On the Road Again - Recap

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The episode begins and it's the morning after prom. Zoe wakes up, feeling refreshed and happy. Until, she sees Wade snoring beside her. He wakes up and asks her if she's ready to go again, causing her to scream in horror. She then wakes up from the dream she was having. Zoe seems relieved that her night with Wade turned out to be a dream and promptly hears the shower running. Out walks Wade, clad only in a towel, while George is in the doorway, upset at his horrible timing once again. He storms out of the room, while Wade spends the morning in quite a good mood.

It's mating season for Burt Reynolds and as such, he doesn't have all that much of an appetite, which worries Lavon. More worrying for him though, is the fact that his pet has gone missing. Lavon figures out Mayor Gainey had something to do with his alligator’s disappearance, when Mayor Gainey arrives to bribe him and after Lavon refusing, says "see ya later, alligator". Annabeth, though, doesn't think that there's enough evidence to link Mayor Gainey to the disappearance, but that doesn't stop Lavon from gathering an elite team of townspeople meant to get his beloved alligator back for good. It's then time for the Belle meeting and Lemon has been late for it every time this month.

One of the members suggests electing an interim leader until things at the Rammer Jammer become easier and while Annabeth quickly refuses the nomination, Cricket accepts it with open arms. Lemon gets upset at the idea of being replaced, as well as with one of the Belles referring to the Rammer Jamer as her "roadhouse", so she proclaims that she wants to turn the place into a place for the country music scene. To kick off that goal, she says, Gloriana, a famous country music band, is having a secret show there on Saturday. Zoe is less enthused by the latest developments in her love life, especially once she hears from Wanda that Tansy left George and subsequently, Bluebell, the previous night.

She goes to George's boat where she finds him extremely irritated at her. He tells her that she's only hung up on one person and that's Wade, no matter how much she tries to deny that she has feelings for him. Upset at the current state of her life, Zoe interrupts Lavon and Annabeth having a moment alone in his bedroom to ask their advice; they feel she should go to the New York wedding she mentioned and get some time away from Bluebell. She doesn't want to go because she is still the weird doctor who moved to Alabama and is still single.

She leaves, frustrated at not getting the answers that she wanted. While eating crullers in bed, Zoe gets a visit from Wade, carrying along a six-pack of beer. Wade’s visit is enough to push her to go to New York because she figures that Wade hasn't changed an ounce since their time together. On the plane to New York, she ends up sitting next to an older woman who offers her oatmeal squares. The woman had never been to New York and immediately pegs Zoe as being someone familiar with the big city before marveling at the fact that the doctor is single. Even though Zoe insists that it's a long story, the woman decides to prod her to spill everything that's been going on.

Among the members of Lavon’s elite team are Tom, Wanda, Reverend Mayfair, Frank, Meatball, and Sgt. Jeffries, all of whom have ideas about how they're to get the gator back. The Reverend brings up Ocean's Eleven as inspiration for his idea. In his plan, Lavon will call Mayor Gainey and invite him and his wife out to lunch under the pretenses of discussing the mall. When Gainey arrives at Fancy's, Tom will be acting as the valet, wherein he'll find the key to the barn that Burt is likely being held at. Then, the team will rush to the Gainey property and spring the gator and reunite the Mayor with his pet.

Lemon is working the phones trying to contact anyone who can get her to Gloriana. Before she can secure the band, the "secret show" becomes public knowledge and posters find their way to the Dixie Stop, among other places in town. She manages to get a meeting with them; only because she promises them that her venue has 700 seats and air conditioning. Annabeth suggests bringing someone along who knows and understands music. She suggests Wade’s name and Lemon reluctantly agrees, although it means that she'll have to tell him the truth about the concert. On the plane, there's a medical emergency and all doctors are called on. Zoe gets up and sees that there's another physician on board; Jonah.

The two tend to a man who recently had a motorcycle accident and was cleared to fly, although his breathing had become shallow while on the plane. Jonah deduces that there's a bubble of air that developed over his heart that's making it hard for him to breathe and nearly goes in to cut on the man, when Zoe notices that his lips are blue. That means that it's not a heart problem, it's a lung problem. She treats it, thanks to an epipen from her seatmate. The man's lungs will be open at least long enough for the plane to land, making Zoe a hero. In Bluebell, when Lemon tells Wade the truth, he's upset, but talk soon turns to how his sour demeanor isn't only due to Lemon lying.

She quickly figures out that he slept with Zoe and grills him about the move that made her leave town and whether or not he's still in love with her. He denies the last part, but he still can't get his emotions together about Zoe. He ponders whether Zoe was right, when she said he's not changed. Lemon reminds him that he's not been with any women since his fling with Zoe, and that he's here, openly talking about his feelings. George is at the Rammer Jammer trying to drink away his sorrows over Tansy and Zoe, when Dash tries to talk to him about the possibility of "Zeorge" happening now that he's single.

He shrugs off the idea and is later visited by Lily Anne at his workplace; she's having a legal issue regarding a politician using one of her songs without her permission and she doesn't know what to do about it. The two, end up back at the Rammer Jammer to talk about her options and George writes a stern letter warning the campaign of potential legal action if they don't relent on their use of the material. After the letter is finished, George and Lily Anne talk about his relationship with Zoe and the damage she's left in her wake, to which Lily Anne suggests writing a song about. She feels it'll help George get his feelings out and work through some of the anger and hurt inside.

While at first he refuses, seeing Zoe on the big screen at the Rammer Jammer drives him to drink and write. Elsewhere, Lavon and team put their plan in motion. The team makes it out to the Gainey property. They get a big helping hand from AnnaBeth, who backs her truck into the barn, destroying one of the walls. She ran into Tom at Fancy's and he confessed to everything they were doing; instead of holding it against Lavon, she did her part to help. The team finds Burt and after loading him in the truck, they head back home. Wade learns Zoe’s currently in Quinby, about twenty minutes away from where they are. They are at a diner far away from Birmingham. She and Wade arrive at the diner and while Wade and Zoe go outside to talk, Lemon and Jonah stay in. George ends up with a belly full of beer and four napkins worth of song lyrics.

Lily Anne tries to get him to perform them in public, which he at first refuses and then complies with, when she forces him through peer pressure. His song ends up getting a great response. She tells him that she's going on the road this summer and that she needs another voice, offering him a spot. He accepts and the two head out of town in his truck. At the diner, Wade tells Zoe that she saw more in him than he did in himself and that it was an ideal that was hard for him to live up to. It was easier for him to wreck it rather than disappoint her. He confesses that he knows how much he hurt her and that he's willing to do anything it takes to be the man she saw him as. He then tells her he loves her.

Zoe is overwhelmed on hearing his confession and says she needs some space and time to sort things out. She says she called her chief and got a job in New York for the summer. Wade and Lemon return home to find the Rammer Jammer packed for Gloriana. Lemon immediately panics, thinking that it's now her time to face the music, until Cricket points out that the band is there. Their manager told them that she's one of the most persuasive people that he had ever met and they proceed to perform their new single "Can't Shake You". While the song is playing, Lemon sees Lavon and AnnaBeth dancing; when he comes over to congratulate her on getting the band to come.

She congratulates him on what he has with AnnaBeth and informs him that it inspires her to find someone for herself. In New York, Zoe arrives at her friend's wedding and has a moment where she seems upset about still being at the singles table. She thinks about calling Wade, before Jonah shows up. He claims that he didn't want her to spend her first night in New York alone. The episode ends at this point.