day at spring break, George tells Jonah that Zoe is a nice girl and a sleaze ball like him should stay away from her. Jonah counters that Zoe is an adult and can make her own decisions. While having coffee with Lavon, Ruby tells him that she can help promote the town’s spring break and Lavon thinks that’s a great idea. From a distance, Annabeth sees the two of them together and looks worried. At the clinic, Zoe is waiting for Brick to return, so she can leave with Jonah, when she gets a call from George, saying it would probably take Brick some time to make it back. George and Brick were out fishing and George claims that on the way back they got a flat tire.

Jonah on hearing about this immediately accuses George of sabotaging their date. Zoe doesn’t believe him, saying George is a great guy and would never do such a thing. For promoting spring break, Ruby’s firm organizes a “Hand on A Boat” contest. As the name suggests, the person, who keeps their hand on the $50,000 boat the longest, wins it. Lemon, who is trying to raise money to buy the Rammer Jammer, hears about it and decides to take part. Turns out, Wade is also participating for this very same reason. At the clinic, Brick arrives and tells Zoe that it was George’s idea to go on the fishing trip. On hearing this, she realizes Jonah might be right and storms off to confront George.

At the contest, only three competitors are left standing, including Wade and Lemon. With Tansy looking on, Zoe confronts George on his boat and he admits he did have a talk with Jonah earlier about staying away from her, but Brick’s flat tire wasn’t his doing. He says that he cares for her as a friend, which is why he spoke to Jonah, who he feels is a jerk. Zoe tells him off, saying he has not right to make decisions for her. It’s the next day and there are still three competitors standing. Lemon and Wade seem to be in a bad shape, but the third competitor, a seemingly crazy woman, is still full of energy and is busy singing. Eventually, using their wiles, Lemon and Wade manage to drive away the third contestant and now the competition is just between the two of them.

Shelby arrives at George’s and says that she is worried about Brick because off late he has been getting frequent headaches and acting clumsy. While Zoe and Jonah are busy having fun at spring break, George arrives and tells them what Shelby said. They too are worried on hearing the symptoms and decide to see Brick. The duo has a talk with Brick and convinces him to get an MRI in the morning, but Brick gives strict instructions that he doesn’t want Shelby to know anything. Shelby has just moved in and Brick doesn’t want her to feel like she has settled with a dying old man. At the contest, while Annabeth is chatting with Lavon, Ruby arrives. After Annabeth walks away on seeing her, Ruby tells Lavon that she is still in love with him and wants him back. She asks Lavon to think about it and walks away, while Annabeth looks heartbroken and Lemon notices this.

The next day, while Lemon and Wade are still fighting it out, Zoe arrives and tells Lemon about the MRI. Lemon decides to give up, so she can see her father, but Wade lift his arms from the boat at the very moment Lemon does. Lavon sees this and declares the contest a tie. Lemon is moved by Wade’s gesture and Wade tries to pretend it’s no big deal, saying it would have been no fun winning like this. At the clinic, while waiting for Brick’s MRI results, Lemon tells Annabeth to leave, saying she now realizes how much Annabeth loves Lavon, which is why she feels Annabeth should go fight for her love. Brick comes out and gives everyone the news that his MRI was all clear.

Annabeth arrives at Lavon’s and tells him that although Ruby has told him that she wants him back, she too wants to throw her hat in the ring. Lavon in turn says that hers is the only hat in the ring because Ruby left after he told her that he loves someone else. Annabeth is overjoyed on hearing this and they end up kissing each other. While hanging out at the Jammer, Lemon and Wade reluctantly decide to pool the money they have earned from selling the boat to buy the Rammer Jammer.

Before leaving for New York and after telling Zoe that she is not the spring break kind of girl, Jonah hints to Zoe that probably she is meant to be with a guy like George. In the spirit of spring break, Zoe flashes her breasts at Jonah, while he is driving away. The episode ends at this point.