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Sketchy - Recap

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Aboard the charter ship Endorfin, owned by Captain Richards, Elliot Wallace tells his friends that he has a hot equity tip and can get them in on it. They've been burned by him before and aren't interested in his newest scheme. As he leaves, one of the crew, Vickie, brings him his beer. She stares in horror as Wallace's arms and legs suddenly break in half and he collapses to the deck in agony.

At the station, Jess is reporting a fake crime to get Nathan to come by her house for dinner. Nathan eventually figures out she wants a date, and Jess explains that she shot a deer for dinner using a tranquilizer raffle. The officers are called to the docks where Wallace is being taken to the hospital. Eleanor explains that the major bones were cleanly broken, and Audrey finds black powder on Wallace's limbs. She talks to Richards, who insists that the ship was shut down and there was nothing that could have caused Wallace's injuries. The captain tells Audrey that Wallace and the others were just enjoying themselves,, and that's how he makes his money. Nathan comes up with nothing from the other passengers. Next they talk to Vickie, who is accompanied by her father Alec and her fiancé, Jimmy. They all work on Richards' ship, and Vickie only because her teacher salary doesn't cover their bills. Jimmy is disgusted with Wallace and the others, and Alec sends him to clean off the ship. Alec admits that they put up with the rich passengers because they don't have any other choice.

Audrey and Nathan go over the case, and she insists that there must be some unusual explanation. Nathan argues that it was an accident, but Audrey thought she saw Eleanor wink at her, and figures that means there's something involving the Troubled. Audrey takes Nathan to Duke's restaurant and can't help noticing a tarp he has strung up across the porch. Duke doesn't have a better explanation for Wallace's injuries, and finally agrees to show Audrey what's behind the tarp. It's a birthday setup that he's hiding on behalf of a customer. Nathan gets a call from Laverne, the dispatcher, saying that they've found a dead man at a real estate office. When they arrive, they discover that Joe Santamauro, a real estate broker, was sliced vertically and repeatedly. Audrey finds more black powder beneath a nearby desk and figures that Santomauro's death is connected to Wallace's injury. The only witness is Alec.

At the station, the officers talk to Carol Tintle, a real estate agent in Joe's office. She admits that Joe was crooked and worked with a criminal element. Nathan confirms that Joe evaded several criminal charges. Audrey suggests that Alec might have telekinetic abilities, and they wonder why he would put himself at the crime scene. They interrogate him and Audrey tries to determine if Alec lost control. She taunts him about the fact he's poor and has to put his daughter to work. He snaps but nothing else happens. Afterward, Nathan worries what she would have done if something happened, but Audrey figures she would have doused Alec with cold water. She asks Nathan if they had something similar when Haven suffered from the Troubles, and suggests that someone is doing it deliberately. Lab results show that the black substance is sketching charcoal.

Nathan and Audrey go to the local art store and talk to the owner, Mary. She inadvertently reveals that Nathan does decoupage, much to Audrey's amusement. Mary provides a copy of her restocking report but admits she doesn't remember who ordered sketching charcoal. When Nathan goes over it, he finds Jimmy's name and they figure that he might have been stressed when Alec pressured him earlier. They need to sneak up on him, so Audrey goes to Duke to have him get his boat close to Richards' ship. He's reluctant to help and explains that he smuggles goods for Richards to entertain his passengers, and doesn't want to lose his customer. When Duke refuses, they go to Jess and station her nearby with her tranquilizer rifle. Nathan is worried that she's putting herself at risk, but Jess insists that she's fine. They go to talk to Jimmy, but he suddenly moans in shock and then skin grows over his mouth and eyes.

Audrey takes Jimmy to Eleanor's house and the medic sedates him. Audrey admits she didn't want to take him to the hospital, and Eleanor assures her that she did the right thing. She confirms that the Troubles are back, but has no idea why. Eleanor suggests that it might be a test of character, and Audrey is doing fine. Audrey isn't convinced, and is worried that the person responsible knows she's conducting an investigation. When she wonders if she wants to leave, Eleanor questions her and Audrey admits that she wants to find whatever or whoever is responsible and kick its ass.

On Eleanor's patio, Nathan tells Jess to go home because there's nothing she can do and that two people are dead or injured. She reminds Nathan that he came to her, and he admits he shouldn't have and tells her to leave. She angrily walks off past Audrey, who tells Nathan that she's checked and learned that Vickie teaches art.

At the school, the officers try to talk to Vickie. She's worried about her father but tries to dismiss her concerns, and Audrey realizes that she's lying. Vickie refuses to talk and tells them to leave her alone if they want to help. They go to Vickie's house and find her art studio. Someone has recently removed most of her sketches. As they talk, a vase suddenly shatters for no apparent reason. Audrey finds a sketch of Nathan and casually taps it... and Nathan goes flying across the room. They put out an APB on Vickie, and Nathan finds a sketch of a vase. He realizes that he stepped on it, and that's when the real vase shattered. Audrey wonders why Vickie is so scared if she has power, and why she removed Jimmy's face. Before they go, Nathan calls in an officer to watch over his sketch so nothing happens to it, and to him.

Audrey and Nathan go to see Wallace, who is reluctant to talk. When they suggest they might drop his protection, he admits that Richards uses his boat to run a variety of criminal scams. Wallace owes $300,000 to Richards, and the captain recently demand the full loan back. The businessman figures that Joe and Richards had a secret real estate deal. Nathan and Audrey figure that Richards is using Vickie as muscle for his crime scenes.

A patrol car spots Vickie on the docks next to the yacht club, and the officers go to see her. She tries to deny any knowledge of what's going on, and is shocked to learn that Jimmy has been harmed. Vickie explains that Richards is holding her father hostage to force her to sketch for him. She learned about her ability and Richards witnessed her, Richards then claimed that Alec owed him gambling debts and demanded that she pay him off with some sketches. When she realized that Richards was using her sketches to hurt people, she refused and the captain grabbed her father and told her to sketch the yacht club. Vickie also knows that Richards tried to buy the yacht club recently. They figure that Richards called in his marker with Wallace to get the funds to buy. When Joe couldn't make the deal happen, Richards killed him by shredding his sketch. Richards has the first sketch that Vickie made of him, and only the first one has power. Vickie informs them that she did sketches of most of the townspeople, and Richard took all of them. Worse, he took her sketch of the entire town.

Later, Richards is on his boat when Duke comes by with some special wine. Duke refuses to answer any questions, and they haggle over the price. Richards then says he'll be doing a lot more business and Duke is happy to continue their arrangement. Nathan, Audrey, and Vickie arrive, and Duke ducks around the side to avoid their attention. Richard goes to greet them and denies everything. Audrey offers him a deal: the sketches in return for not being shot. Richards takes out the sketch of the town and tells them to leave or he'll start destroying the town one building at a time. When they refuse, he tells Vickie to draw the two officers. When she refuses, Richards touches a church steeple and real steeple crumbles. He warns them that he can destroy the whole town before they can shoot. However, Richards suddenly collapses and Duke comes up from the boat. He broke into the safe, got the sketch, and freed Alec. Richards attacks Duke, who drops the sketch into the water. Nathan is unable to get it out of the water and it sinks as Richards dies, his lungs filled with water.

Later, Audrey gives the sketches to Eleanor for safekeeping. Jimmy is recovering since Vickie modified his sketch, and Eleanor assures Audrey that she did good.

Nathan goes to see Jess and takes a bottle of wine with him. She lets him in.

Audrey goes to Duke's bar and has a few drinks, but admits that it's hard for her to apologize to him. He tells her that sometimes she expects too much of him, and Audrey agrees to give it a try.