Roots - Recap

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At the Keegan estate outside of Haven, the two families are meeting for a rehearsal luncheon. The groom, Peter Novelli, finds his father-in-law Ben standing in the field near the edge of the forest. Ben tells him to go easy on the staff and Peter insists that they want his bride, Moira, to be happy. Ben tells him to provide for Moira on his own, and Peter insists that having a stake to start would help. When his father-in-law walks off, disgusted, Peter kicks a discarded soccer ball into the forest. After a few seconds something throws the soccer ball, now torn and deflated, back onto the field.

Audrey and Chris are on their first day, but she stops at the Keegan estate to drop off the marriage license. Duke and Evi arrive and Chris avoids making eye contact with them at first. When they see him, they find everything he says funny. Audrey insists that she won’t be there long and then they’re going for a drink, and Duke and Evi suggests that they all go out. Disgusted, he goes to take a walk.

Inside the house, Peter’s uncle Dom tells his nephew that he’s making a mistake. Peter dismisses his concerns and insists that he’s marrying Moira. Angry, Dom leaves after warning that he hopes blood may spill. As Audrey gives Peter the marriage license, Ben comes over and says that he’s calling off the wedding, and orders all of the Novellis out of his house.

A minute later, Audrey starts to go but hears screams from the bathroom. She investigates and breaks down the door, and discovers blood and shattered glass from the window. Audrey goes to the outside window and finds a trail leading through the grass into the woods, splintering everything in its path. The estate’s phone line is severed and her cell phone doesn’t get a signal.

Duke and Evi approach Beverly Keegan, the head of the Haven Historical Society. He wants to find out more about the box and wants to find out what she knows. Beverly refuses to talk to him until he shows her the box.

Audrey goes into the woods and Chris comes up from behind, startling her. He accuses her of being more interested in work than him, and Audrey explains what she saw. Chris finds Ben’s glasses, cracked and covered in blood and organic goo. They hear something heavy moving in the wood and they move off, unaware that Ben’s corpse is suspended in a tree above them, wrapped in vines.

At the station, Nathan is going over paperwork when the Teagues come to see him. They explain that they’re going to the Keegan wedding to take photos for the paper and invite Nathan along. Nathan explains that Chris and Audrey are dropping off the wedding license, and figures that they’re not dating. The Teagues aren’t convinced but Nathan ignores their concerns. As they go, Nathan notices that David has left up an advertisement for his Twitter feed.

Beverly explains that the box had no “powers,” and that Regis Glendower or someone from his shop made it. She has no explanation for why it was hidden in a wall and insists that it’s merely a box. Evi wonders if it’s valuable and Beverly admits she might be an interested buyer.

Chris and Audrey return to the estate and talk to Peter. Audrey asks if they were fighting and Moira wonders if it was about the land. Bored, Chris steps forward and uses his ability to get them to cooperate. However, they insist on treating him to drinks and Audrey calls him off. Moira explains that her Aunt Beverly inherited the land when she was a girl and Peter wants some of it. Peter refuses to answer any other questions and Audrey asks Chris to keep the couple busy while she talks to Dom.

In the house, Audrey talks to Dom and suggests that Peter might be Troubled. She reminds him of what he said earlier, but Dom says that he was merely warning his nephew about the Keegans. He shows Audrey his left arm, covered in old scars, and says that the Keegan tried to kill him. Before Dom can explain how he got the injuries, they hear a woman screaming. Moira has discovered Ben on the edge of the woods, torn to pieces by some massive force. The corpse has scars on its arms similar to the ones on Dom’s arm and Audrey wonders if Ben somehow did it to himself.

David and Vince call Nathan on the radio and explain that their old van broke down. Nathan agrees to help them one more time as long as David stops using CB lingo and gets off the air.

Most of the luncheon guests leave. Audrey tells Moira, Peter, Beverly, Dom, Duke, and Evi that they need to stick together and caravan out. When Peter asks about Ben’s body, Moira wonders if he has something to die and figures that Ben refused to gift the land. She accuses Peter of killing her father so he could ask Beverly. As they fight, vines come out of the forest and advance on the estate. A staff member runs to her car but the vines grab her and pull her into the woods.

More vines close in on the others and Audrey gets everyone into the barn. They seal the doors and Dom accuses the Keegans of being responsible. Chris tries to calm them down. The barn shakes as the vines cover the building and Chris warns that the force responsible is powerful enough to shatter the walls.

Nathan gets into the Teague brothers’ van and tries to start it up. Vines emerge from the woods and cover the vehicle, trapping them inside.

At the barn, Duke asks Audrey if she has a plan. She asks him to find a view from the top of the barn and then asks Duke about Beverly. He explains that Beverly is unhappy about the wedding and that Ben is the one who writes her checks. Audrey wonders if Beverly might have killed her nephew to get control of the family fortunes. As Duke and Evi go upstairs, Audrey asks Chris to calm Moira down. He thinks they should deal with the plants but Audrey believes that humans are responsible. When Chris insists that people have to be watched and observed, not coddled, Audrey wonders if she considers her a science project.

As Duke tries to get the door open, Evi notes that he’s changed for the better and says that it’s nice. She says that she can change, too, and suggests that they leave Haven and settle down somewhere on a beach. Duke says that it’s not that simple but agrees to think about it. He gets the hayloft door open but discovers that vines have totally covered the entry.

At the van, the vines tear off the antenna so they can’t call out. As Nathan checks the emergency supplies, David and Vince say that there was a legend of the wilderness taking back the lands a hundred years ago. Vince then asks if Nathan wants to follow him on Twitter. Vince asks if Audrey’s dating Chris bothers him, but Nathan says it’s not any of his business. David points out that if Audrey and Chris are trapped together, the crisis could bring them closer. Nathan refuses to discuss it and gets an idea from their emergency supplies.

Audrey tells Beverly to talk since she’s a prime suspect. When Audrey says that Dom described a similar circumstance, Beverly calls Dom a liar at first. Then she admits that there was a fight between Dom and her brothers. She accuses Dom of killing her baby brother, but Dom overhears her and says that it’s a lie. As she snarls at him, a vine breaks in through the wall. It hovers in the air and then withdraws, and Audrey has an idea. She realizes that the hatred between the two families is attracting the plants.

Chris and Audrey consider the matter and he suggests that they can use love to counter the hate. He talks to Moira but she believes that Peter is only after the land. As she refuses to take Peter back, the plants concentrate their attack. Moira says that Ben warned her about the Novellis and how they killed Beverly’s brother. Ben took her to the place where the attack happened and showed her the tree that killed her relative.

Audrey realizes that Beverly was in love with Dom and confronts them with her knowledge. They show Beverly the scars on Dom’s arm and explain that Ben lied to Beverly so she wouldn’t get married and take control of the property. Dom was meeting her that day because they were planning to elope. Beverly is surprised to learn that he was there after all, and Dom says that her brothers found out and tried to run him off. When they did, the plants came to life and attacked all of them because they were fighting. Beverly apologizes to her lover and Audrey says that if they still love each other, they can use it to push the plants away.

Everyone gathers at the door. Before they can test Audrey’s theory, Nathan come sin. He used the flares to push the plants back and get David and Vince out, but he only has one flare left. Audrey tells him that it’s not necessary and opens the door. Beverly and Dom hold hands and step out through the plants. Next, Peter and Moira do the same, and then Evi and Duke. As Nathan watches, Chris and Audrey join hands and go out.

That night, the Teagues explain to Nathan that the Novellis had twins several generations back. Each twin got half of the family curse, and one of them married into the Keegan family. Now it takes one from each side to make the Trouble happen. As the brothers leave, David asks if Nathan is okay. He suggests that Nathan shouldn’t wait too long for Audrey. Once they go, Nathan studies an article on the Colorado Kid and picks up his cell phone.

On his boat, Duke tells Evi that he can’t leave. She accuses him of being interested in Audrey, but Duke finally says that his dying father made him promise to come back to Haven if the Troubles ever returned. His father died before he could explain why. Duke has no idea why his father cared so much but plans to find out why. He apologizes and goes to his cabin, and Evi calls a man and tells him that Duke doesn’t know why his father wanted him to return. The man tells Evi to keep pushing Duke.

Chris comes to see Audrey at her apartment and brings flowers. As she pours wine, Chris explains that her immunity to him isn’t why he asked her out. He observes, and everything he’s observed about Audrey makes him think that she’s amazing. She’s even made him believe there are people in the world without knowing. They kiss and go to bed together, unaware that Nathan is trying to call Audrey.