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  Chief Garland Wournos, played by Nicholas Campbell (1)

Chief Garland Wournos has kept peace in the town of Haven for the last 25 years, where he rose in the ranks from officer to chief of police. The reason for his promotion was the arrest of Max Hansen for the murder of his family. Garland believed that Max was tied to the Colorado Kid murder, but was never able to prove it.

Once Max was sentenced to prison, Garland took in Max's son, Nathan. The boy had been abused by his father, and Garland took pity on him. However, the two have never been close, in part because Garland could never bring himself to tell Nathan about his true origins. their relationship was never comfortable enough that Garland felt he could tell Nathan the truth... and then Nathan found out anyway., and resented his adopted father for keeping the secret.

Like many older Maine natives, Garland is taciturn and abrupt, and isn't one to share his emotions. He does want Nathan to be strong, but has pursued that by all but ignoring the boy except when calling him on his errors. In the end, Garland believed that Nathan was stronger than he was, thanks to his efforts.

Garland is one of the Troubled, with the ability to generate seismic tremors through power of mind. Like many Troubled, he can't control his ability and it manifests in times of stress. His power seems to relate to his subconscious: Garland sees himself as holding the town together, and he had to concentrate to keep his power from literally splitting Haven apart. Despite his best efforts, Garland lost control and eventually chose to kill himself when he realized there was no other option. His power transformed him into stone and then shattered him. However, when last seen, the pieces were moving on their own, so his final fate is unclear.
  Vince Teagues, played by Richard Donat

Apparently the older of the two Teagues brothers, Vince is a typical Maine curmudgeon. He's also a skilled newspaperman, and apparently has a Troubled ability, the nature of which isn't clear. It was sufficient to intimidate Max Hansen, a murderer with a Troubled immunity to pain.

Of the two Teagues brothers, Vince is the one who typically is the most confrontational, and wants to do what is right. However, his brother Dave can often make him see reason.

In the third season, Vince reveals that he is the leader of the Guard, the mysterious organization in Haven that helps the Troubled.
  David Teagues, played by John Dunsworth

The slightly younger of the two Teagues brothers, Dave is a bit more free-spirited than his older brother. He likes dabbling in different techniques, such as sketching vs. photography, and is a talented if somewhat old-fashioned newspaperman. Although his brother apparently is Troubled, there is no indication (yet) that Dave has any kind of ability.

Dave is the more cowardly of the two brothers, and often advises caution. He can usually get his brother Vince to listen to reason, particularly when their silence is the only thing that assures them safety against the secret forces that exist in Haven.

As the series progresses, Dave grows more of a backbone. In the third season, he's willing to stand up to Vince and stop Audrey as a "bandage" to stop the Troubles for 27-year periods.
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Horror/Supernatural, Mystery
Status: Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 09, 2010
Ended: December 17, 2015
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