301 - Recap

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At Duke's boat, Duke spots the gun he has underneath his table and then brushes aside Nathan and goes for the gun. They struggle and Nathan disarms Duke, and the two men struggle. Nathan finally gets the upper hand and starts choking Duke, his blood dripping on Duke's fore head. Duke's eyes turn silver and he shoves off his old friend with superhuman strength. They go for the gun but suddenly everything metallic in the room leaps up onto the ceiling. After staring for a moment, they jump back and Duke explains that his Troubled ability is different. He still insists that he had nothing to do with Audrey's disappearance.

Audrey finds herself tied and gagged in a cellar. A man comes down, ungags her, and asks where the Colorado Kid is. When she tells him to go to hell, he punches her.

Duke asks what's going on and points out the tattoo on Nathan's arm, and asks why he's there with it. Nathan points out that Duke's ancestors killed Troubled people to end their descendants' afflictions. The magnetic effect dies down and the gun drops into Duke's hand. He aims it as Nathan but then says that whoever took Audrey framed him. Duke gives the gun to Nathan and insists that he's not his father. After a moment, Nathan takes the gun.

As the town goes crazy after the wave of magnetism, Dwight starts covering up by blaming it on the gas line. Duke and Nathan find him and tell him that Audrey is missing. Nathan has him start checking on the line of magnetic force while Stan the cop arrives and tells them that another woman was abducted out by the Altair Bay Inn.

Vince is leaving the Herald office as Dave comes in. After making sure Dave isn't following him, Vince meets with Dwight, who says that Audrey is missing. He asks if Dave could be involved and Vince admits that he isn't sure. Vince's nose starts bleeding for no apparent reason.

Nathan and Duke drive to the inn and the owner, Wesley Toomey, informs them that his mother Roslyn was abducted. Wesley takes them inside and explains that the family owns it and it's closed until spring. His mother comes in occasionally to clean up, and he left the place just the way he found it when he discovered her missing. There's a trail of blood leading out of the room and Wesley insist that aliens abducted his mother. He explains how they took her aboard their mother ship and Duke plays along, suggesting they discuss it at the station where they can protect him better. Wesley agrees and goes to lock up, and Duke tells Nathan that they have to play along in the hopes that they can find out what he knows about Audrey. Nathan reluctantly agrees... just as Wesley drives off on a motorcycle and they chase after him.

Once everyone has left, a man goes back to the cellar of the inn and asks Audrey if she wants to die alone. He asks her again where the Colorado Kid is and she insists that he died 27 years ago, and a woman that looked like her was there. The man says that he knows that woman and Audrey are the same, and says that he loved the Colorado Kid and wants the truth.

As Nathan and Duke pursue Wesley, the engine of the truck suddenly dies and they coast to a halt. All of their electronics are dead as well.

At the inn's cellar, Audrey hears Roslyn on the other side of the wall. They talk back and forth and Audrey confirms that Roslyn is also tied up. She assures Roslyn that she'll get them both out and promises that she can trust her. Roslyn says that their captor has asked her about the Colorado Kid and all she knows about him is that he was a guest at the inn years ago.

Nathan and Duke try to get the truck started without success. When Duke suggests that it might be aliens and there's nothing they can do, Nathan snaps at him, insisting he can fix it. Duke tells him to stop acting like a lovesick child, well aware of his feelings for Audrey, and Nathan explains that Audrey is the only person he can feel despite his Affliction. Nathan is suddenly pulled into the woods by some invisible force. Duke chases after him and Nathan suddenly grinds to a halt... in the middle of a giant crop circle. More crop circles are scattered around the field. As the power comes back up on their phones, they see a metallic object passing overhead.

The object slams into the ground near Wesley's house and Audrey and Roslyn feel the impact. A lantern falls and shatters, setting the floor on fire. Audrey manages to knock a bag on the puddle of flames, knocking it out, and then reaches for a piece of broken glass with her foot.

Nathan and Duke drive back to Wesley's house and spot Wesley's bike near the crater. Dwight is there and hauls Wesley out as he tries to get his equipment, and Nathan handcuffs him to his truck. Wesley explains that the object is a geo probe and he tells Nathan that he has to disrupt the nav system before "they" arrive. As people gathers, Nathan asks Dwight if he found out anything about the magnetic wave in Haven. Vince arrives and asks if there's any word on Audrey. When he discovers there isn't, he assures Nathan that Audrey is the toughest person he knows. As Duke checks out the house and calls them in, Dave arrives and tells Vince that he's handling things. When Vince accuses him of handling Audrey, Dave tells him to stop imagining things.

Inside, they discover that Wesley has a huge collection of UFO articles. Several of them match the incidents that they've seen, and the Teagues warn that whether they're real or not, it doesn't matter if Wesley is Troubled and believes them. There are two other newspaper articles: one about lights and one about an enclave being leveled. They figure that the two incidents will occur as well and they try to work out what will be leveled and where.

As night falls, Audrey tries to cut herself free. She wishes she was Nathan and Roslyn asks who he is. Audrey mentions that he's good with pain and Roslyn asks her to keep talking. As she works, Audrey explains about how she only remembers the last six months of her life and she always learns new things. After a moment of silence, Roslyn suddenly screams as the man comes in and drags her away, screaming, and Audrey offers to tell him everything about the Colorado Kid. She cuts herself free, grabs a sickle, and goes to investigate,

Nathan and Duke confront Wesley, who insists that the Troubles are a myth and aliens are the ones responsible for the strange activity. He tells them that his grandfather told him all about it he before he was abducted right in front of him. Lights appear in the sky and Nathan figures that the incidents are following Wesley. He says that he plans to evacuate the nearby houses, much to Duke's disgust. Audrey finds a phone and calls Nathan, and she explains that she's in the basement. The man comes back and she drops the phone and moves away. Nathan and the others head up the road to the inn.

Audrey explores the inn and sees a man in the shadows. She attacks and discovers that it's Duke, who restrains her. When Nathan comes in, she runs to him and they embrace. Audrey tells him what has been happening and Nathan introduces Wesley, explaining that he's Troubled. Wesley insists that aliens abducted Roslyn and are planning to destroy Haven. However, she admits that she never got a clear look at the man and Wesley insists that he was an alien. They smell something burning and go outside, and discover that someone has set a corpse on fire. They can see the bones and the prosthetic leg that Roslyn had, and he insists that the aliens destroyed her body when they couldn't harvest suitable organs from it. A light shines down from the sky and everything starts shaking, and a huge alien ship appears overhead.

Wesley orders everyone into the house and starts up an ancient radio that belonged to his grandfather. He tries to disrupt the mother ship's navigational frequency so he can redirect it. Nathan tells Duke that they don't have any other options, and Audrey goes to Wesley and asks him if it's hard to hear what people are telling him because it's a truth they don't want to hear. The inn shakes and Audrey insists that the Troubled are real. Duke wants to kill Wesley but Nathan says that they're staying and letting Audrey deal with Wesley. Meanwhile, Audrey says that Wesley can face the truth but he says it's been a part of his family as long as he can remember. Nathan realizes that Wesley's grandfather disappeared during the last time of the Troubles. He figures that the grandfather left Haven rather than destroy it, and tells Wesley that he finally learned the truth. As Wesley accepts that his grandfather is still alive rather than abducted, the front door bursts open. A beam of light shines down and Wesley goes to be with his grandfather. He's pulled up into the mother ship and it flies away.

Afterward, Duke asks why there's a difference between killing Wesley or convincing him to make himself disappear. Nathan suggests that maybe Wesley will come back once the Troubles are gone, and points out that Duke was willing to kill just like his father. Duke says that he's a hypocrite but Nathan ignores him and goes to Audrey. She points out that her abductor knew she was once Lucy and that she knows the Colorado Kid, who is still alive. Nathan tells her not to let anything her abductor said turn her inside out. Dave and Vince come in and offer their help, and Audrey tells them to give her straight answers. She asks if Lucy was in love with the Colorado Kid and they say they don't know, but she doesn't believe them. Vince finally explains that he buried the Colorado Kid in Plot 301 in Potter's Field. She wants to see what's in the grave but Nathan says they'll check it out in the morning. Once they're gone, Dave tells Vince that they need to put their issues outside to figure out who abducted Audrey and how he knows so much.

The next day, Dwight and Nathan go to Potter's Field with Audrey, Dave, and Vince. As they dig up Plot 301. Dwight asks if he knows what he's doing with the tattoo and Nathan insists that he's protecting Audrey. Meanwhile, Audrey calls Frank the coroner and says that the body couldn't have been so thoroughly burned such a short time after she talked to Roslyn. Dwight and Nathan open up the Colorado Kid's coffin and discover that it's empty except for some bricks for weight. Audrey suggests that the Colorado Kid might still be alive but Dave insists that isn't possible. Nathan finds something written on the bottom of the coffin: "find him before the Hunter." Audrey tells them that it's her handwriting.

From a nearby home, Audrey's abductor watches her and the others through binoculars.