Magic Hour (2) - Recap

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Audrey and Duke go to Nathan's corpse. Tommy, who shot Nathan, continues to claim that Noelle shot Nathan and then fled when he shot at her. Audrey realizes that Noelle can bring Nathan back and wonders why Tommy shot at Noelle knowing that she could save Nathan. Duke and Audrey run into the woods to find her and after a moment Tommy goes with them.

In the woods, Duke finds signs of blood and figure that she's still moving. He figures that Noelle will head for the main road but when they get there, there is no sign of her. Audrey asks who Noelle would go to and Tommy reluctantly admits that Noelle had a boyfriend, her partner Joseph Brentner. Audrey calls in to have the police set up roadblocks and Tommy advises her not to let word out that Nathan is dead because it will be hard to explain if they bring him back. Duke warns them that they have two and a half hours until sunset and they head off.

At the Herald, Dave and Vince realize that Audrey may have found out that the Colorado Kid was her son. Vince figures that it's a good thing and Audrey deserves to know, but Dave points out that if he found out what Audrey learned than the bolt gun killer can as well. They try to work out where the killer might be and figure that he blatantly used his weapon on the cabinet to distract them while he took something else.

Audrey, Duke, and Tommy watch as Joseph packs a full medical kit and drives off. Audrey tells Tommy to have the roadblock officers let Joseph through. Once he's alone, Tommy calls and tells the other officers that Joseph killed Nathan, figuring that they'll shoot to kill a cop killer.

Joseph goes to an empty house and calls to Noelle. Audrey and Tommy capture him and tell him to keep calling to her. Tommy notices blood on the stairs down and keeps it a secret, but volunteers to go down and look. Audrey goes upstairs while Duke watches Joseph. Downstairs, Tommy finds Noelle, wounded from his earlier shot, and smothers her with a pillow. He then shows Audrey and Duke her body and they assume that she died from the gunshot wound. They put her in the trunk of the car with Nathan and go through her belongings. Audrey finds a photo of Moira and explains that Troubles run in the family and Moira can raise the dead as well. When Tommy points out that Moira couldn't raise the dead, Audrey assures him that they can provoke Moira into becoming Troubled. They go through Moira's journal and find the addresses of her clients, and Audrey figures that Moira is hiding in another of her client's homes while they're on vacation. Audrey drives to one house while Duke and Tommy check out the other.

Dwight finishes burying Grady's body when Audrey calls and asks him to watch someone. Nathan's cell phone rings and answers it, and is surprised to discover that Jordan is calling. Audrey avoids telling her that Nathan is dead and quickly hangs up. She goes inside to where Joseph is handcuffed to the railing and asks about how Noelle's Trouble started. Joseph explains that he was clipped by a drunk driver and killed. Noelle saw him die and touched him at sunset, taking on his injury. They healed together, and then later Noelle brought him back to life when Moira shot him in the head. Joseph tells Audrey that the two sisters have a bond because they grew up as orphans when their mother died of cancer and their father in a car accident. Joseph checked the police report and discovered that Moira and Noelle were ejected from the car and unharmed.

Dave and Vince go through their office and discover that the killer took a key and left a copy. It's the key to their fishing shack.

Audrey goes to one home and discovers that the door has been broken open. She calls to Moira and the woman tries to run off. Audrey fires a warning shot and she stops. When Audrey describe how Nathan was supposedly shot according to Tommy's testimony, Moira says that she saw it all. She tries to bargain for her release but Audrey handcuffs her to a chair and Moira tells her that Tommy shot Nathan. Audrey isn't convinced until Moira describes how Nathan said that Tommy was the bolt gun killer as he died.

Audrey calls Duke and tells him not to react, and then explains that Tommy is the bolt gun killer. She tells Duke to keep an eye on Tommy and keep him away, while she provokes Moira's Trouble and has her bring Nathan back. Duke then tells Tommy that Audrey struck out and it's likely that the house that they're at is where Moira is hiding. He asks Tommy for gun in case Moira is armed and Tommy refuses, citing regulations. Tommy goes inside while Duke says that he'll look around outside.

Jordan arrives at the house and tells Audrey that the phone she gave Nathan has a locator app. She asks to see Nathan and Audrey finally shows her Nathan's body in the trunk. Audrey explains that there's a resurrection Trouble and they have to trigger it before sunset. Jordan points out that it takes an emotional trauma and asks what Audrey is going to do, and Audrey says she's going to traumatize Moira.

As Duke picks up a hatchet from the woodpile, Tommy comes out and asks what he's doing, and Duke claims that he wanted a weapon to defend himself. After a moment, Tommy gives Duke his spare gun, much to Duke's surprise.

Audrey and Jordan carry Noelle's body in and show it to Moira. Disgusted, Moira says that Noelle couldn't even save herself and admits that she didn't feel anything at the sight of her dead sister. Jordan and Audrey talk privately and Jordan admits that a Troubled person can't tell if their curse is active until it works. They can't risk waiting until sunset to see if her curse is active, and Audrey realizes that Duke's Trouble will activate if he touches Moira's blood and she's active. However, she hesitates to call Duke since he's with Tommy and Jordan wonders why.

Duke insists that they check the storage shed behind the house. As they look around, Tommy asks about the Colorado Kid and Duke lies, saying they didn't find out anything. Duke says they should look elsewhere but Tommy says that he's a bad liar. At that, Duke aims the gun at Tommy and tells them what they know. When Duke asks why he's killing women, Tommy asks if they contacted the Cogans. Duke asks why he's interested in a drifter and Tommy tells him to shut up, and then says that the gun isn't loaded. In response, Duke says that he knows and swings at him with the hatchet. The two men struggle and Duke gets Tommy's blood on his hand. It sinks in and Duke powers up as he realizes that Tommy is Troubled. As Tommy goes for his gun, Jordan arrives and temporarily immobilizes him with agony. However, Tommy shoves her into Duke, buying himself time to escape in Jordan's car. When Duke wants to go after her, Jordan says that they need to get to Nathan.

Audrey puts Nathan's body next to Noelle and tells Moira about their plan. Moira tells her that Noelle didn't save their father after the accident, and that Noelle had the curse the last time the Troubles were there. Moira complains that Noelle brought back pets but wouldn't bring back their father because she was afraid.

Vince and Dave go to their fishing shack and discover that the door is open. They get out guns and go in.

As sunset approaches, Audrey realizes that Noelle's Trouble came back when she saw her lover Joseph die. She draws a gun on Moira and says that she's going to hurt the only person that Moira loves: herself. Audrey promises to shoot her somewhere that will let her live long enough to bring Nathan back. When Moira says that she's not a killer, Audrey tells her prisoner that she has no idea what Audrey is. Audrey fires a shot into the carpet at Moira's feet just as Duke and Jordan run n. She has Duke test her blood and he cuts her hand with a knife. The blood has no effect on him and they realize she still isn't Troubled.

Dave and Vince find a boat tied to the pier. Tommy comes up behind them and has them drop their guns. They try to bluff it out, claiming that they came to fish, but Tommy doesn't believe them. Dave says that they thought the bolt gun killer was out there and Tommy congratulates them on figuring it out.

Audrey slams the gun into Moira's stomach and figures that Moira knew she was bluffing. She says that she's going to shoot Moira for real, and Moira says that she knows how Audrey felt because she woke up in the truck and realized that her father was dead and Noelle wouldn't bring him back. Audrey remembers that the report said that she was ejected from the vehicle and Moira explains that she was knocked out when a toolbox hit her in the back of the head. With that, Audrey frees Moira and checks the spot where she was hit. The same scar is on Noelle's neck and Audrey tells Moira that she died in the crash and Noelle brought her back. Moira realizes that Noelle chose her over their father and explains that she couldn't save two lives in one day.

Crying, Moira realizes that she's made Noelle's life hell for saving her life. She admits that she loves her sister and the wrong one of them is dead. As the sun goes down, Moira goes to Noelle and Nathan and touches them, but nothing happens. Audrey tells Nathan that she was the one who was supposed to go, and tells him that she'll always love him. Duke gets Moira's blood on his hand and his Trouble activates. Moira's chest bleeds from Nathan's wound as she takes it upon herself, and Nathan comes back to life. Jordan goes to him while Noelle wakes up and realizes that Moira is dying from the effort to bring two people back at once. She goes to her sister, who asks why Noelle didn't tell her. Noelle says that she didn't want her to feel guilty and wonders if it was the wrong decision. Moira says that things would have been much better with her sister and passes out. Once the moment passes, Nathan asks where Tommy is.

They go outside and Nathan explains that he figured out Tommy was the killer from his GPS history. They drive off to check all the addresses.

Tommy tortures Dave and Vince through the night, demanding to know about the Colorado Kid. The next morning, Tommy explains that he's going to burn down the place. When they still refuse to talk, Tommy breaks their legs and asks Dave where he can find the barn. Vince tells him that only one person ever goes to the barn, and it comes for him. Tommy realizes that they mean Audrey, but before he can pursue the matter he hears Nathan and Audrey pull up outside. The officers approach the shack just as Tommy leaves in the boat. They fire at the engine and it blows up, apparently killing Tommy..

Later, Dwight stops by the Grey Gull with Noelle, Joseph, and a comatose Moira. Before they leave town, Audrey gets them some food and assures them that they can come back when the Troubles are over. Duke invites her to stay for the party he's throwing and have some fun, and Audrey asks about Colorado. He assures her that it's all good as Callahan comes out. She asks what happened and Duke leaves the two women to talk. Audrey tells Callahan that the Colorado Kid was her son and that she plans to find him. When Callahan points out that Audrey only has three weeks until she disappears, Audrey says that she's going to be busy.

Nathan invites them in and Callahan says that she'll talk to Audrey later. Once they're alone, he asks Audrey how it went in Colorado and she says that it's a long story. He says that with the tides they may never recover Tommy's body. They both wonder about the unanswered questions, like who was the killer on the ATM footage, what Tommy's Trouble was, and how he knew about the Colorado Kid. Audrey offers to tell him everything about Colorado and he suggests that they skip the party. Jordan comes out and Audrey says that it's not a good time.

Vince comes out and tells Audrey that he lied to her so that he could protect her. He admits that he was wrong and apologizes before she disappears. As Vince turns to leave, Audrey asks him about Sarah and he says that she was tough and independent. Each time Audrey comes back, she always is tough and independent. Audrey says that she knows the Colorado Kid is her son and asks who the father is, and Vince admits that Sarah never told anyone.

As they talk, Vince catches a glimpse of an island in the harbor... and sees a barn atop it. When Audrey turns to look, there's nothing there. He tells Audrey that everything is just how it's supposed to be and they go in to the party.