Have Gun, Will Travel

Have Gun, Will Travel

Richard Boone starred in this classic Western series as Paladin, a well-educated and highly principled gun for hire who preferred to use his brains but quite often was forced to use his gun. The series ran for six seasons on CBS.

Episode Info

Final: 6x32 -- Face of a Shadow (Apr/20/1963)

A bank hires Paladin to meet a rancher and pick up $10,000. However, before the gunfighter arrives, the man is murdered and the money is stolen.
Richard BooneRichard Boone
As Paladin

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6x1: Genesis recap: At the Carlton, Paladin lets himself into his room, unaware that a man with a gun is waiting for him. However, Paladin spots him in the mirror when he turns in the light, ducks the shot, and charges his assailant. The gunfighter finally manages to subdue his opponent and demands answers. The man, Roderick Jefferson, says that it’s nothing personal. He says that he’s a gambler and generally not very useful. Roderick lost $10,000 gambling and was given the chance to pay it off by killing Paladin. Paladin admits that he was in a similar situation when he was a remittance man, ten years ago. When Roderick tells him to turn him over to the police, Paladin tells him to shut up, sit down, and listen... read more.

5x28: The Man Who Struck Moonshine recap: Paladin is riding through the hills when a man steps out from cover and fires at him with a rifle. The gunslinger falls off of his horse and passes out. When he wakes up, the man asks how he's doing and Paladin points out that he hit his head on a rock. The man, Moses Kadish, apologizes for shooting at him and explains that he's holding off the McCandle brothers. The McCandles have been shooting at him for over a month and Moses has no idea why. Paladin offers the man his card and Moses admits that he needs his help. He invites Paladin to his cabin to discuss the details, explaining that he doesn't have money but he has something else worth Paladin's while... read more.

5x27: Alice recap: At the Carlton, a young woman comes into the lobby and accidentally bumps into Paladin. She places his own card on his sleeve and looks him over. Paladin realizes that she's looking for a stereotypical gunfighter and assures her that he is Paladin. The woman introduces herself as Maya Ferguson, daughter of Alice, and explains that Alice gave her the card and said to seek out Paladin if Maya ever needed help. Paladin has no idea who Alice is until Maya explains that she was known as Blue-Dollar Alice. The gunfighter explains that Alice never used a last name or mentioned a daughter, and Maya tells him that Alice sent her East to school when she was a child. Paladin asks what she needs and Maya explains that the money from her mother has stopped. She went to Codeyville, AZ, where her mother runs the mines and ranches, but no one there knew Alice. Maya wants Paladin to travel to Codeyville with her. She insists that he remember that she's a lady, and then asks what the name "Blue-Dollar" means. Paladin refuses to discuss it until they arrive in Codeyville... read more.

5x6: The Gospel Singer recap: At the Hotel Carlton, Paladin is examining a watch when Hey Boy comes in with a newspaper and reads him an article. The story concerns the town of Bugbear, which is trying to clean up the criminal element and changing their name to Elysium, under the leadership of Mayor Harper. When the article’s writer asks how, Paladin gives his card to Hey Boy to make arrangements... read more.

5x1: The Vigil recap: In San Francisco, Paladin is at the Carlton partying and playing poker. Hey Boy escorts in a woman, Adella, who takes in Paladin's carousing with displeasure. When she complains, Hey Boy admits that Paladin has been on the road for two months and like to relax in evil company. Undeterred, Adella gives Hey Boy a considerable amount of money and tells him to let Paladin know that she has a job for him... read more.
Recurring Guests

Kam Tong as Hey Boy (107 eps)
Hal Needham as Little Horse (36 eps)
Stewart East as Man (22 eps)
Lisa Lu as Kim Li (18 eps)
Bert Madrid as Townsman (16 eps)
Harry Carey, Jr. as Bud (13 eps)
Edward Faulkner as 2nd Guard (12 eps)
Roy Barcroft as Sheriff Swink (10 eps)
Olan Soule as Hotel Clerk (10 eps)
Hank Patterson as Gilson (10 eps)

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1957
Ended: September 14, 1963
Ballad of Paladin  
• O Paladino do Oeste (Used In Brazil)
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