Fear & Loathing - Recap

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Nathan holds his father’s memorial at the Grey Gull and thanks the Haven community for their support. Among those who offer their condolences afterward is a childhood friend, Ian Haskell. Ian asks where he can find Duke and Nathan suggests he check his boat.

Duke goes to the grocery store for his special beer. As he goes in back to get it, the owner, Frank, looks up and sees a badly injured woman enter the store. Another man sees a dog running toward him and runs in terror. As the man goes by a woman, she turns and sees her dead husband, Murray. As she faints, Duke comes back with his beer and sees a hooded man with maze tattoos on his arm. Duke turns and bumps into a teenage boy, Brian Shaw. When Duke turns back, the hooded man has disappeared.

At the wake, Audrey Two arrives and Audrey thanks her for not turning her in to her superior, FBI Agent Howard. Audrey Two wants to locate Audrey’s Agent Howard and Audrey tells her that Nathan, Chief Wournos, and Duke all talked to him when he visited Haven. Nathan comes over and Audrey notices that his hand is bleeding. As he wipes at it, he suddenly feels pain and they realize that something strange is going on.

Nathan and Audrey are called to the grocery store and the man who saw the dog says that a similar dog almost pulled his arm off as a kid. Audrey confirms there hasn’t been any car accidents for Frank, while Brian tells Audrey Two that he didn’t see anything and says he came to see his girlfriend, Jackie. Duke demands police protection from Nathan, who finally tells him that he can feel again. The smuggler offers to provide him with some ladies who would be glad to test his sense of touch in return for Duke’s police protection, but Nathan passes.

In the store, Audrey finds no signs of blood, dirt, or hair. Nathan thanks Audrey Two for helping them and suggests that the customers were hallucinating. He goes to check his father’s files while Audrey Two tries out some theories on what’s going on. She realizes that Audrey is humoring her because she’s already tried everything that Audrey Two has thought of. They’re interrupted when Audrey gets a call summoning her to the bus station.

At the station, David and Vince hide behind a luggage cart as people run in panic. Dave finally takes a look and sees a red-haired woman. David drops back down in horror and insists that what he saw was impossible and the woman can’t be there.

Ian comes to see Duke and asks him to transport him across the border to Canada. As they talk, Ian inadvertently steps on an electronic piece that Duke was working on. Ian promises to come back later but Duke tells him not to come back.

The Audreys arrive at the bus station and Audrey Two sees an axe-wielding clown with fangs emerge from the store. She draws her gun and prepares to fire, but Audrey stops her from shooting at a teenage girl. The girl runs off and Audrey has to deal with a man having a heart attack rather than pursue.

After the panic dies down, Audrey Two describes what she saw. Audrey realizes that it was the clown that they were both afraid of at their fifth-grade carnival. Audrey figures that people are seeing the girl as whoever or whatever scares them the most. Nathan has found a report of a man named Bob Taylor who claimed to see Bigfoot a month ago and they figure that it’s connected. They wonder why it took a month since the last sighting and Audrey Two wonders why Audrey didn’t see anything. Audrey goes to talk Vince and have him make a sketch of the girl.

Ian returns to Duke’s boat and offers him a lot of cash. Duke refuses until Ian mentions a junior high incident and calls in a debt. Audrey Two arrives and Ian slips away. She explains that Duke had a hallucination and the hooded man doesn’t exist. He thanks her for the information and tries to send her away, but Audrey Two asks for his help trying to locate Agent Howard. When he doesn’t help, Audrey Two threatens to call in Coast Guard agents to search his boat and he offers to check his security cameras.

At the station, Nathan touches a white rose as Audrey brings him a sketch of the girl. Nobody recognizes her but Nathan has discovered that Brian was a witness to the man who thought his wife was Bigfoot. They figure Brian was at the grocery store looking for his girlfriend.

Duke hacks into the marina security cameras and finds archived footage of Agent Howard meeting with Chief Wournos.

Audrey confirms that Brian’s girlfriend is Jackie Clark. As they drive to Brian’s address, Nathan touches the rose to his lips and wonders why it happened today. He explains that her kissing him on the cheek was the first time he felt another person’s touch and hopes she didn’t feel too weird about it.

At Jackie’s house, Brian asks her to let him in. She finally opens the door, wearing sunglasses. Jackie asks him to go but Brian refuses to leave without an answer. He comes insides and then screams.

Nathan and Audrey arrive at Jackie’s house and see blood on the sidewalk. When they go inside, they find Brian holding a bloody knife. He tells them that he attacked a burglar, just like the one he saw as a kid. They ask about Jackie and Brian says that she had some problems after her father died. She broke up with him for a while, but a few weeks ago said she wanted to get back together. Audrey explains that Audrey has an affliction and that people see her as whatever they fear. They hear a scream and run to the house next door. The woman says that there’s a madman inside. When Nathan and Audrey enter, they find Jackie at the sink, cleaning her knife wound. When Nathan sees her eyes, he screams in terror and Jackie runs away. Audrey stops her and tells her to look at her. When Jackie does, nothing happens, and Audrey assures her that everything will be okay.

Back at the station, Audrey treats Jackie’s wound. The girl explained that after her father died, she looked at a neighbor woman who became hysterical. A couple of weeks ago her affliction went away. Jackie explains that she was hiding in Bangor and a man attacked her with a knife and slashed her. After that, she discovered that her power was gone. She came home and made up with Brian until that morning. Brian comes in and insists that he doesn’t care and he still loves her.

Audrey Two tries to track the call that Chief Wournos made on the day he met with Howard. Audrey comes in and tells her to wait for her when she finds out where the call came from. Nathan comes in Audrey explains about Jackie’s “cure,” and they realize her affliction came back at the same time that Nathan lost his. They suspect that someone has the ability to take afflictions by touching their target’s blood, and Nathan wonders who would want his affliction.

At the Haven Fisheries Museum, Ian slips in through the chimney, snaps his dislocated shoulders into place, and goes to a case holding a wooden board labeled “Haven.” He smashes it open and takes the board.

Nathan and Audrey get a report on the robbery. They realize that the thief game in through the chimney and figure that whoever is responsible has Nathan’s ability. The only thing missing is a 18th century children’s puzzle board. They figure the affliction thief can get rid of one ability by taking on a new one, meaning Nathan’s ability could come back. According to the curator, the puzzle board is a piece of folklore with missing pieces.

Ian puts one of several pieces, a piece representing a house, into the puzzle board. A similar-looking house in Haven crumbles into dust in a matter of seconds.

The next day, Nathan and Audrey investigate the ruins of the house and realize that there were people inside who died when the house disintegrated. Vince arrives and tells them they need to talk. At the newspaper office, he explains that Tristam Carver was sent from England on a colony ship to live in Haven as an indentured servant. He made the puzzle board and imbued his hatred of the town into every piece. Once it was completed, buildings started to complete. His caretakers took the board and scattered the pieces since they couldn’t destroy it without destroying the town. They wonder if Driscoll has it, but Vince doubts that the minister knows about it. The Carver family died out 50 years ago, and Nathan wonders if Vince knows where the other pieces are.

Duke is welding a hand railing on his boat, accidentally burning his hand when he touches it. Ian arrives and touches the same railing but feels nothing. Duke notices and says that he has to do something before they leave. When Ian insists they have to go, Duke asks what’s going on but Ian says he has to leave. Duke goes to get the part that Ian broke earlier.

Nathan confirms that there was a theft at a Maryland folk museum when a riot broke out. They figure that the thief took Jackie’s affliction to steal the puzzle parts. Audrey Two arrives and wonders how they’re going to cover up the house’s destruction. Audrey focuses on the case and goes through the Carver family tree. One of the families is the Haskells and Nathan figures that Ian cut him at the service. Duke arrives and tells them about Ian. As they ask him about the puzzle board and Ian’s location on the boat, Brian secretly listens in.

Nathan, Audrey, and Duke go to Duke’s boat. They discover that he has captured Brian and Jackie and put a pair of goggles over Jackie’s face. Brian explains that they came there to ask Ian to take Jackie’s ability again. Ian demands that Duke take him out of town and explains that he wants people to take him seriously. Once he’s at sea he plans to destroy the entire town. Jackie attacks Ian, distracting him long enough for Audrey to shoot him in the shoulder. Ian doesn’t even feel the wound, and insists that he was going to save Duke. Before Ian can shoot him, Nathan shoots Ian.

As Ian lies dying, they wonder if Nathan will be cured if Ian dies. Ian admits that he’ll die with whatever affliction he has. Nathan considers and then goes to Jackie and takes the bloody bandage off of his arm. He wipes it on Ian’s arm just as he dies. Nathan then removes the goggles, confirming that Jackie’s power is gone.

Audrey and Audrey Two go to the house that Howard called Chief Wournos. They find the book that Audrey was reading the day that Agent Howard sent her to Haven and realize that he left it there deliberately for both of them.

At the station, the Teagues collect the puzzle board. Nathan figures that Ian had someone helping him. The brothers take the board with them to somewhere safe. Once they leave, Nathan thanks Duke for his help. Duke tells her that Julia went back to Africa because she’s scared, and Nathan had better prepare to fight or run.

The next day, Vince asks David if he saw Lucy at the bus station. David says it was something worse. Vince says that he’s sorry but David says that he isn’t.

Nathan and Audrey meet at the Grey Gull and wonder how much Howard knows about Haven and why he brought Audrey there. When Audrey thanks him for his sacrifice, Nathan says that he can live with his affliction but Jackie’s was impossible. He assures Audrey that the Troubles will eventually fade away again and he can wait. Audrey pats his hand and leaves, and Nathan considers a white rose.