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Season 2

14 :02x01 - A Tale of Two Audreys

In the aftermath of Chief Wournos' death, Nathan and Audrey deal with a woman claiming to be Audrey, the ten Plagues of Egypt, and Reverend Driscoll's attempts to take control of Haven.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll | Kathleen Munroe as Audrey Two | Maurice Dean Wint as Agent Howard | Joey Klein as TJ Smith |
Co-Guest Stars: Kathryn Maclellan as Arelene Shubert | Hans Boggild as Bud Shubert | Scott Owen as Steve | Josh McDonald as Allan the Cop | Nirah Villeneuve as Maureen | Michael Gaudet as Little Mike | Christopher Bearne as Boy | Michael Taylor (7) as FBI Agent Howard
Director: T.W. Peacocke
Songs: Brad Cohen -- Left of Right, Wilderness of Manitoba -- November, Brad Cohen -- The Smile Underneath

15 :02x02 - Fear & Loathing

A girl who can project a person's worse fear sets off a panic in Haven. As Nathan and Audrey investigate, they discover that another Troubled person is involved, one who needs the woman's affliction... and Nathan's. Meanwhile, Audrey Two tries to track down Audrey's Agent Howard.
Guest Stars: Bryan Dick (1) as Ian Haskell | Kathleen Munroe as Audrey Two |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop | Jennie Raymond as Beatrice Mitchell | Craig Arnold as Brian Shaw | Andria Wilson as Jackie Clark | Michael Chandler as Bartender | Frank Mackay as Clerk (Frank) | Michael Ratchford as Barry | Sheena Larkin as Sheila | Kirk Hall as Running Man | George Green as Heart Attack Victim | Laurie Hanley as Neighbour (Mrs. McDonald)
Songs: Sweet Talk Radio -- Broken Things

16 :02x03 - Love Machine

Machines come to life and start killing people in Haven. While Audrey and Nathan try to deal with the new crisis, Audrey Two investigates the mystery of Agent Howard.
Guest Stars: Hugo Speer as Louis Pufahl | Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Kathleen Munroe as Audrey Two |
Co-Guest Stars: J.D. Nicholsen as Halsey | Lisa Houle as Marcia Steltzer | Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop | Michael Pellerin as Captain Robbie | Charlie Rhindress as Curtis | Todd Godin as Fisherman | Margot Sampson as Virginia | Guy Germain as Brad
Director: T.W. Peacocke
Songs: Ellie Goulding -- Your Song

17 :02x04 - Sparks and Recreation

A Troubled individual with electrical powers threatens the entire town. Meanwhile, Duke tries to find the secret that will let him ward off his tattooed killer.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Peter MacNeill as Mayor Richard Brody | Janet-Laine Green as Felicia Brody | Kate Greenhouse as Lori Fulcher | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll | Adam Copeland as Dwight (as WWE Superstar Edge) | Jason Priestley as Chris Brody |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop | John Beale as Umpire Larry Kunkel | Matthew McIntyre as Paul Buckhalt | Ray Brimicombe as Fan (as Ray Brimcombe)
Songs: Sweet Talk Radio -- Dance With Me

18 :02x05 - Roots

The children of two feuding families attempt to marry. However, their wedding is disrupted when the plant life animates and attacks everyone... including Audrey, Chris, Duke, and Evi. Meanwhile, Nathan tries to come to terms with Audrey's new relationship with Chris.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Joe Dinicol as Peter Novelli | Alexz Johnson as Moira Keegan | Sean McCann as Dom Novelli | Corinne Conley as Beverly Keegan | Ted Atherton as Ben Keegan | Jason Priestley as Chris Brody
Director: Tim Southam
Writer: Jim Dunn
Songs: A-Camp -- Algebra

19 :02x06 - Audrey Parker's Day Off

Audrey discovers that the same five hours keep repeating over and over... and each time before resetting, someone close to her dies in a car accident.
Guest Stars: Ari Cohen as Anson Shumway | Jason Priestley as Chris Brody |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop
Director: Fred Gerber
Songs: Sweet Talk Radio -- Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow

20 :02x07 - The Tides That Bind

An apparent drowning suicide turns up on a Haven beach, and Audrey and Nathan soon discover that he is tied to an enigmatic family compound, and that the family has abducted a local woman's child. Meanwhile, Duke learns that the family is connected to the tattooed man.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Brenda Bazinet as Gwen Glendower | Joanne Boland as Mary Collins | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll |
Co-Guest Stars: Kenneth Welsh as Cole Glendower | Nicholas LeBlanc as Daniel | Chaz Libby as Casey | Christopher Shore as Dr. Lucassi | Scott Baker (1) as Leith Glendower | Elizabeth Vangorder as Glendower Woman | Joseph Young (2) as Boy #1 | Connor Leif Charron as Boy #2 | Malcolm Mann as Boy #3 | Will McKay as Boy #4
Director: Paolo Barzman
Songs: Enya -- Exile

21 :02x08 - Friend or Faux

A straight-laced banker hides a double life... literally. Meanwhile, Driscoll continues his plan to remove Nathan from office and Duke helps a runaway.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Cristián de la Fuente as Cornell Stamoran | Connor Price as Henry |
Co-Guest Stars: Jim Swansburg as Cornell's Copy | Mark Graham (2) as Selectman Gerst | Lauren Messervey as Drunk Woman | Andrew Macvicar as Henry's Father | Colin Hluchaniuk as Colin the Cop
Writer: Sam Ernst
Songs: Vibrolux -- Sweet Rock 'n' Roll

22 :02x09 - Lockdown

An unidentified Troubled individual unleashes a virulent plague in the station house. The new chief of police orders a quarantine, trapping Audrey, Nathan, Duke, Evi, and Chris inside.
Guest Stars: Vinessa Antoine as Evidence "Evi" Ryan | Dylan Neal as Dr. Hugh Underwood | Kristin Booth as Nikki Coleman | Ron White (2) as Chief Merrill | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll | Adam Copeland as Dwight (as WWE Superstar Edge) | Jason Priestley as Chris Brody |
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop | Joey Campbell as Officer Paul Stark | Kim Parkhill as Mother | Randy Boliver as Thug
Director: Jason Priestley
Songs: Lindsay Price -- Melting

23 :02x10 - Who, What, Where, Wendigo?

A teen seemingly dies at the hands of a serial killer, but an investigation soon reveals that the killer is dead and the teen may be Troubled. Nathan and Audrey search the woods for the boy, but soon discover they have unwanted assistance from Driscoll... and Duke Crocker.
Guest Stars: Alex Carter as Mr. Campbell | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll | Adam Copeland as Dwight (as WWE Superstar Edge) |
Co-Guest Stars: Scott Beaudin as Rory Campbell | Alexandria Benoit as Amelia Benton | Paulino Nunes as Cal the Trucker | Leah Ostry as Frankie Benton | Julia Hines as Sophia Benton
Director: Lee Rose
Songs: Melissa Etheridge -- Into the Dark

24 :02x11 - Business As Usual

Two mummification deaths increase the town's tensions in the aftermath of Audrey's shooting of Reverend Driscoll. While Nathan decides which side he will support, the Troubled or the unafflicted, Audrey finally locates Lucy Ripley and Duke joins forces with Dwight to learn his father's secrets.
Guest Stars: Joris Jarsky as Stu Pierce | Crystal Allen as Colleen Pierce | Victoria Snow as Lucy Ripley | Adam Copeland as Dwight (as WWE Superstar Edge)
Director: Shawn Piller

25 :02x12 - Sins of the Fathers

As the civil war between normals and Troubled in Haven comes to a head, Nathan and Duke are visited by the ghosts of their fathers... and Reverend Driscoll, who plans to eliminate the Troubled once and for all with the help of someone close to Audrey.
Guest Stars: Torrance Coombs as Kyle Hopkins | Stephen McHattie as Ed Driscoll | Tahmoh Penikett as Simon Crocker | Nicholas Campbell (1) as Chief Garland Wournos
Director: Lee Rose

Silent Night

After a surfer is cut in half in the middle of the harbor, Audrey soon realizes that everyone is celebrating Christmas... in July, with no idea that anything unusual is going on. Things become more sinister when people disappear and no one but Audrey can remember they ever existed.
Co-Guest Stars: Glenn Lefchak as Stan the Cop | Niamh Wilson as Hadley Chambers | Craig Eldridge as Gordon Chambers | Simon Henderson (2) as Joe Underhill | Jacquie Thillaye as Hadley's Mom | Kirstin Howell as Manager
Director: Shawn Piller
Songs: Hayes, Johnson & Jerry Stamp -- Blue Christmas, Tommy Connor, Sweet Talk Radio -- I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Fredalba -- Uptown Music
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Horror/Supernatural | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 07:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 09, 2010
Episode Order: 26
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