Magic Hour (1) - Recap

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Two parents, Rica and Dan Hamilton, stand over their daughter Lizzie, who is lying on the table. They wait for the sun to go down and Rica says that they just have to wait. Dan finally decides to call the police, insisting that they need help. However, as they go to the kitchen to make the call, they hear the sound of breaking glass. They go back and discover that Lizzie has gone outside and is rocking on the porch swing, alive and well.

At the station, Nathan gives Audrey two days out to fly to Colorado. He asks for an explanation and Audrey tells him that James Cogan went missing in 1983. His father, Paul, is dead and his mother June doesn't answer the phone. Audrey admits that as Lucy she loved James and Nathan suggests that James may hold the key to keeping Audrey from disappearing in 23 days. Duke comes in and reminds Audrey that their flight is leaving in two hours. Nathan is less than thrilled that Duke is going and tells him to take care of Audrey.

As Dan and Rica take Lizzie to the pediatric clinic, Dan insists that there's something wrong and that their daughter didn't just heal after falling out of a tree. Rica is glad to let the whole thing drop now that they have their daughter back, and is thankful that whoever called them saved Lizzie. As she walks to the clinic, a hit-and-run driver runs Rica over and drives away.

Nathan and Tommy arrives at the clinic as the paramedics take Rica away. They spot a broken headlight from the hit-and-run Range Rover and watch as Dan receives a call from someone saying that they'll have to call him back. Nathan and Tommy figure that Dan might be involved and Nathan tells Tommy to follow him. When Tommy asks if he'll be doing it solo, Nathan tells him that Audrey is in Colorado for a couple of days. Tommy is happy to be doing some old-fashioned surveillance after dealing with the recent Troubled cases.

When Nathan returns to the station, he finds Jordan waiting for him in his office. She tells him that her friend Grady disappeared a few weeks ago when he went to California to bring a Troubled person back to Haven. Nathan points out that the bolt gun killer showed up about the time that Grady disappeared and Jordan asks to see the evidence that the killer had a Guard tattoo. Nathan shows her the photos from the ATM camera and Jordan realizes that the killer is wearing a watch that she gave to Grady. She asks what the killer did to his victims and Nathan refuses to tell her, but she finds his board with photos of the three women, all missing body pieces. When Nathan explains that the killer is apparently trying to put together a woman from pieces, Jordan demands to have the chance to bring Grady in. She warns Nathan that police involvement will drive Grady underground and asks for 24 hours to make it right.

Dan goes to the Haven Athletic Center with a briefcase and goes inside, and Tommy follows him in. He calls to tell Nathan that Dan made a large withdrawal from the bank and Nathan tells Tommy to call him when Dan makes his next stop so he can meet Tommy there.

Audrey and Duke arrive in Nederland, CO and go to the Cogan boarding house. As they approach the house, Audrey hesitates and tells Duke that she's nervous. He reassures her and they knock at the door. A man, Glen, comes out and asks who they are. Once Audrey shows her ID, Glen says that he's never heard of the Cogans and just pays his rent. Once he goes inside, Duke notices that there's a wooden plaque with the maze symbol on it. He knocks and when Glen comes out, Duke grabs him and demands answers. Audrey explains that they know the symbol represents the Guard and Glen explains that he runs a safehouse for the Troubled. He doesn't know anything about James Cogan, but tells them that Paul Cogan died of old age and they moved June into a home.

In Haven, Tommy calls Nathan in when Dan goes to the morgue and stops Dr. Lucassi from performing an autopsy on his wife. Dan checks his watch and insists that it's not a body, and Nathan convinces him to let Lucassi and the paramedics leave. Once they're alone, Dan realizes that the sun has set and nothing has happened. As Nathan handcuffs him, Tommy points out that something is moving in the body bag. Dan runs to Rica and gets her out as Nathan and Tommy stare in surprise.

At the station, Tommy questions Dan and asks if he paid to have his wife resurrected. Nathan and Callahan watch through the one-way mirror . As they watch, Callahan admits that she's surprised that Audrey chose Duke instead of Nathan, but Nathan refuses to discuss it. Meanwhile, Tommy points out to Dan that now the blackmailer knows that Dan has cash and will keep coming after him. Dan says that they won't do it and that they brought Lizzie back. He explains that when Lizzie broke her neck, someone called him and said they'd bring Lizze back at sunset. Dan doesn't know who called him. The second time, they called and told Dan to put the money in a locker in return for bringing Rica back to life.

Outside, Stan tells Nathan that they got a match on the headlight. Nathan checks the report and texts Tommy with the information that the vehicle was registered to Sophia and Charlie Carter. Tommy asks Dan how he's connected to the couple and the husband explains that they're partners in an organic vegetable farm.

Jordan calls Dwight in for help and explains that Grady may be the killer and that she needs to bring him in discretely and quickly. They watch the dockworker , Ray, that Grady was supposed to bring in and then approach the man. They show their tattoos and Ray complains that he never met Grady and was left hanging. Jordan gives him the number of someone to contact and Ray says that he went to meet Grady at the old Kitchener Mill, but the cops showed up and he ran.

Audrey and Duke go to the care center and introduce themselves as friends of James. June has Alzheimer's and insists that James is only 9. When she gets a look at Audrey, she asks why she changed her hair color and then says that "Sarah" promised never to come back. A staff member interrupts and Duke tries to keep her distracted while Audrey tries to get through to June, who doesn't remember her. The staff member goes to get security and Duke suggests to Audrey that they come back and find another way.

Nathan and Tommy go to the Carter farm and find Sophia sitting next to her dead husband, watching as the sun comes down. Nothing happens and she explains that someone was supposed to come and bring him back to life. Sophia tells them that the person who promised they would bring Charlie back was the same person who killed him.

As the paramedics take Charlie's body away, Nathan and Tommy confirm that Sophia paid the money but something went wrong. They figure that the blackmailer is probably an employee close to the Carters and the Hamiltons. While Tommy checks the workers' employee files, Audrey calls Nathan and tells him that the Guard is running a safehouse in Colorado. She thinks that she was part of the transfer operation when she was Sarah. Nathan agrees and tells her that he just learned about the transfer operation. Audrey asks if he has anything else to tell him and Nathan explains about the blackmailer but assures Audrey that they have it under control.

As Audrey hangs up, Duke returns to the motel room and claims that it's the only room left in town because of a lumberjack convention. She tells him to take the couch and tries to work out why June knew her as Sarah when she was Lucy at the time. Duke reveals that he stole June's photo album and Audrey finds multiple photos of James' life. Nothing strikes a chord with Audrey but there is a photo of James getting married in 1983 to a woman named Arla. Duke suggests that they check the marriage records.

Nathan and Tommy question the workers without success. Sophia brings them coffee and tells them that the housekeeper, Moira, called in sick. When Nathan points out that they don't have a housekeeper on their books, Sophia explains that Moira wants to be paid off the books and that she works for the Hamiltons as well.

The two paramedics, Joseph Brentner and Noelle, wait for Noelle's sister Moira at Noelle's house. Joseph isn't happy that Moira dragged them into a blackmail scheme and Noelle says that it would have been fine if they got to Charlie before sunset. Moira arrives and says that they have to leave town because the police are onto their scheme. Joseph tells Moira to stop punishing Noelle and Noelle suggests that Moira just take the money and leave while they remain silent. Moira shoots Joseph dead as Noelle stares in horror. She tells her sister to get her passport and leave, but Noelle goes to Joseph and insists on touching him as the sun sets. She screams in pain as Joseph's head wound heals and transfer to Noelle briefly before disappearing.

Tommy and Nathan arrive to check out the report of gunshots and confirm that Joseph is alive. He tells them that Moira is the brains and Noelle has the Trouble, and Nathan figures that they'll keep on killing. Nathan checks with Laverne, who confirms that the sisters are orphans and lived at a remote cabin that belonged to their father before he died. Tommy wonders what the address is and Nathan says that they're off the grid and they'll have to search every one.

Moira takes Noelle to the cabin when they can't get past the roadblocks. Moira reviews her record of rich "clients" and assures her sister that they could afford it. Noelle is shocked that Moira was going to kill all of the people and reminds her older sister that absorbing more than one death a day is dangerous to her. A disgusted Moira tells her to stop making excuses. She's angry that Noelle took the job as a paramedic and then helped bring Lizzie back to life out of sympathy. Moira points out that she didn't save their father and asks if she feels guilty. Noelle doesn't have an answer and Moira tells her that they're not stopping until she gets what's coming to her.

In Colorado, Audrey and Duke learn that Arla killed herself when James went missing. Audrey says that things have become ridiculous since she learned that she had two past lives. She talks about all of the things that she hasn't experienced and Duke is glad to show her all the things that she's missed. Audrey thinks she's wasted the last month but Duke says that she solved the Colorado Kid mystery and assures her that she can beat the disappearance. She doesn't believe it and says that she wants to live her life, and Duke tells her to do what she has to. Audrey says that he's an amazing friend and thanks him for leaving everything and coming with her. Duke says that he'd help her do anything and Audrey kisses him. After a moment she backs away and says that 20 days isn't long enough to fix their friendship if she screws things up, and then goes outside to get some air.

The next morning, Duke brings Audrey coffee and says that he's confirmed their flight back to Haven. As Duke comments on what she would have looked like as Sarah with red hair, Audrey gets an idea and says that he's a genius.

As Nathan and Tommy search the first cabin, Nathan gets a call from Dwight. He says that he's with Jordan and they found Grady's corpse at Kitchener Mill. He's been dead for a while and they figure that Grady isn't the bolt gun killer. Jordan takes the phone and says that one of the police was the last person to see Grady alive. Nathan isn't aware of any activity in the area and Jordan suggests that one of his people have gone rogue.

Moira goes to look from supplies from summer cabins and reminds Noelle that she's the only family her sister has. She gives Noelle a gun for protection and takes off.

Audrey dons a red wig and goes back to see June. June asks for another chance and says that Sarah brought James to her from Haven. Audrey works out that James was Troubled and June promises that she can protect Sarah's baby. Shocked, Audrey realizes that James is her son.

Audrey and Duke fly back but get a flat on their way into town. Duke apologizes for not getting more out of June but Audrey figures that they learned the important part. He asks how she feels knowing that she had a son and Audrey admits that she doesn't even know where to start. Nathan goes to Tommy's car and calls to ask Audrey to help with their search and sends her the coordinates. Once he hangs up, he looks at the coordinate readout for Route 17 where Grady dies and realizes that Tommy already has it on his GPS.

As Tommy and Nathan pull up to the next cabin, Jordan calls. Before Nathan can answer it, Tommy sees someone inside and they split up to cover the front and back. Nathan goes inside and Noelle tells him to stay back. He asks her where Moira is and Noelle defends her sister, insisting she had it rough since their father died. Noelle admits that Moira told her to wait to bring Charlie back until Sophia paid the money, and Nathan tells her that Sophia did pay. The paramedic couldn’t get there by sunset because she was called to an emergency and Nathan assures her that it isn't her fault. Tommy comes up behind Noelle and disarms her. When Noelle complains that she's cold, Nathan offers to get a blanket out of the trunk of Tommy's car but he says he'll do it instead.

Once they get Noelle in the car, Nathan sends Tommy inside to search for any clues to Moira's whereabouts. Once he's alone, Nathan opens the trunk and finds a bolt gun inside. Tommy comes up behind him, says that he modified it himself, and shoots Nathan in the chest. He walks over to Nathan and shoots him again, unaware that Moira is watching from the woods. She runs off and Tommy realizes that Noelle has escaped. He shoots at her and wounds her, but Audrey and Duke arrive. Tommy puts away his gun and says that Noelle shot Nathan. Duke looks at Tommy suspiciously while Audrey cries over Nathan.