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Double Jeopardy - Recap

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In Haven, the cheerleaders are arriving at the town green for a rally. A man, Jason Dooley, notices one woman in a skirt at the gazebo and comes up behind her, sitting his grocery sack on the floor beneath her. Inside the bag is a concealed camera. Dooley then returns home to his apartment with the camera and downloads the footage. As he works, he hears someone moving in the apartment... someone who grabs him and yanks him back.

At the courthouse, Duke is called in to pay for his ticketing citations. He defends himself as best he can, joking with Lynette the court stenographer, and pointing out that he was on private property. Judge Boone reluctantly dismisses the case but smugly tells Duke that he has to pay off his $5,000 liquor license he has or they'll shut down the Grey Gull. As Duke leaves, he finds a blonde woman in a white dress standing next to his truck. He's initially intrigued until he realizes that someone has stabbed his tires. The woman smiles and reveals that she has the knife that was used, and then scratches the side of the truck. When Duke turns to a passing Tommy to ask for help, the woman disappears by the time he turns back. Tommy figures that Duke is making things up and walks away.

Audrey meets with Callahan and tells her about her dreams of Agent Howard and how he told her to forget. Since then, she hasn't been able to remember anything more about the Colorado Kid. The psychiatrist suggests that they make a composite sketch of the Colorado Kid's face as a way of restoring her memories. Audrey agrees but gets a call and tells Callahan they'll discuss it later. She goes to Dooley's apartment and meets Nathan, who explains that the apartment was locked from the inside and it took the fire department five minutes to break in. The room is covered with blood and Audrey confirms that someone removed Dooley's eyes with a spoon. Nathan doesn't believe that it's connected to the bolt-gun killer but Audrey isn't so sure. Laverne calls to tell them that Dooley is alive and they realize they may have a witness who can identify the bolt-gun killer.

At the hospital, Dooley says that he didn't get a good look at his attacker and insists that it's impossible that someone could have gotten into his apartment. The orderlies take him away for additional surgery and Nathan tells Audrey that Dooley's wounds aren't as precise as those of the bolt-gun killer. Audrey wishes that the killer would come after her so they can capture him and find out why he knows so much about her and the Colorado Kid. Nathan tells her that he confirmed the killer had the Guard tattoo and that he's working on entering the group. He tells Audrey about Jordan and assures his partner that he'll do whatever it takes. Nathan gets a call from the tech, who pulled off a single frame from Dooley's security app. The picture shows a woman in a white dress and they realize it isn't a bolt-gun killer.

That night, Duke closes down the Grey Gull, taking the keys from one man who is clearly drunk. Duke looks out and sees the woman in the white dress up on a hill, staring at him. When he goes inside and turns around, the woman is suddenly outside the door. When Duke turns around, the woman is in the bar with him. He goes for his shotgun but the woman tosses him across the room with superhuman strength and then grabs a scythe decoration from the wall. She starts tearing apart the bar while Duke calls the station and asks for reinforcement. The drunk comes back and Duke shoves him up against the wall to silence him. He looks back into the bar and discovers that the woman has vanished as mysteriously as she came.

Tommy takes Duke into custody when the drunk accuses him of assault. The detective tells him that he'll be up in front of Boone. Nathan and Audrey come in and Duke explains what happened and that he has a Troubled stalker. When Nathan asks if she has a white dress, Duke realizes that something is going on and they explained what happened to Dooley. They get a call about another victim and Audrey insists that Duke come with them for his own protection.

Megan Berlin is in the hospital and the doctor tells the officers that she sustained 22 bone fractures. She apparently fell from a great height but was locked in a ground floor room at Child Protective Services. Megan was there for evaluation in a custody procedure because she was accused of shaking her six-month-old. Duke points out that the woman attacked his car after the parking tickets and his bar after the liquor license, and Audrey figures that the woman is exacting poetic justice. They realize that Duke could be targeted for killing the Troubled man, Hix, and Nathan offers to put him in a cell while Audrey tries to stop her using her immunity to Troubled powers. She reluctantly invites Duke to stay with her and he informs her that he sleeps nude. As Audrey walks off, disgusted, Nathan enjoys telling his friend that Audrey is using him as bait.

At Audrey's apartment that night, Duke gets out his knives, figuring that he can take her if he can get a drop of her blood. Audrey points out that he'll have to get close enough, hands him some blankets, and goes to bed.

Nathan goes to see Jordan and chases away a trucker trying to hit on the waitress. Once he leaves, Nathan asks why she didn't use her ability on him and Jordan says that she doesn't like inflicting pain. She tells Nathan that he can't expect the Guard to trust him and he starts to leave. Jordan tells him that if he wants to prove himself, he needs to get Duncan Fromsley transferred out of prison to haven. Duncan torched his house for the insurance and inadvertently killed his son. Now he's dying of cancer and refusing treatment and his wife, one of the Guard, thinks she can convince him to accept the treatment. Jordan assures Nathan that if he can pull it off, she'll take him to the Guard.

Duke tries to sleep without success and wakes up Audrey. They discuss her feelings for the Colorado Kid as Lucy and Audrey admits that she doesn't know how she would feel toward him. She wonders if love can be erased and points out that every 27 she disappears and the cycle repeats itself. Duke points out that they have both been fighting their fates and losing, and Audrey apologizes, saying she know he killed Hix because she asked him to. He insists that what happened between their families shouldn't affect what they do and that they can't be dragged into their conflicts. As Audrey dozes off, Duke admits that at least he met her because of the Troubles. He covers her with a blanket and wishes her good night. The woman grabs him and yanks him back, and he grabs a knife. Audrey, waking up grabs a shotgun while Duke stabs the woman. Sand pours out of the wound and Duke runs over to Audrey. She fires at the woman, shattering her into a thousand pieces of white stone. She then appears behind Audrey, throws her out through the porch window, and assaults Duke. Audrey runs back in but discovers that the woman has vanished.

The next day, Audrey meets with Nathan and suggests that the woman is using the Herald's crime blotter. All three victims were written up and Audrey suggests that there could be dozens of potential victims. Dave is going to work with Duke and come up with a composite sketch, and Audrey is going to meet him after his hearing and canvass the town. Nathan abruptly dismisses her and Audrey asks what's wrong, but he tells her that they're okay.

Later at the courthouse, Audrey meets Duke in the courtroom after the case is over. He tells her that the assault case was dismissed but he's worried that the vigilante will find out about the fact he committed murder. Audrey assures him they won't let the secret out and gives him sketches to pass out. As he takes one, he looks up at a mural of Lady Justice on the wall and realizes the woman looks exactly the same.

Nathan and Audrey meet with the Teagues, who confirm that there was no model for the painting. The artist based his mural on the feminine ideal. When Duke describes how the vigilante fell to pieces, the Teagues suggests that she might be a golem, created by a Troubled person. They don't know of any way to kill it and Audrey figures they can find its master and get them to call it off. As Duke goes outside to get some air, Nathan asks Audrey to handle it on her own so he can swing the prison transfer. She worries that he might compromise himself but Nathan reminds her that he promised to do whatever it would take. Audrey says that it won't change anything but Nathan says that it's not about her and he's just trying to capture a killer.

As Audrey and Tommy try to track down the golem's creator, Duke sits with them and wonders why Tommy gave up a life in Boston for quiet Haven. Audrey discovers that Judge Boone heard all of the victims' cases. They figure that he's going after those that he had to let off, and that if they anger him they could be next.

In court, Boone hears the case of some teenagers that cut the head off the school statue. The administrators have refused to press charges and Boone has to let them guy. Nathan comes in and asks if he can transfer Duncan to a minimum security ward. Boone says that the channel has to go through proper channels but Nathan says that he'd be willing to do anything. The judge agrees and says that sometimes to uphold the law, he knows that sometimes he has to bend it. He calls Warden Buxton and arranges the transfer. Once Nathan leaves, Audrey calls to tell him that it's Boone. Nathan runs back n and discovers that Boone is dead, impaled with the scales of Justice. Lady Justice is missing from the mural.

The police secure the scene and Tommy passes on the coroner's report that Boone's neck was broken. Nathan tells them about the high school students who decapitated the statue and Tommy goes to find them. Meanwhile, Nathan admits that Boone was corrupt and helped him get Duncan transferred, and Audrey suggests that the Troubled person responsible works at the courthouse.

Tommy goes to the town green near the ice cream store where the high school students hang out. He checks in with Nathan, who tells him to watch the kids. Meanwhile, Jordan calls Nathan and he tells her that Duncan has already been transferred. As he goes to the diner, he sees Jordan outside and backs away before she can see him. Jordan says that she didn't come into work and will have to call him later, and then drives off as Nathan watches her.

At the courthouse, Audrey and Duke go over the files and discover that Duke's arrest record was time-stamped, meaning the paperwork was barely on Boone's desk when the golem attacked them at the apartment. They realize that only one person was there with all three victims.

Nathan follows Jordan to a gas station where the prison transfer van has stopped to fill up. She takes out the guards with her Troubled ability. Sobbing at the pain, she takes their keys and frees Duncan. She then calls out and Guard men drive up and take Duncan away. One of the prison guards recovers enough to try and shoot at Jordan, but Nathan runs over and knocks him out. Jordan asks why he's there and he points out that he saved her life. Nathan tells her to leave and she drives off.

Duke and Audrey confront Lynette, the stenographer, and tell her that she is the one that is sending Lady Justice out to punish people. Lynette doesn't believe it and accuses Duke of harassing her, and he apologizes. She doesn't believe him, saying that he isn't sorry about anything, and Duke snaps at her. Realizing she won't accept anything else, he taunts her, telling Lynette that he got away with murdering a helpless man. Lady Justice appears and prepares to decapitate him, and Audrey tells Lynette that it isn't as simple as Duke made it out. Audrey explains that what he did saved hundreds of lives. She insists that Duke is a good man and begs Lynette not to let him die. The stenographer says that no one knows what it's like to see monsters walk away from their crimes. Audrey warns that killing someone who killed to save lives isn't justice, and Lynette admits that she was wrong to judge him. As she realizes that she did it all, Audrey tells her to stop but Lady Justice slams her against the wall and pushes her into the mural. She then enters the mural and assumes her pose, leaving Lynette trapped inside.

That night, Duke finishes the paperwork and Audrey tells him that his record is clean. She says that it's overrated and she loses her life every 27 years, and Duke asks her if she meant what she said about him being a good man. Audrey tells him that he has his moments and Duke goes off to do his back taxes. Nathan comes in and Audrey admits that she's still waiting for the FBI to send her files on the bolt-gun killer's other possible victims. She plans to use the computer to create a composite of the Colorado Kid because she doesn't want to involve Vince and Dave because of their interest. Nathan agrees and simply tells Audrey that the prisoner transfer went through without a hitch. As Nathan leaves, he sees a fax come in on Duncan's escape and quickly crumples it up.

At the diner, Jordan is examining her bare hands when Nathan comes in and demands to know what he's involved in. He's learned that Duncan doesn't have cancer but he did kill his son in a fire. Jordan explains that Duncan was Troubled and set his bed on fire by accident during a nightmare. The doctors at the prison cut out his sleep nodes to prevent him from doing it again, and Jordan insists that her people help the Troubled. Nathan points out that if she had told him the truth, she wouldn't have had to hurt the guards or herself. He takes her hand over her objections and says that he's doing it because he wants to. They kiss and then Nathan smiles and leaves.

Audrey and Callahan use the computer to put together a picture of the Colorado Kid but Audrey can't remember enough. Callahan suggests that she doesn't want to remember because the answers will shatter her world. The psychiatrist has Audrey close her eyes and relax, but is interrupted when the FBI send an email with a report on a woman whose death matches the bolt-gun killer's pattern. Her chin was sliced off and Audrey realizes that the killer is taking body parts to build a woman.

In his hidden lair, the bolt-gun killer stitches together the parts that he has collected.