This Kiss - Recap

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The episode begins with Lavon talking with the townsfolk about the Rammer Jammer, which is all set reopen in a few days under a new management. Lemon and Wade have bought the place, which is the reason why the townsfolk seem skeptical about, how a revamped Rammer Jammer will be. Lavon tells them to have some faith, but also says everyone should learn to cook their own breakfast just in case. At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade are already having differences even before they have entered the place. At the Dixie Shop, Tansy isn’t too happy to see George and Zoe getting overtly friendly.

Tansy later confronts George about this, but he assures her that he and Zoe are just friends and she (Tansy) is his girl. Tansy seems convinced and while they are kissing and making up, Dash walks up to them and says he has a part for them both in his “Shakespeare Night”. He says he has organized this event in order to raise money for the school gym. George and Tansy agree to take part, although she doesn’t seem too excited with the idea. Elsewhere in Bluebell, Lavon, Zoe and Brick are talking about “Shrink Week” that Brick in conducting. As a part of this effort, he shall be giving the townsfolk free mental health advice for a week.

At the Rammer Jammer, Wanda informs Wade and Lemon that after the employees learnt the duo were the new management, they all quit. Before leaving, Wanda reluctantly reveals that she too is quitting. Wade is absolutely dismayed because they are scheduled to open in two days and have no employees, but Lemon optimistically states that this is a good opportunity for them to hire better, more enthusiastic employees. At home, Zoe wakes up with a start and calls Brick, saying she wants some mental health advice, after she has a dream about her kissing George and him telling her that he has always wanted her. The next day in Brick’s chambers, Zoe tells him about the dream and he suggests, she avoid George till she is sure she has regained control of her feelings.

Zoe likes the idea and decides to stay cooped up in the clinic till she gets over George. At the Rammer Jammer, Wade and Lemon are busy interviewing prospective employees. At the clinic, Lavon is hanging out in Brick’s chambers to show his support for Brick’s cause. Brick sees that something is clearly bothering Lavon and urges Lavon to talk to him, but instead he walks out, saying his time is up. At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade aren’t seeing eye-to-eye on the matter of choosing suitable employees. At the café, Dash hears Zoe flawlessly quote a line from Romeo and Juliette and urges her to be a part of “Shakespeare Night”. She reluctantly agrees. At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade make peace.

Wade as a result, gets to employ a hot waitress that he has taken a liking to and Lemon employs a really sophisticated chef trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris. At the “Shakespeare Night” rehearsals, Zoe is shocked, when she learns she has been given the part of Juliet and George shall be playing Romeo. George says Tansy had to opt out because she has laryngitis. Zoe makes some excuse and leaves even before they can begin rehearsing. At the clinic, she discusses the issue with Brick and he suggests she lie to get out of this mess. At the grand opening of the Rammer Jammer, before Zoe can opt out of playing the part, George tells her that Tansy is a bit jealous, so maybe they shouldn’t play Romeo and Juliet.

Everyone at the Jammer seems unhappy with, how the chef has cooked the grits, so Wade announces that Lemon will teach the chef how to cook the perfect grits. The chef isn’t too happy to hear this, saying he has been trained to cook some of the best cuisine in the world and won’t take lessons from a novice. He then angrily walks out. At the clinic, Lavon admits to Brick that he has stage fright, which is why he doesn’t want to take part in “Shakespeare Night”, but is in a quandary because he has promised Annabeth he would. Brick volunteers to coach him, saying he has a lot of theater experience.

At the rehearsals, George and Zoe talk to Dash about opting out, but he won’t have it, so they suggest Tom and Wanda play their parts. Dash says they were his first choice, but they said they were too busy. On hearing this, George and Zoe proceed to convince Tom and Wanda. At the Jammer, Sheriff Bill learns that the new waitress, who has been hired, is a minor and for a minor to be serving liquor is against the law, so he tells Wade and Lemon that their liquor license will be cancelled. At Tom and Wanda’s, George and Zoe manage to convince them to play the parts by volunteering to handle their jobs, while they are at “Shakespeare Night”.

Zoe’s job is to tend to a bee farm, while George has to handle the cash register at the café. At the Rammer Jammer, a dispirited Lemon and Wade are sitting by themselves, when Wally arrives and gives them a pep talk. It does the trick; Wade and Lemon rush out to do something about the cancelled liquor license. At the clinic, while Brick is busy coaching Lavon, he notices Brick avoiding Shelby’s calls. Brick says he has to tell Shelby something, but he is worried how she will take it. At the “Shakespeare Night”, Zoe arrives and tells Wanda that handling bees isn’t her cup of tea. She says she will instead play Juliet to Tom’s Romeo and assures Wanda she will make her proud.

At the café, while George is busy handling the cash register, Tansy arrives. She is unable to talk because of her laryngitis, so she writes everything she has to say. George tells her why he isn’t taking part in the play and she isn’t happy to hear the reason. At the Alcoholic Beverage Control office, Lemon and Wade see that the woman behind the counter is one of the applicants, who they had earlier turned down for a job at the Jammer. At “Shakespeare Night”, Zoe is shocked to see George dressed as Romeo. Turns out, Tansy insisted he play the part because she felt him not wanting to play Romeo meant he had feelings for Zoe. At the Alcohol Control office, in order to get their license back, Wade and Lemon are forced to hire the woman behind the desk.

At “Shakespeare Night”, while Zoe is really worried about going onstage with George, Annabeth manages to convince Lavon to take part, saying if they stink, they will stink together. Wanda and Tom return home and are dismayed on seeing their bees have all flown away. Tom suggests they dress up like colorful flowers to attract the bees. At “Shakespeare Night”, Lavon gives a really great performance that is cheered by the audience, its then time for the Romeo and Juliet scene. During the scene, Zoe tries her best to avoid being kissed, but George sees Tansy looking angrily at him from the audience and forcibly plants a kiss on Zoe, to prove there is nothing between him and her. At the Rammer Jammer, Lemon and Wade are overjoyed to learn that the Alcohol Control lady is a great cook.

After returning home, Brick comes clean with Shelby about why he has been avoiding her. At the Jammer, while Zoe and George are talking about the kiss, Tansy arrives and tells George that Wanda’s bees have made a hive in her trailer and she is homeless. George suggests Tansy come and stay with him on his boat till her trailer is fixed. Tansy is overjoyed with the offer, but Zoe isn’t too pleased on hearing this, although she pretends otherwise. The episode ends at this point.