I'm Moving On - Recap

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The episode begins with Zoe arriving at George’s boat to make amends, alcohol in hand. She is there to apologize to him for voicing her feelings last night, despite knowing he is with Tansy now. She says that to get over him she started an online dating profile last night. At the Jammer, Lemon has called a handyman to fix the damage that was caused because of her and Wade trying to renovate the place on their own. Wade refuses to hire him, saying he is too expensive and that he (Wade) can do the repairs himself. At the boat, Tansy sees Zoe leaving and asks George why Zoe was there.

George tells her the truth, but adds that he doesn’t have any feelings for Zoe because he only loves her(Tansy). She pretends that she is relieved on hearing that George doesn’t have feelings for Zoe, but clearly looks worried. At Zoe’s, Rose helps her revamp her dating profile, so Zoe has more guys showing interest in it. At Brick’s, he and Shelby give Lemon and Magnolia the news that Shelby and he are engaged. Neither Magnolia nor Lemon is very happy to hear this. While at it, Brick also tells them about his surgery and Shelby reveals that she had run away on hearing about Brick’s ailment.

Brick makes it clear that what Shelby did, doesn’t bother him a bit, but Lemon is clearly bothered and so is Magnolia. At the Jammer, Tansy shares with Wanda her concern about Zoe still having feelings for George. Wanda suggests that Tansy go to the astrologer, who she (Wanda) went to, so she could find out for sure if she should spend the rest of her life with Tom. Tansy likes the idea. A while later Zoe arrives at the Jammer for a date. She liked a guy’s profile and invited him there. The guy arrives and Zoe realizes he lied on his profile and is quite a loser. While Wade is busy having a laugh at Zoe’s expense, the roof of the Jammer that Wade himself fixed, collapses. Thankfully, no one is hurt. At the clinic, Zoe tells Rose that she isn’t having much luck with online dating.

While walking around town, Lavon tells Annabeth, how he got George to stop Mayor Gainey, of Fillmore, from building a mall in his town by getting an injunction. Suddenly, they smell something foul and see that huge piles of garbage have been dumped on the road leading from Fillmore to Bluebell. Lavon realizes this is an act of retaliation from Mayor Gainey and decides to hit back. Annabeth advises him against it, saying if he hits back this animosity will never end. At Brick’s, on seeing that Magnolia has gotten a nose piercing, Brick’s isn’t pleased. After telling Shelby that she has as much right to speak up in matters concerning his household as he does, he asks Shelby to deal with the nose piercing issue.

Shelby gets right on it. At his boat, a joyous Tansy arrives and shows George a star chart the astrologer has made for them. She says that according to the chart they are absolutely compatible. She as a result is relieved that she doesn’t have to worry about Zoe anymore. George, who doesn’t believe in all this, plays along. At a restaurant, Zoe comes to meet Max and Rose. On arriving there, Zoe learns that Max has set her up with Michael, his father. Before she can say anything, Max and Rose excuse themselves, so she and Michael can spend some time together. At the Jammer, a handyman Wade dug up from the internet is looking at the roof. He says a support beam is all that is holding the roof together. He asks Wade to hold on to the beam for him because it looks like it’s going to collapse.

The handyman then pretends like he is going to get his tools, but instead, he robs the cash register and walks out. Wade, who is holding the support beam, helplessly looks on. At the restaurant, Zoe and Michael seem to be having a decent enough time together, when he says he has to chaperone Max at the prom and leaves. At the Jammer, Lemon arrives and sees Wade trying to hold up the beam. He tells her all that happened and apologizes to her for trying to hire a handyman on the cheap. In Fillmore, Lavon parks outside Mayor Gainey’s house and dumps garbage at his doorstep. Annabeth, who is with him, isn’t pleased about it. Gainey comes out and sees the garbage. He and Lavon get into a verbal duel, when Gainey’s wife comes out and takes Gainey in after reprimanding him for fighting like a child. Annabeth too tries to clam Lavon down, but to no avail.

At Brick’s, Lemon asks him for a loan, so she can make the repairs at the Jammer. Shelby, who is a part of the conversation because Brick told her she will have a say in family matters, voices her opinion that Brick helping her isn’t a good idea. She feels Lemon till now has managed things on her own and should do the same now. Brick reluctantly agrees with Shelby although he is keen to help his daughter. Lemon is hurt, but agrees that she till now refused Brick’s help and shouldn’t start now. At the boat, George lets Tansy know in no uncertain terms that he doesn’t believe in astrology. He does this, when she tries to tell him what color shirt he should wear and how he should live, based on his astrological sign. He even tells her that his birth time she gave the astrologer was wrong.

Tansy clearly doesn’t appreciate his honesty. At Lavon’s, while chatting with Wade, Zoe suddenly realizes that she should be with a guy like Michael, so she goes to the prom to be with him. At the prom, George and Tansy, who are chaperoning Rose, make up. While George is pacifying Tansy, saying she doesn’t have to worry that Zoe will keep popping up everywhere, Zoe arrives. Tansy is shocked on seeing her and so is George. Zoe doesn’t notice their reaction because she is totally focused on wooing Michael and has even worn a revealing dress to do so. At Brick’s, he and Shelby get into an argument about the issue of helping Lemon.

Brick in anger lets it slip that he is mad about her running away, when he was sick. At the prom, Zoe tells Michael that she is interested in dating him, but he counters that he isn’t because he doesn’t need the drama. She claims she doesn’t either, but Michael disputes that, saying he has heard her dating stories and she does want drama. She isn’t very pleased on being turned down. While she is still coming to terms with it, Tansy walks up to Zoe and calls her a “home wrecker”. Zoe apologizes to her, but Tansy isn’t pacified. In the end, Zoe completely frustrated yells out how sorry she is, which gets everyone’s attention. Michael walks up to her and tells her that this is the drama he was talking about. He asks her to leave because she is disturbing the peace and doesn’t give her the opportunity to explain herself.

At a bar, Annabeth and Mayor Gainey’s wife secretly meet to end the feud. They both agree to some sort of a compromise that would end it. After the prom, Tansy tells George that she can’t anymore tolerate being in the same town as Zoe, which is why she suggests that George move with her (Tansy) to someplace else and start over. George is too stunned for words on hearing this. At the Jammer, while Lemon and Wade are trying to figure out a way to get the money for the repairs, Lavon arrives with the townsfolk. He says they are all willing to pitch in and help repair the place. The overjoyed duo thanks Lavon for this great gesture.

At Brick’s, Shelby and he sort things out. They then decide to elope and get married the next day. At the Jammer, while Lavon is assisting with the repairs, Annabeth arrives and tells Lavon that she has sorted out things between him and Mayor Gainey. Lavon is impressed on hearing the solution Annabeth came up with. George arrives at the Jammer a while later, nearly in tears. Lavon sees this and realizes that he has broken up with Tansy. Wade returns home and sees Zoe sitting by herself outside his house. She tells him how depressed she is and then goes in with Wade to spend the night. The episode ends at this point.