Season 6

194 :06x01 - Genesis

Paladin relates, via flashbacks, how he became a gun for hire.
Guest Stars: Richard Boone as Smoke | William Conrad as Norge | Parley Baer as Reston | Ann Morrison as Mrs. Burton | Nestor Paiva as Burton | James Mitchum as Roderick Jefferson (Introducing) |
Uncredited: Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman | William Meader as Poker Player | Tony Reagan as Poker Player
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Sam Rolfe

195 :06x02 - Taylor's Woman

Paladin has a most unusual task. A rancher hires him to stop, by any means necessary, his upcoming wedding to his shrew of a housekeeper.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Lydia Moss | Harry Carey, Jr. as Thad (Thad Taylor) | Tom Hennesy as Clyde | Kam Tong as Hey Boy |
Uncredited: Olan Soule as Hotel Clerk
Director: Richard Boone

196 :06x03 - The Fifth Bullet

Paladin escorts a released prisoner home to his family but five hired killers have other ideas.
Guest Stars: Ben Johnson as Bartlett (John Bartlett) | Dorothy Dells as Emmy (Emmy Bartlett) | Shug Fisher as Hotel Keeper | Peter Boone as Johnny (Johnny Bartlett - and introducing)

197 :06x04 - A Place For Abel Hix

Paladin arrives in a town for a job only to find that his prospective client was just shot dead.
Guest Stars: Robert Blake as Lauro | Paul Tripp as Reverend Harper | Jean Engstrom as Mrs. Hix | Kevin Hagen as Judd Bowman | Stewart East as Man | Kam Tong as Hey Boy | Bill Hart as Olney | Jerry Gatlin as Weaver | Hal Needham as Zimmer | Tom Sweet as Moon | Linda Cordova as Linda
Story: John Kneubuhl | Teleplay: Don Ingalls

198 :06x05 - Beau Geste

A sheriff who's about to retire refuses Paladin's help against a group of gunmen.
Guest Stars: Paul Richards as Dobbs (Sheriff John Dobbs) | Faith Domergue as Ria | Raymond Guth as Turkey Tate | Henry Beckman as Les Hogan | John Hale as Condos | Brad Logan as Barney | Norman Pabst Jr. as Bartender (as Norman Pabst)
Director: Fred H. Jackman

199 :06x06 - Bird of Time

Paladin must protect his prisoner from the wrath of a vengeance-seeking rancher.
Guest Stars: George Mathews as Ahab Tyson | John Hoyt as Stryker | Francis DeSales as Doc Kelly | Dal Jenkins as Youth | Hal Needham as Man
Writer: Don Ingalls

200 :06x07 - Memories of Monica

Paladin stands with a sheriff against his wife's former lover, an outlaw who's sworn to take her back.
Guest Stars: Judi Meredith as Monica | Bing Russell as Reagan | Hal Needham as Dink | Garry Walberg as Charlie | Larry Ward as Ben Turner | Edward Faulkner as Buhl | Chuck Couch as Webb (as Charles Couch) | Jerry Gatlin as Olin
Director: Gary Nelson
Writer: Don Ingalls

201 :06x08 - The Predators

Traveling across the desert, Paladin and an accused killer must battle the elements and a bloodthirsty gang.
Guest Stars: Richard Jaeckel as John Tyree | Elen Willard as Girl | James Griffith (1) as Marauder | Lester Maxwell as Tommy

202 :06x09 - Shootout at Hogtooth

Town politicians hired three gunmen to clean up their town only to find out that the cure was worse than the disease. Now they've come to Paladin.
Guest Stars: Patrick McVey as Clanahan | Steve Peck as Chapineau (Claude Chapineau, as Steven Piccaro) | Les Damon as Tillbury | Chris King (4) as Morrissey (Kid Morrissey) | Hal Baylor as Perrin (Floyd Perrin) | Doodles Weaver as Hildreth | Ralph Barnard as Partridge (as Ralph Bernard) | Syl Lamont as Barkeep | Kam Tong as Hey Boy |
Uncredited: Danny Borzage as Townsman | Jack Kenny (2) as Townsman | Ethan Laidlaw as Townsman | Bert Madrid as Townsman
Writer: Herb Meadow

203 :06x10 - A Miracle for St. Francis

A Catholic mission hires Paladin to retrieve a statue that was stolen from their premises.
Guest Stars: Rafael Campos as Paco | Robert J. Stevenson as Lundeen | David Garner as Father Clare | Miriam Golden as Faith (as Miriam Goldina) | Tina Menard as Hope | Naomi Stevens as Maria |
Uncredited: Victor Adamson as Townsman | Larry Finley as Lundeen Rider | Bert Madrid as Indian | William Meader as Dealer | Hal Needham as Bartender
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Don Ingalls

204 :06x11 - Marshal of Sweetwater

Paladin goes up against an old friend who's now a town marshal. It seems as though the old pal became a tyrant after cleaning up the town.
Guest Stars: Kathie Browne as Marie Ellis | David White (1) as Tom Carey | Gordon Jones (1) as Brawley | Paul Birch as Jenkins | Booth Colman as Tyler | John Damler as Storekepper | John Matthews as Farmer | Howard Hoffman as Driver
Director: Jerry Hopper

205 :06x12 - Man in an Hourglass

Paladin is hired by a physician friend to find the son of a woman the doctor once loved before the young man makes a terrible mistake.
Guest Stars: Edgar Buchanan as Cardiff (Noah Cardiff) | James Stacy as Johnny (Johnny Tully) | Morgan Woodward as Canute | Dan White (1) as Sam | Jerry Gatlin as Ugarte | Alan Baxter as Dr. Moody (Aaron Moody) |
Uncredited: Louie Elias as Mule
Director: Jerry Hopper

206 :06x13 - Penelope

A former Army officer, who left his wife to go gold prospecting in Mexico, hires Paladin to smooth things over with her before his return.
Guest Stars: Joanna Barnes as Penelope (Penelope Lacey) | Lawrence Dobkin as Colonel Lacey (Oliver Lacey) | James Brown (2) as Andrews (as James Brown) | Jester Hairston as Euclid | Jack Donner as Man (as Jack Doner) | Ivan Bonar as Bartender | Kam Tong as Hey Boy

207 :06x14 - Trial at Tablerock

Paladin serves as a defense attorney for a feared gunman who's being tried on a trumped-up murder charge.
Guest Stars: Barry Kelley as Judge Bryant | William Mims as Adams | Gregg Palmer as Sheriff | John Damler as Bartender | Joe Higgins as Foreman | David Potter as Haskins | Sherwood Price as Virge Beech
Director: Jerry Hopper

208 :06x15 - Be Not Forgetful of Strangers

Paladin helps out a couple who are about to have their first child on Christmas Eve.
Guest Stars: Duane Eddy as Cowboy | Josie Lloyd as Girl | Roy Barcroft as Simon | Patti Newby as Annie (as Pat Newby) | Robert J. Stevenson as Jake | Edward Faulkner as Ben (as Ed Faulkner) | Perry Cook as Man | Charles Kuenstle as Man | Hal Needham as Harry | Lewis Shapiro as Baby Howard
Director: Richard Boone

209 :06x16 - The Treasure

Paladin and a bank robber's wife search for her husband and his loot in a ghost town that's fast filling up with other treasure hunters.
Guest Stars: Jeanne Cooper as Edna Harden | Jim Davis (1) as Long (Al Long) | DeForest Kelley as Deakin | Lee Van Cleef as Corbin | Bob Woodward (2) as Gruber | Buck Taylor as Eddie | Stewart East as Waiter | Kam Tong as Hey Boy

210 :06x17 - Brotherhood

Paladin tries to reunite two Native American brothers. One is now a sheriff while the other still retains the ways of his old culture.
Guest Stars: Charles Bronson as Jim Redrock | Michael Keep as Abe Redrock | Myron Healey as Stennis | Max Mellinger as Mossman | Shug Fisher as Kroll | Dawn Little Sky as Wife (Mrs. Jim Redrock) | Warren Joslin as Driver

211 :06x18 - Bob Wire

Paladin helps a barbed wire salesman transport his cargo, knowing full well that its delivery could start a range war between cattlemen and sod busters.
Guest Stars: Woodrow Parfrey as Bob Wire | James Bell (2) as Mr. Anderson | Irish McCalla as Anna | Chris King (4) as Dane (as Christopher King) | Hal Baylor as Tagg | Jon Silo as Clerk | Peggy Rea as Maggie
Director: Jerry Hopper
Writer: Bruce Geller

212 :06x19 - The Debutante

A wealthy socialite hires Paladin to locate her granddaughter. He finds the lass living on a farm but she doesn't want to return with him to San Francisco... until she learns the truth about how she came to be there.
Guest Stars: Wayne Rogers (1) as Daniel (Daniel Powers) | Gale Garnett as Prudence Powers | L.Q. Jones as Hector (Hector Mackenby) | Eleanor Audley as Mrs. Quincy | Sandy Donigan as Armenian Girl (as Satenig Donigan) | Kam Tong as Hey Boy | Robert Emhardt as Amos (Amos Powers)
Director: Gary Nelson
Writer: Gwen Bagni

213 :06x20 - Unforgiving Minute

In Mexico, a feverish Paladin must rely on a mild-mannered potter and his avaricious wife to help him escape from a gang of banditos.
Guest Stars: Patricia Medina as Sabina | Al Ruscio as Machado
Director: Jerry Hopper

214 :06x21 - American Primitive

Paladin joins in the hunt for a fugitive who killed five innocent men while trying to avenge his son's murder.
Guest Stars: Harry Morgan as Ernie Backwater (as Henry (Harry) Morgan) | Robert J. Wilke as Will Tybee | Pitt Herbert as Sim | Peggy Rea as Maggie
Director: Jerry Hopper

215 :06x22 - The Burning Tree

Paladin and his prisoner have their journey halted by a sheriff who wants to hand the prisoner over to Native Americans. It seems as though the red men need a burial scalp.
Guest Stars: Elinor Donahue as Lettie May | Paul Fix as Stinchcomb | Whit Bissell as Fairchild | George Brenlin as Eph | Duane Grey as Abner (Abner Jenkins) | Joe Madrid as Boy | Kam Tong as Hey Boy

216 :06x23 - Cage at McNaab

A prisoner awaiting execution escapes and leaves Paladin behind in his place.
Guest Stars: Lon Chaney, Jr. as O'Connor (as Lon Chaney) | Jacqueline Scott as Nora Lawson | Christopher Dark as Brian Lawson | Ford Rainey as Warden | John Harmon (1) as Trowbridge | George Keymas as First Guard | David Fresco as Jose | Joe Yrigoyen as Guard
Director: Gary Nelson

217 :06x24 - Caravan

An exiled high priestess from India hires Paladin to escort her through the desert for a rendezvous with some of her loyal followers.
Guest Stars: Miriam Colon as Punya | Dolores Faith as The Rani (Skiri) | Cliff Osmond as Koro | Carmen D'Antonio as Satri | Ross Sturlin as Lakara | Hal Needham as Indian
Writer: Jay Simms

218 :06x25 - The Walking Years

After being slipped a mickey in a waterfront dive, Paladin awakens chained in a darkened warehouse along with two other men who are in the same boat.
Guest Stars: Elen Willard as Mollie Dean | Jacqueline Wilson as Alice | Hal Needham as Wiggen | Sandy Donigan as Lula (as Satenig Donigan) | Garry Walberg as Homer | Fred Hakim as Ferdie | Stewart East as Bartender
Director: Richard Boone
Writer: Don Ingalls

219 :06x26 - Sweet Lady of the Moon

Paladin is hired to protect a murderer who was declared criminally insane but has been pronounced cured.
Guest Stars: Crahan Denton as Carl Soddenberg | Richard Shannon as Dr. Weisner | Harry Carey, Jr. as Ben (Ben Murdock) | Dorothy Dells as Mary (Mary Murdock) | Robert J. Stevenson as Sheriff | Kam Tong as Hey Boy
Director: Richard Boone

220 :06x27 - The Savages

Paladin guides an art collector and his daughter into the wilderness in search of a reclusive sculptor.
Guest Stars: Patric Knowles as August Pireaux | Judi Meredith as Gina | James Griffith (1) as Spencer

221 :06x28 - The Eve of St. Elmo

A wealthy land baron hires Paladin to find the shooter who crippled him while the townspeople pray that no more violence occurs.
Guest Stars: Warren Stevens as Colonel Draco | Brett Somers as Myra | Chris Alcaide as Brock (Brock March) | Jerry Summers as Collie (Collie March) | Paul L. Smith as Sven (as P.L. Smith) | George Kennedy as Brother Grace |
Uncredited: Herman Hack as Church Member | Sam Harris (1) as Church Member | Bert Madrid as Church Member | William H. O'Brien as Church Member
Writer: Jay Simms

222 :06x29 - Lady of the Fifth Moon

A young Chinese woman, awaiting passage back to her homeland so she won't have to go through with an arranged marriage, hires Paladin to protect her from assassins.
Guest Stars: Bethel Leslie as Kim Sing and Jin Ho | William Schallert as Chee Yan
Director: Richard Boone
Writer: Don Ingalls

223 :06x30 - Two Plus One

Paladin can't seem to get rid of a Native American damsel whose life he saved.
Guest Stars: Susan Silo as Taymanee | Gail Kobe as Francine | Rex Holman as Blake | Kenneth Hudgins as Lou (as Ken Hudgins)
Director: Gary Nelson

224 :06x31 - The Black Bull

Paladin is imprisoned by an insane former matador who forces him to be the bull in the ring.
Guest Stars: Faith Domergue as Elena (Elena Ybarra) | Carlos Romero as Nino Ybarra | Nacho Galindo as Soledado | Tita Marsell as Josefina | Kam Tong as Hey Boy
Director: William Conrad
Writer: Jay Simms

225 :06x32 - Face of a Shadow

A bank hires Paladin to meet a rancher and pick up $10,000. However, before the gunfighter arrives, the man is murdered and the money is stolen.
Guest Stars: Enid Jaynes as Darkilis | Lee Van Cleef as Golias | Roy Barcroft as Jim Sherwood | Rayford Barnes as Canning | Harry Carey, Jr. as Earl Tibner | Nestor Paiva as Dan Tibner | Richard Reed (3) as Dimitri | William Woodson as Craft | Kam Tong as Hey Boy | Laurindo Almeida as Guitarist
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Western
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 09:30 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: September 14, 1957
Ended: September 14, 1963
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