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Consumed - Recap

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Audrey is on the docks when Duke passes her on his way to a date. When he compliments her, she wonders what he's up to, and then asks him about Lucy. He refuses to talk to her because she's a cop, and Audrey suggests that she could make him talk. duke tells her to wait until he's in a more cooperative mood, and she agrees. As she goes, he suggests she check out the Haven Farmer's Market.

At the market, Audrey is enjoying a snocone when a local chef, Katarina Hall, comes up and complains to an apple seller that he's selling rotten apples to her boss. Audrey checks it out and confirms that it's rotting. Panic spreads throughout the market as people realize that much of their food is rotting, including the food they were eating.

Nathan arrives and Audrey tells him what happened. They wait for the tests, but Audrey wonders why it only targeted certain foods, and why it happened all at once. They go to check out the farms, and discover that the same plague struck the farmers' coops, fields, and gardens at their homes. Back in town, the partners get a report that all of the tainted food contained hydrochloric acid. As they talk, Eleanor calls them to the docks. A number of students have been stricken ill, and they were all eating Big Benjy ice cream sandwiches. As they go to Big Benjy's shop, Nathan explains that the owner makes homemade ice cream and keeps his cows behind his store. The elderly man isn't aware of anything wrong. When they look in the freezer, they discover that the man's ice cream has rotted in the freezer. They check the cows and discover that they have all died, and their stomachs are full of hydrochloric acid.

When Audrey checks in at the police station, she discovers that Nathan has bought her some local clothing to help her blend in. They go over the vendor report and determine that the McShaws, Bill and Jeff, own a restaurant and all of the affected farmers were their suppliers. Audrey remembers that Katarina was arguing at the market and warned the apple grower about her boss, Jeff. Nathan admits that Jeff has a temper. As they go to the restaurant, the Second Chance Bistro, Nathan explains that the restaurant has been in the McShaw family for generations and Bill ran it when Jeff left town to make a career for himself as a cook. Jeff just returned to town and they're reopening the restaurant with a menu of local food. Bill greets them and shows them how the apples they purchased have rotted. They talk to Jeff, who shows off Katarina's cooking skills and warns her not to use too much sesame seed oil because it makes him sick. He insists that he has fans, not enemies, and claims he has no competition. However, there is a man distributing Lobster Pups, hot dogs made out of lobster by an entrepreneur, John Roberts. Bill notes they fired a few employees and goes to get a list. Jeff shows off his newest dish, squab with tarragon. Duke arrives with a delivery and it's clear he's Jeff and Bill's long-time friends. He offers the McShaws a mystery crate for $500. Bill's wife, Meg, is reluctant, but Jeff insists they need it. Duke gives it to them for free.

As Nathan and Audrey leave, birds suddenly start falling from the sky. They take shelter in the SUV as acid-filled birds slam into the windshield.

Audrey and Nathan discover that all of Jeff's squabs died, and Katarina admits that Meg resents Jeff, who came back because Bill needed the help with the restaurant. Audrey talks to Meg, who explains that she grows the herbs and produce they use at the restaurant. She admits she hates how Jeff treats Bill, and Bill won't abandon the restaurant. Their parents made them promise to keep the business going, and Bill kept his word. Meg notes that Bill's real talent lies in woodworking. They discover that Meg's tarragon patch has rotted.

Nathan goes to see Roberts, who is preparing a shipment of his Lobster Pups. He admits he wants the Second Chance Bistro because of his location, and figures that Jeff will sabotage it all on his own with no help from him.

Vince and David Teagues stop by the local dressmakers to get the ad copy and find Audrey trying on dresses. They offer feedback and Audrey finally picks out a dress that satisfied everyone.

Nathan and Audrey go to the re-opening. Roberts is there but doing nothing except drinking. Audrey suggests that everything Jeff cooks dies, but can't tie him to the Big Benjy bars. Duke comes in and compliments Audrey, and then wonders if he's interrupting something. Duke congratulates the brothers, and Jeff introduces the first dish, a dandelion salad. Audrey leaves to test her theory, and Bill gives Nathan the employee list. Nathan wonders if Jeff isn't planning to sell his half to Roberts, and Bill goes over to confront the man. The salad is fine and Audrey admits that the garden is fine. Bill goes to confront Jeff once he confirms the sale with Roberts. Jeff then offers a toast and serves the salmon. Bill tries a bit and everyone else starts eating, and Audrey notices that the salmon is rotting before their eyes. The patrons start vomiting.

Afterward, Katarina tries to reassure Jeff, but Bill blames Jeff for serving garbage. Disgusted, Jeff says he's going back to New York to work for a former girlfriend, upsetting her. He tells Katarina that she's adequate, but would never last in New York. When Bill asks if their second chances are up, Jeff gives him a penknife and tells him that he's on his own this time. Once he leaves, Nathan admits that he watched the food the entire time and has no idea how it was sabotaged.

The next morning, Audrey arrives at the docks. Jeff has turned up dead. In the harbor, thousands of salmon are dead. Nathan and Audrey talk to Duke to find out what he saw. Duke admits that Jeff came there to see him, and blamed everyone for the re-opening's failure. He explains that the penknife was from a time when Bill considered killing a bird, and Jeff said it deserved a second chance. Since then it's represented all the second chances they've given each other. The restaurant was named the Second Chance Bistro because it was supposed to be another second chance for the brothers. Duke tells them that Jeff said he wasn't feeling well and then left. Nathan goes to find Roberts, since he was the last man that Jeff called before his death. Duke admits that Jeff hated the ocean, and compliments Audrey on the dress she wore to the re-opening. He insists that he's sincere and she thanks him, and promises she'll find out what happened to his friend.

Nathan brings Roberts in for questioning, and Roberts claims that he withdrew his offer and Jeff knew all about it.

Audrey goes to see Meg, who insists she was with Bill all night and they didn't kill Jeff. She's sanding furniture, and says she's doing it because Bill never has the time. Audrey notices a Big Benjy wrapper and Meg explains that it's Bill's favorite stress food. The agent checks the freezer and finds rotting ice cream, and realizes what has happened.

Nathan and Audrey go to the restaurant and find Bill working on a lobster meal now that Jeff has gone. Audrey asks him to take a bite and they watch intently, but nothing happens. She gets another idea and accuses Bill of murdering Jeff. Upset, Bill snaps at her and the lobsters fill with acid. Audrey explains that when he gets upset, what he eats rots.

Later, Nathan confirms that there was no salmon in Jeff's stomach. Bill is relieved that he didn't kill him, but Nathan explains Jeff suffered from an allergic reaction to sesame seed oil, and he fell into the water and drowned. Audrey suggests that it wasn't an accident. They go to see Katarina, who admits that she's upset. Audrey says she'll be more upset when she goes to prison. The agent explains that Katarina knew Jeff was allergic to sesame seed oil and she talked him into trying a pastry that had the oil secretly sprinkled on. When Katarina says they can't prove anything, Nathan and Bill come in. Nathan talks about the troubles, and warns her that Bill has powers. They tell her the food goes bad because of Bill's ability, and they have him offer to finish the sandwich she just ate. Katarina breaks and admits she tainted Jeff's food, but only wanted to make him sick. She figured with all the other poisoning, nobody would suspect her. When she says nobody should have powers like Bill, Nathan says it's all just scary stories. told around campfires and none of it is real.

The partners go to see Meg and Bill that night, and give Bill the penknife back. Duke comes by and Bill offers him a mystery box for $20. When Duke pays, he discovers he's bought the restaurant. Bill says it's the only second chance he has left, and Duke is all the family he has left. Besides, Duke can use a legitimate business. Duke gives in, and Meg is glad that she has her husband back.

The next day, Nathan arrives at his desk and discovers Audrey there in the local clothing he bought her. He admits that it's a start, and Audrey admits it'll take time. She then points out that there are two Havens, the public and the not so public, and that Nathan lives in both. Audrey figures that will be useful, and Nathan concedes that it might.