Real Estate - Recap

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A young couple approach an old haunted house. They go inside through the open front door and the guy, Chad, assures his girlfriend that the place has been abandoned for years. He goes off and doesn't respond when his girlfriend Tina calls for him. She finds Chad in the parlor, throwing the light switches and the fireplace comes on by itself.. He figures he turned on the gas. Tina backs away nervously and a chair moves on its own, bumping her legs and knocking her into the chair. The radio turns on by itself and the doors slam shut on their own.

The Teagues are hosting their annual Halloween party at the Herald. Duke spikes the punch and Callahan grabs his glass before he can stop her. He congratulates her on her cheerleader/vampire-hunter costume and goes to get another drink. Audrey isn't in costume and she says that she didn't bother because she feels like she wears one every day. She has a composite of the Colorado Kid and explains that she ran it through every database without success, and wants Callahan to help her remember more with regression therapy. Callahan doesn't think that it's a good idea, pointing out that her subconscious told her to stop remembering. Before Audrey can pursue the matter, Tina comes running in, scared out of her mind.

After Tina tells Audrey and Callahan what happened, Audrey calls Nathan to tell her that Tina claims that her Chad slammed the doors shut with his mind. Audrey admits that they want to leave the party anyway and that she's taking Duke with her to check out the house, and Callahan to keep an eye on Tina. Jordan arrives at the station and Nathan tells Audrey that he'll send Tommy as backup and then hangs up. Nathan hastily covers up his research as Jordan comes in and says that she stopped by to discuss business. She tells Nathan that her friends were impressed when he helped them and gives him a disposable cellphone. However, Jordan warns him that he has to pass one more test: buy her a drink.

Audrey and Duke leave Callahan and Tina in the car and go in. Duke explains that it belongs to the Holloways, blue blood types. The husband, Roland, took off, leaving a wife and two daughters, and then they disappeared. Audrey tries to call Nathan but gets no service.

Nathan and Jordan go to the cemetery to share some beers. He checks his phone and Jordan comments on it, and Nathan assures her that Audrey is just his partner. Satisfied, Jordan asks if they can kiss again. As they start, Nathan's phone rings. He gets a distorted message from Audrey and tells Jordan that he should check it out. She tells him to go and hopes that he finds what he's looking for.

Audrey calls for Chad but gets no answer. They look through the house and discover that the walls are covered with mirrors. Audrey looks into one and suddenly passes out. She has a memory of flash of walking through the house as Lucy and opening a hidden door. Duke wakes her up and they spot bloody footprints leading toward them from down the hallway. The trail starts at Chad, who is sticking out of from behind a bookshelf, dead.

Tommy joins Callahan and Tina outside. They hear Audrey call for them over the old-style intercom and go in. Audrey and Duke are moving the books from the shelf ad discover that Chad's eyes are bleeding. When Tommy and the others find them, Audrey assures them that she didn't call for them. The house shakes and Tina runs off. Duke and Audrey go after her and discover that the front door has disappeared, leaving a wall in its place. All of the window shutters close on their own and Audrey figures that it's a Troubled. Tommy and Callahan join them and Tommy prepares to shoot his way out. Duke points out that a ghost just made the door disappear and a gun won't help. Audrey thinks that Tina is Troubled and says that they should split up. She goes with Callahan to search upstairs while Tommy and Duke search downstairs. When Tommy reaches for the gun that he set down, he discovers that it's disappeared.

As they search, Audrey tells Callahan about her new memory flash and the psychiatrist says that once memories are triggered, stimuli can trigger other memories. The two women see someone moving down the hall. They check it out and discover that it's Nathan. When he says that he got Audrey's call, Audrey says that she couldn't get a signal. When he shows them the door that they came in, they discover that it's been replaced by a wall.

At the Herald, Vince points out that Audrey and the others haven't come back. Dave reminds him that they don't trust him and that they have good reason. Vince talks to Stan and confirms that they went to the Holloway house.

As Duke and Tommy search, Tommy figures that they're going in circles. They hear a scream and run to investigate, and find Tina impaled on a chandelier. Jordan is there, looking up at the corpse, and Tommy orders her to turn around. He tries to take her hand and withdraws in pain. Audrey and Nathan arrive and Jordan explains that she's looking at a pool of blood on the floor, with the words "This is your fault" written next to it.

Tommy demands to know what Jordan did to him and Callahan explains that the waitress is Troubled. Tommy notices her tattoo and points out that they're looking for a serial killer with the tattoo. Duke would like to arrest her but Audrey points out that they can't do anything with her right now. When Audrey wonders why Jordan is there, Nathan says that she's with him and takes her hand. As they wonder who did kill Tina, a phone in the house rings.

Vince and Dave call Dwight for backup and go to the Holloway House. When the cleaner joins them, they start to go in but the doors close in their faces.

Jordan tells Nathan that she followed him to apologize and is starting to regret it. She wonders what Tommy meant about the serial killer and Nathan explains that the killer collecting body parts has the Guard tattoo. Jordan figures that he suspects her and the Guard and that the whole thing is an undercover investigation. Meanwhile, Duke and Tommy try to find the ringing phone but find an intercom. They hear Jordan telling Nathan that Duke hunts their kind and that Nathan should kill them. Nathan insists that he's with them and that he'd go to jail if anyone found out he helped the Guard with the prisoner escape. The intercom goes off and Tommy and Duke figure that Nathan bas been lying to them.

Nathan admits that it started as a case, but Jordan slaps him before he can explain further and walks away. When Nathan goes after her, he discovers that she's vanished.

Callahan asks Audrey why Nathan is with Jordan and Audrey insists that it's just work. The psychiatrist doesn't believe it, but Audrey tells her to stop because she's seen a painting from her memory flash. She adjusts it and a secret panel behind a bookcase opens. They go in and find a room with three corpses: the missing Holloway mother and daughters. The wounds indicate that the mother killed her children and then herself. She has a note in her hand saying , " I want you to watch--this is your fault." Audrey has another memory flash of Lucy coming into the room with a man and realizing that they're too late, and the man saying that they're trapped. When Audrey snaps out of it, she tells Callahan that she knows who is responsible: herself.

Audrey and Callahan go out to the hallway and Audrey tells Callahan what she saw. They realize that there must be a way out of if Lucy escaped, but Callahan warns that it could be dangerous for her to try and remember. Audrey's nose starts bleeding from the stress. Nathan finds them and says that Jordan is lost, and Callahan tells him that Jordan tortured a man in her care for three days, driving him into a coma, and she no longer treats her. Audrey breaks up the argument and says that they have to get together, but Nathan runs off to find Jordan.

Tommy tries to get the intercom-phone system working and Audrey and Callahan find them. Duke tells them what they heard Nathan say and warns Audrey that Nathan isn't pretending anymore. Callahan suggests that Nathan and Jordan could have a unique bond but Audrey doesn't believe it. She steps out into the hallway and the door slams shut behind her. The house shakes and the door open... and Duke discovers a different hallway outside.

Jordan tries to find a way out. An intercom rings and she reaches for it. The door next to it swings open, slamming into her down the stairs.

Duke explores the house on his own and checks a room. It's empty but when he looks back a second later, there's now a gun on the floor. He picks it up and keeps going.

Audrey is searching for Nathan when she hears an intercom ring. The door closes behind her and she hears Nathan saying the same words that he told Jordan earlier. Audrey says that she's had enough and tells the Troubled person responsible to show himself. A man appears in the room's mirror and says that he is the house, and Audrey realizes that he never left because he's trapped.

Tommy and Callahan find the unconscious Jordan but realize they can't touch her because of her Trouble. Nathan arrives and assumes that Duke attacked Jordan. He picks her up and carries her away.

Roland explains that he built every square inch of the house and became overly invested in it. One day he woke up and realized that his body disappeared and his spirit entered the house. Roland tells Audrey that he adapted and learned to control the entire house. His wife put in mirrors so that he could see and speakers so he could hear. His family eventually wanted to leave so he trapped them in the house rather than let them live. Roland blames Lucy, saying that she left him there, and Audrey offers to help. However, he blames Lucy for not saving his family in time so now she's going to watch her loved ones kill each other. Roland shows Audrey images in the mirror of Duke with the gun and Nathan carrying Jordan.

Outside, Dwight tries to hack down a shutter without success. Dave says that the house is too strong and reminds Vince that they've been through it before. Dwight asks for details and Dave tells him that Lucy went into the house 27 years ago. They need something big to hurt the house and release its grip on its captives. Vince warns that it's too dangerous but Dave reminds him that their friends will die if they don't do anything. The brothers agree and ask Dwight if he has any C4.

As Audrey goes back to the secret room, Callahan and Tommy find her and she explains what Roland is doing. She thinks that the key to getting out is within the room, but Callahan warns her that pushing her memories could kill her. Audrey says that they have no choice and asks Callahan to keep the others from turning on each other. Tommy volunteers to watch over Audrey and tells Callahan to tell him what he has to do.

Jordan wakes up and tells Nathan that she doesn't know who pushed her. Nathan goes to gets something for her injuries and Holloway animates a cord and pushes the gun toward Jordan. She sees it and picks it up just as Callahan comes in, and Jordan aims it at her ex-psychiatrist.

As Audrey looks around the room, Tommy says that he knows what it's like to run from one's past. Audrey suggests he tells her about it later and then has another memory flash. She sees herself as Lucy. The man with Lucy suggests that they help Roland, but Lucy refuses to help a murderer. As she passes a mirror, Audrey/Lucy sees the man's reflection: it's the Colorado Kid, who Lucy calls "James." Lucy vows to make the house Roland's prison, looks at the mirror, and gets an idea.

Callahan tells Jordan that she doesn't want to hurt her and insists that she doesn't think Jordan is a killer. Jordan insists that she only hurts people that deserve her, like the man that raped her and triggered her ability. Duke comes in and aims his gun at Jordan, and Nathan comes in and aims his gun at Duke. Tommy helps Audrey in and she warns them that everything in the house is alive. She explains that the mirrors and intercoms are Roland's eyes and ears and asks who will help them blind and deafen Roland.

Everyone considers and then opens fire... on the mirrors and intercoms. Roland appears in the mirror and Audrey tells him that Lucy didn't fail to help him. She refused, and Audrey says that she'll do the same. Audrey shoots out the mirror, but Roland shuts off the flames and turns on the gas.

As the house shakes, Nathan sees a door to the room that wasn't there before. They realize that they've weakened Roland and Nathan tells everyone to make a break for the front door while he shoots every mirror and intercom. He tells Jordan to go with them but asks for her gun. When Duke offers to go with Nathan, Nathan tells him to get the others out. He goes out and starts firing, and Duke leads the others in the opposite direction toward the front door.

As Nathan moves through the house, Dwight and the Teagues hear the gunshots and realize they need to hurry.

Nathan works his way upstairs while Duke and the others see the front door appear as Roland's concentration weakens. They get out, brushing past Dwight, and Nathan gets downstairs. A crevasse opens in the hallway between him and the front door, and he leaps over it and runs out the door. Audrey takes the explosives from Dwight, throws it into the house, and tells everyone to run. They get clear just in time as the house explodes, destroying Roland for good.

The next day, Audrey identifies the name James as belonging to a missing person, James Cogan. Nathan walks by and Audrey goes after him and asks about the prison transfer. She warns him that he could go to jail but Nathan points out that he's doing it to help Audrey and catch the bolt-gun killer. He defends his decision, insisting that it's not black-and-white and that Jordan is like him. Audrey asks if he trusts Jordan and he says that he does. When he says that he does, Audrey says that settles it and tells Nathan that she has something to check out and will get back to him later.

Later, Nathan meets Jordan at the cemetery again. She tells him that she hasn't told the Guard about him yet and says that he can still get out. Nathan asks if he has to and says that he's going to kill a serial killer and she's going to help. He admits that it started as a lie between them but isn't for him anymore. Jordan says that her curse is that she can't be touched and Nathan kisses her.

Dwight puts up a no-trespassing sign in front of the ruins of the Holloway House and walks away. Behind him, the bricks of the house start pulling themselves back together.