Over My Head - Recap

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Nathan and his new officer, Tommy are called to the scene of a murder. According to the footage on the ATM security camera, a hooded man came up behind the woman and killed her with a bolt gun, and then scalped her. Tommy wonders if the killer is Troubled but Nathan figures that it's a human serial killer. Nathan asks if Tommy is regretting moving to Haven but the detective says that's why he moved. They check the footage again and discover that the killer has a tattoo on his right arm just like the one that Nathan has. Nathan says that the tattoo is a townie thing and tells Tommy to take point on the murder investigation. When Tommy asks where Audrey is, Nathan avoids the question.

At her office, Callahan hypnotizes Audrey using Lucy's necklace, and tries to have her remember when she was Lucy in 1983 and on the beach with an eight-year-old Duke. Audrey doesn't fall into a trance and Callahan admits that she isn't very good at hypnotic regression. She says that hypnosis could eventually trigger things but Audrey says that she doesn't have time. Callahan turns the conversation to Nathan and Audrey admits that she didn't tell him. They discuss Duke killing Harry Nix and Audrey says that it wasn't fair but she did what she had to do. Audrey is determined to help as many people as she can before she disappears, but Callahan warns her that there's only so much she can do.

At the Haven swimming pool, a trainer, Alice Hargrove, is trying to get an older man, Frank Bentley, to jump in. Frank insists that he's going to drown and he stares in horror as Alice is suddenly pulled underwater and blood spreads out from the spot where she went down.

Frank calls the police and Nathan and Dr. Lucassi check the corpse, which appears to have been attacked by some kind of monster. Audrey questions Frank, who says that he doesn't know what happened to Alice, who was substituting for Daphne, the regular teacher. She asks if he had any issues with water and Frank explains that his parents were sailors. As Frank explains that Alice wasn't his regular teacher, Duke comes in and insists on helping despite Nathan's objections. As he looks around, Nathan complains to Audrey that Duke just killed a man, but Audrey points out that he asked Duke to do it. Her partner doesn't think that excuses Duke and warns Audrey that Duke gets a rush from killing whether he likes it or not.

Nathan returns to the station and finds Vince and Dave waiting for him. They want details about the serial killer and Nathan asks about the tattooed people. They hesitate to tell him anything but Nathan warns that they're not going to get anything without giving something. The Teagues explain that the tattooed people have been in Haven for generations and call themselves the Guard. They defend the Troubled, killing if necessary. Nathan asks how he can contact them and Vince finally tells him to look up Jordan at the Gun & Rose Diner during the lunch shift. Nathan tells them that the serial killer has the tattoo but won't give them anything more and tells them to leave it alone. Once they're alone, Dave tells his brother that they can get Tommy to tell them... and they won't give him a choice.

Audrey talks to Callahan about Frank and the psychiatrist confirms that he had extreme hydrophobia. She doesn't believe that he's Troubled and sent him to Daphne. Callahan gives Audrey Lucy's necklace and when she touches it, Audrey gets a brief memory of herself as Lucy looking at the corpse of the Colorado Kid. Before she can explain, Nathan comes in and Callahan drops it and leaves. He shows Audrey a shark tooth that Lucassi dug out of Alice's leg and they figure that they're dealing with a Troubled person. Nathan awkwardly asks how things are going with Callahan but Audrey refuses to discuss it. He tells his partner that the dead woman, Mary Smith, wasn't connected to the other two women and wasn't Troubled. Nathan tells Audrey that he's going to talk to Jordan and get answers anyway he can. As he leaves, Audrey starts to take her arm and then stops.

Duke is outside waiting for them and Audrey explains that he wants to help. Nathan refuses to tell him about the Guard despite Duke's death vision that a man with the tattoo would kill him. He tells Duke that he doesn't trust him and figures that it won't be the end of it. Duke points out that Nathan is pissed because Audrey trusts him. Before they can continue, they hear screams from down the street. Townspeople come running as a wave of water washes down the street and smashes into a car. They get the driver, Reed Harris, out of the car. Nathan claims that it's a broken water main and Audrey confirms that he doesn't know anyone at the swim center. Nathan points out that Reed has a cut on his leg and he insists that it's nothing. Audrey gets a call that Frank is dead and Duke runs off to check it out. Nathan tells Reed to clean up and then come to the station.

Tommy goes to the Herald office and complains that someone from his old precinct in Boston told him that the Teagues were checking up on him. They claim that they just want to interview him as the new face in town, but Tommy tells them to drop it and leaves. Once they go, the brothers laugh and figure that Tommy has something to hide.

At the medical center, Lucassi tells Nathan that Frank collapsed in the shower. The corpse's lungs are full of water. Audrey and Duke return from talking to Frank's widow. She confirmed that Frank wasn't Troubled but he did try to call Daphne repeatedly. They figure she's involved and they should go to Daphne's house. Once they're alone, Nathan tells Audrey that he can't go with them if he's going to meet Jordan during the lunch shift. He reluctantly tells Audrey to take Duke with him and she promises to find out why he's suddenly hanging around with them. Once Nathan leaves, Audrey gives Duke Daphne's phone number and tells her to call until she picks up.

Audrey and Duke go to Daphne's house and she asks why he's following them around. As he refuses to answer, a neighbor, Bob Harmon, comes over and says that he didn't see Daphne's car when she got home the previous night. He tells them that Daphne got a job selling pharmaceuticals and travels around the state. They notice that he's itching his arms and miniature crabs suddenly cover his body.

Nathan goes to the diner and realizes that the waitress is Jordan. He flashes his tattoo and tells her to sit, and then explains that he just wants information. Nathan notices her tattoo and she realizes that he doesn't know what it means. When Jordan asks why he got it, Nathan says that he picked sides when Driscoll divided the town. He asks to meet their leader but Jordan refuses to discuss it with a cop. Before he can pursue the matter, Nathan gets a call about the new incident. He tells Jordan that they're not done and she reluctantly agrees to meet him that night at 10 when the diner closes.

When Nathan arrives at the scene, Duke asks where he was and Nathan tells him it's none of their business. Audrey says that Bob will survive and that the only connection they have between the victims is Daphne. They figure that Reed might know Daphne and either doesn't remember her or lied. Nathan calls the station and confirms that Reed never came in.

The Teagues finally a sealed Internal Affairs jacket in Boston and Vince figures that it's so bad that Tommy came to Haven to hide. Once they have the file, they can blackmail Tommy into giving them information on the third murder.

Nathan, Duke, and Audrey go to Reed's house and discover that no one is home. The windows are cracked and Duke finds a shattered cellphone on the ground. The shatter marks match the ones on the window. They find Reed lying in back, the small cut on his leg bleeding heavily. As they call an ambulance, Reed says that it's karma, not the Troubles, and that he swerved to avoid a car and saw it go over the edge into the ocean. As Nathan goes to get a first aid kit, Audrey realizes that Reed has died. She tries to work out what happened and they figure that Daphne is the one causing it.

On the shore, a woman is trapped in a car. As miniature crabs crawl over her, the car fills with water. Her leg is bleeding and she sees a shark approaching, attracted by the blood. She tries to reach her cellphone, which shows twelve missed calls from Duke.

At Reed's house, Duke is suddenly covered in water. He gasps for breath and realizes that he's drowning. As Nathan returns, Audrey administers mouth-to-mouth and CPR and Duke recovers. She figures that Daphne is doing it when she thinks of someone who could save her. Her Trouble is bringing her worst fears to life. She thought that Alice and Bob would realize that she was missing, and that Reed would have a change of heart and call the police. Audrey realizes that Daphne saw Duke's name on her cellphone and reached out to him as well. They go over the various things that Daphne has created and work out the one place where miniature crabs and sharks could be found along the road. They realize that they'll have to do it themselves before the tide comes in rather than endanger a rescue team.

The trio drives out to the road and spots Daphne's car at the base of the cliff. The tide is coming in and Audrey prepares to go first since she's immune. However, she suddenly blacks out as she has another memory flash of Lucy on the beach with the Colorado Kid. She starts to fall off the cliff and Nathan keeps her from falling. By the time she recovers, they realize that Duke is climbing down. Nathan figures that Duke is going to kill Daphne and stop her curse, but Audrey tells him that Duke hasn't changed. However, Nathan doesn't open fire.

Duke gets to the car and Daphne warns him that the rocks are going to fall. He tells her that she's making the rocks fall and she has to stop. With time running out, Duke reaches into the bloody water, his eyes turning silver. He takes out a knife, stabs at Daphne... and cuts her seatbelt out. He then uses his boosted strength to rip open the car door, pick Daphne up, and carry her up the cliff to safety.

That night, Callahan and Audrey go to the hospital to check on Daphne. Duke comes in and says that Daphne invited him, and Callahan explains that Daphne is having trouble coping with the fact she killed people she cared about. The psychiatrist gives Audrey and Duke time alone and Audrey thanks him. Duke points out that he still has to live with the fact that Audrey asked Duke to kill a man. She admits that it's her fault but Duke tells her that it was his decision. He wanted to be on the case so he could show her that his family's legacy doesn't control him. Audrey says that she knows and walks away. Callahan comes out and asks him if how much of it was Duke worrying that Audrey sees him differently. Duke tells her that he doesn't worry about what Audrey thinks of him but she doesn't believe him.

Nathan goes back to the diner and shares a drink with Jordan. He tells her that his biological father, Max Hansen, had the Guard tattoo and Jordan admits that he was before her time. Nathan asks about the gloves that she always wears and Jordan explains that her touch brings pain to anyone she touches, and she can't control it. Nathan takes her hand and Jordan is surprised to discover that he doesn't feel anything. He says that he'll do anything to prove they can trust him and releases her hand. Jordan asks if Audrey is involved and Nathan assures her that it's personal, and the waitress says that she'll talk to her people.

The Teagues come to see Tommy and tell him that they've learned about a shooting he was involved with. They hint that they can expose him, but Tommy tells them that he's done some digging of his own and know that they own half the commercial real estate in Haven. Checking further, Tommy has discovered that they have several off-shore bank accounts and no record that they inherited it or acquired it legally. They refuse to explain and Tommy offers to stay out of their business if they stay out of his. The Teagues agree and Tommy asks why they're so interested in the serial killer. The brothers say that they keep a close eye on everything that goes on in Haven and leave.

The killer goes to an abandoned building, carrying a cooler. He then takes out a wig maker's head, puts the scalp on it, and gently combs out the hair.

As she sleeps, Audrey finds herself back in the beach in 1983. She approaches the Colorado Kid's body and then turns and sees a barn in the middle of the bay. As she approaches it, the door swings open... and Audrey wakes up. Agent Howard steps out of the shadows and tells her to stop remembering...

… and Audrey wakes up.