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If Tomorrow Never Comes - Recap

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The episode begins at Zoe’s, with her almost choking on a donut, while checking out George and Tansy’s photos on a blog. Because she is alone at home, she has no other choice but to Heimlich herself and thankfully for her, it works. She goes to Lavon’s and tells him and Annabeth about it. They are glad that she is ok, but she can’t stop ruing the fact that there was no one to save her life and that she had to do it herself. At the Rammer Jammer, Wade and Lemon are celebrating the fact that they have turned their first profit.

Soon enough, the celebrations turn into a huge argument because both of them have different views about, how the Rammer Jammer should be run. At the clinic, Zoe arrives and sees Brick having a closed door meeting with Jonah, who is back from N.Y. She assumes Brick is discussing one of their patients with Jonah behind her back and isn’t happy about it. Brick asks her to calm down and leaves for lunch with Shelby. At George’s boat, Tansy’s stuff is taking up all the space, to top it all; Tansy’s three brothers come for a visit and decide to stay there. George is baffled as to how he should accommodate them. At the clinic, before he can return it to Brick, Zoe manages to pry out of his hand the patient file that Jonah has with him. She assumes the file is of one of her patients, but is shocked to learn that it’s Brick’s.

Turns out, he has pituitary tumor and is going in for a surgery tomorrow. Turns out, he lied to everyone a couple of weeks ago, when he said his MRI was clean. At Brick’s Zoe has a talk with him and apologizes to him for her earlier behavior. Luckily for Brick, his tumor isn’t cancerous, but Zoe still feels he should tell his daughters about the surgery. He says that he doesn’t want to bother them and tells her that he has Shelby by his side. Zoe, who is still shaken by her near death experience from choking on the donut, tears up, saying she realizes how important it is to have a partner. Brick is really uncomfortable on seeing her cry and excuses himself. At George’s boat, Tansy warns him that although she loves her brothers, she has to concede they are like overgrown infants.

Despite the warning, George volunteers to take them out to lunch. They are Tansy’s family, which is why he wants to get to know them better. After running into Shelby on the street, Zoe tells her, how admirable it is that she is standing by Brick at such a trying time. Shelby, who was told by Brick that the surgery is a minor one, is visibly worried after Zoe makes it sound like a big deal. During a Bluebelle’s meeting, Annabeth and Lemon conclude that in order to convince Wade that the Jammer can be transformed into a classy joint they have to show him a sample. They for this reason decide to hold a wine tasting at the Jammer and instruct all the belles to be there.

At the clinic, Jonah shows Zoe a note that Shelby left at Brick’s doorstep. In it she has mentioned that Zoe made her realize, how dangerous the surgery, which is why she is leaving him and skipping town. Zoe realizes her mistake and tells Jonah they have to find Shelby. At the Jammer, George is hanging out with Tansy’s brothers and is doing his best to keep them on a tight leash. At the clinic, Zoe from snooping around through Shelby’s internet history, which Jonah somehow dug up, figures out that Shelby likes to frequently visit a particular store in the mall. She knows that the store is an organizer’s paradise and concludes it must be like an oasis for someone like Shelby. They decide to go check out the store to see if she is there.

While they are strolling around town, Annabeth tells Lavon about the event Lemon is planning to organize at the Rammer Jammer in the night. Lavon isn’t too pleased to hear about it because Wade too has an event planned, which is scheduled to take place at the Jammer in the night. They begin arguing about the issue, but eventually realize they can’t spoil their relationship on Lemon and Wade’s account. They as a result decide to steer clear of Wade, Lemon and the Rammer Jammer for the next 24 hours. George is dealing with problems of his own because Tansy’s brothers are proving to be more than a handful.

At Shelby’s favorite store in the mall, Zoe finds her and talks her into coming to the hospital with her to see Brick. Although Annabeth and Lavon have mutually decided to stay away from Lemon and Wade’s issues, they both secretly want to help their friends. Which is why, Annabeth calls Lemon and warns her about Wade’s event, while Lavon warns Wade about Lemon’s. At the hospital, Zoe tells Shelby to smile and show her support to Brick before he goes under the knife. Although she no more wants to be with Brick, Shelby reluctantly agrees. At George’s boat, Tansy isn’t too pleased, when she learns that George doesn’t know where her brothers are. After telling George that they might have gotten themselves into some trouble, she goes out to look for them.

At the Rammer Jammer, Wade and Lemon end up sabotaging each other’s events. They as a result have to contend with a bunch of angry customers. At the boat, George gets a call from Sheriff Bill informing him that Tansy’s brothers have been arrested because they were planning to pee in his tailpipe. At the hospital, before going under the knife, Brick proposes to Shelby and she reluctantly says a yes. While Brick is being operated on, Zoe, Jonah and Shelby brainstorm about, how they should break the news to Brick that Shelby wants to break up with him. At Lavon’s, after admitting to each other that they called their friends and forewarned them, Lavon and Annabeth decide to head for the Rammer Jammer to see how things turned out. At the sheriff’s office, Bill releases Tansy’s brothers in George’s custody after he agrees to stand guarantee for them.

Tansy arrives there a while later and is touched by George’s gesture. After warning her brothers to stay out of trouble, she tells them that from now on they will live in her bee infested trailer. At the Rammer Jammer, Lavon and Annabeth arrive and are pleasantly surprised to see that Wade and Lemon have worked out their issues. Also, the guests are all happy because there is good food, alcohol and entertainment. At the hospital, after the surgery, Zoe is about to give Brick the bad news about Shelby, when Shelby enters and interrupts her. She tells Brick that she can’t wait to marry him. Zoe is surprised to hear Shelby say this. At the Rammer Jammer, after they are done with an eventful night, Wade and Lemon conclude that both their ideas could be clubbed together to make the place a success. They even agree on a few new ideas, one of which is tearing down wall in the Jammer to expand it.

At the hospital, based on all that has recently happened, Jonah and Zoe both conclude that Shelby won’t stick with Brick and they decide to tell him this. Zoe insists on breaking this news to Brick because the whole thing was her fault. At the Jammer, after Wade and Lemon take down a wall with a sledgehammer for the expansion, a section of the roof collapses. They both agree that it would take them a lot of money to fix it. At the hospital, Zoe has a talk with Brick and he says Shelby already told him everything. He doesn’t think, how Shelby reacted is a big deal and adds that her reaction is understandable.

Despite everything, Brick wants to marry Shelby. He even advises Zoe to follow her heart and if she loves someone, to tell him how she feels. Encouraged by Brick’s words, Zoe goes to George and tells him that she still has feelings for him. He in turn tells her that it’s too late because he is in an awesome relationship with Tansy. He walks back into his boat and Zoe walks away visibly embarrassed. The episode ends at this point.