Stay - Recap

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At the Dixie Boy Truck Stop, the owner, Forest Lambert, is closing up for the night when someone yanks at the door, ringing the bell. Lambert yells but gets no answer at first. Someone finally comes in, slipping past the counter, and goes to the freezer. The owner confronts the intruder and discover that he's naked. The intruder screams and Lambert runs off in terror.

At Audrey's apartment, Duke and Audrey go over the note that she apparently left inside of the Colorado Kid's coffin. She points out that the man who abducted her said that she loved the Colorado Kid, and figures that the Colorado Kid is alive and on the run. They hear someone from up the hill and Duke grabs a screwdriver and goes to confront them. It's Nathan, who wonders why Duke is there. Duke explains that he's changing the locks after Audrey was abducted but Nathan objects to Audrey telling Duke what they found in the coffin. When Duke reminds him that he and Audrey are friends, Nathan suggests that Duke is the hunter that Lucy was worried about. Duke says that he never would be but Nathan isn't convinced. He tells Audrey that they have a 10-11 call and leaves with Audrey. As she goes to the car, Nathan tells Duke to stay away with her. Duke refuses and says that he'll find who the hunter is and actually help Audrey.

At the truck stop, Lambert tells Nathan and Audrey that the intruder is still inside. They look in and see the naked man eating everything that he can. There's a rope around him and Audrey figures that he's cold. She takes Nathan's coat and insists on going in, and he insists on going in with her. Audrey tries to get through to the man, offering the coat, and he hesitantly starts to take it. However, Lambert storms in and demands that they arrest him, and the intruder bites the owner on the neck and then jumps out the window.

Later, the EMTs arrive and take the owner away. Dwight and Duke both arrive and Duke asks Dwight about the hunter. The town cleaner refuses to discuss it and warns Duke that the next time they go up against each other, he'll be ready for him, Troubled power and all.

At the station, Audrey organizes a search for the missing man while Nathan confirms that there's been no report of a missing disturbed man. He goes to get a tranq gun and a Dr. Claire Callahan arrives to talk to Audrey. She explains that she's a psychiatrist and has been assigned to evaluate her after the abduction per city rules. Audrey isn't interested in discussing her problems and Callahan tells her that she knows what Audrey does for the town and figures she really needs therapy. Nathan returns and Callahan refuses to back down. He agrees, pointing out that Audrey gave a coat to a disturbed man, but she refuses to discuss it in front of Callahan.

Nathan and Audrey go to a barn where the biter has been spotted and the owner, Tor Magnusson, takes them there. His son Liam comes out, saying he can't find their dog Jessie, and the man orders him back in the house. The officers go into the barn and discover Jessie, torn up and chewed. Nathan finds a trapdoor leading down and they go down after the intruder. There are more dog carcasses... and a dozen naked men and women, all asleep. Nathan and Audrey get out and tells Tor to lock the barn and contain them. Tor says that it's not a working barn and he can't even lock the doors. Nathan goes to pull a truck up to block the doors while Duke calls to tell Audrey that there's a naked man eating raw fish by the docks. She tells Duke that they have more people at the farm and asks if he can restrain the man. Dwight drives up and Duke tells him that Audrey wants him to restrain the guy.

Audrey sees Liam sneaking into the barn through a back access and goes in after him with Nathan. They discover that the naked people have woken up and moved off. After splitting up to search, Nathan finds the group awkwardly putting on farming clothing. Audrey finds Liam and brings him over, and Nathan tells him to hide. The largest of the primitives wanders by as Audrey braces the door of the room she's hiding in with Liam. The primitives goes by and aims the tranq gun at the door. When she shines her flashlight around, she spots a younger primitive who just looks at her.

The big primitive doubles back while Audrey offers the young one a cookie to keep him quiet. He hesitantly crawls over and takes it as the big primitive doubles back and pounds on the door. Nathan uses his taser on him and the other primitives come running. The big one recovers and Nathan shoots one in the leg. They all run out of the barn and across the field and escape.

As Tor takes his son to the house, Nathan says that they needed to get the wounded primitive to the hospital and identify him. When the younger ones come out of hiding, Audrey restrains Nathan and says that he's different.

At the [I]Herald[/I], Vince tells his brother that he stole the morgue report on the woman that Audrey's abductor killed. The cause of death was a bolt gun to the back of the head.

At the station, Audrey offers the young primitive another cookie and she realizes that he has no idea what happened to him. Callahan comes in and Audrey tells her to leave. When Nathan comes in, Callahan explains that she's checking on their prisoner's background and Audrey realizes that the psychiatrist didn't come in to talk to her. Callahan says that she has to shadow Audrey and Nathan agrees.

They go to the docks and Dwight explains that he trapped the primitive in the cab of his truck. Audrey approaches the window and the primitive breaks it and grabs Duke when he pushes Audrey aside. They wait for Duke to go berserk when the Troubled blood touches him, but nothing happens and they realize that the primitive isn't Troubled. Callahan gets a report that the primitive they captured has an animal tranquilizer in his blood that they give to dogs that are going to be put down.

The group goes to the Haven Animal Shelter and discovers that someone has torn up the place and killed the animals. They search the place and find a dead man inside of a dog cage, clutching a syringe. Callahan hastily backs away, nauseous, and Nathan confirms that his neck was broken. Audrey finds the other half of the rope that the primitive at the truck stop was wearing and she points out that no one could have gotten the dead man into the cage. She suggests that the primitives are actually dogs transformed into human beings. Callahan screams and Nathan and Audrey run to where she's found the corpse of the dogcatcher. He's been beaten to death with a hammer and they figure that the transformed feral dogs have learned how to use tools.

Dwight and Duke go to see Vince and Dave, and Dwight offers to convince them to explain about the hunter. The cleaner admits that when he saw Duke react to the blood, he realized that he wants to be cured. They confront the brothers and Duke demands to see the old records or he'll accuse them of hiding information. Vince reluctantly goes back, warning Dave not to tell them anything.

Audrey goes through the shelter's records to try to figure out where the wild dogs are going. They found food at both the truck stop and the docks, but there's no food at the Magnusson farm. Nathan checks the records and discovers that Tor dropped off his dog at the shelter the previous evening. Audrey suggests that either Tor or Liam are Troubled and they go back to the farm. Tor tells them that when he dropped off his dog, the feral dogs were barking their heads off. After he dropped Jessie off and went outside, the dogs all stopped barking. Callahan goes to talk to Liam while Audrey tells Tor that he may be Troubled.

Dwight, Duke, and the Teagues go through the old newspapers and Duke finds an article about Lucy disappearing. Dave stares outside as a naked man runs by with a protective dog shield on his neck, and Duke stays behind while the others go check out the man. He finds an article about the "Hunter Meteor Storm."

Tor explains that his grandparents swore off keeping animals and Audrey figures that they did so because when they tried to kill animals, they became humans. The farmer admits that he took Jessie to the shelter to have the dog killed because it had rabies. Callahan tells them that Liam is gone and they realize that the transformed Jessie took the boy. Nathan figures that the big primitive was the transformed dog and was breaking down the door to get to Liam and protect him. Callahan warns that rabies makes the victim paranoid and that dogs bury things that they try to protect. Audrey asks where Jessie might have taken Liam to hide him and the farmer admits that the dog liked the hills behind the house.

Nathan organizes a search and tries to call in a helicopter. Callahan goes with Audrey and admits that she isn't dressed for the woods, but she dresses to reassure her patients that they are in normal surroundings. Several of the transformed dogs move in carrying crude weapons, working as a pack. The big one, Jessie, has Tor's gun and they realize that he learned how to use it from watching Nathan earlier at the barn. The dogs won't let them go any further and Tor asks them not to shoot Jessie because it's his son's dog, and Callahan realizes that he feels guilty because he had Jessie put down rather than give the dog expensive shots.

The psychiatrist tells Audrey to try and get Tor to talk to Jessie calmly, hoping it will reverse the transformation. Tor reluctantly approaches Jessie and apologizes for not taking care of him like he should have. He admits he was jealous of how Liam turned to the dog and ignored Tor. Tor kneels and begs Jessie to take them to Liam, and Audrey tells him to touch Jessie. The farmer hesitantly does so, his hand glowing, and Jessie collapses and then transforms back into a dog. The other primitives transform back into dogs and run off, while Tor realizes that Jessie has died of the rabies that its human condition was holding at bay.

Liam is crouched in the woods, alone and afraid, when Audrey uses the young dog to track down the boy. She says she doesn't need therapy but Callahan explains that she's helped with some of the other Troubled and warns her that they take on everybody else's crazy and have no room for their own. Audrey agrees but says that she'll be taking the dog with her since she's decided to adopt it. Callahan agrees and tells her to address her relationship with Nathan and says that he allowed Callahan to follow Audrey because he cares for her.

Later, the Teagues return to the office and Dave wonders why Vince is giving Duke and Dwight access to their information. Vince tells his brother that Audrey's abductor already knows about them and shows Dave that someone ransacked their cabinet. The intruder used a bolt gun to open it.

Duke goes to see Audrey and she introduces her new dog, Cookie. He tells Audrey that the hunter was a meteor storm that comes out of the Orion constellation and hits every 27 years. When Sarah and Lucy disappeared, it was the night of the meteor storm. The next meteor storm is in two months. Nathan drives up as Duke leaves and offers to help Audrey walk her dog.

Audrey and Nathan take the dog to Tor and he promises that he'll treat it humanely because it brought his son back to him. As Tor joins his son, Nathan admits that he's surprised that Audrey gave it up. She admits that she wanted to keep it but figured that it wouldn't work out, and they drive off together.