Sarah - Recap

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Duke is on his boat and looking at the gold doubloon his father gave him one birthday. He then looks through his father's journal and turns to the page where his father wrote that Audrey must die. Attached to the page is a newspaper clipping about the death of Roy Crocker, Duke's grandfather. Written on the back are the words "Killed by Sarah Vernon" and Duke realizes that Audrey may have killed his grandfather when she was Sarah. There's an entry in the journal dated August 16, 1955, and the name Stuart Mosley.

Duke goes to see Stuart, an old man who is pruning his tomatoes, and explains that Stuart's name was in his father's journal. Stuart turns, recognizes him, and asks why Duke is there. Before Duke can respond, Stuart points and Duke finds himself on the beach. He tries to call on his cell phone but gets no service. He walks into Haven and approaches a man, but he says that it's not that kind of party. Duke follows the man to the Haven Shore Club and realizes that everyone is dressed like they're in the 1950s. He talks to one of the locals and the man says that it's the year 1955.

Duke goes into the club and orders a drink from the bartender. A soldier and a sailor are in the crowd and pick a fight. The bartender tries to intervene and almost falls on the jagged edge of a broken chair until Duke catches him just in time. The police arrive and arrest Duke along with the others. As he waits in the station, Duke notices a man with the Guard's maze tattoo. The deputy, Hank, comes over and points out that Duke has counterfeit money and a iTouch. He has no idea what the iTouch is, but releases Duke and says that the bartender, Junior, vouched for him.

The Present

Nathan catches up to Audrey as she walks past a comic book store. She starts to tell Nathan what she found out about the Colorado Kid, but realizes that the comic book store is standing where the Herald was. Nathan has never heard of the newspaper and Dave killed Vince fifteen years ago. Audrey explains that a Trouble is involved and she's immune to it so she knows what should be there.


Duke tries to get the desk sergeant to find Stuart Mosley. The man finally gives Duke a phone directory but Stuart isn't listed. Duke asks for Sarah Vernon but the man walks away, and Duke notices that the Worldwide Post Delivery still exists.

The Present

Audrey confirms that other than Dave and Vince, everything else is pretty much the same in Haven. She confirms that Nathan's life hasn't changed and he's still with Jordan, and half-heartedly tells him that's good. As she goes through her mail, Audrey discovers that she's received a letter via Worldwide Post. The instructions say that it was held for several years and is dated 1955. Inside is a letter from Duke and they realize that he's trapped in 1955... and changing their past.

Nathan and Audrey go to see Stuart. They get no answer and split up to search. Nathan finds a photo of Stuart and his family on the porch. Meanwhile, Audrey finds Stuart with his tomatoes and asks if he's seen Duke. Stuart calls Duke the "man from the past" and says that Audrey looks a lot like Sarah. He tells Audrey to go before he has another episode, just as Nathan comes up with the photos. Stuart looks at him and makes him disappear, and tells Audrey that she has to leave before he gets upset and bad things happen.


Duke goes back to the club and thanks the bartender, Junior, for bailing him out. He offers his new friend the doubloon in return for some cash and the bartender agrees. Nathan comes in and tells Duke that he got his letter. They sit down and try to work out what Duke did to change the future. Duke insists that he has done nothing of consequence... until he remembers that he saved the bartender's life.

They realize that the bartender has to die as Junior comes over with more beers. When Nathan comments that he's a little old to be a junior, the bartender introduces himself as Roy Crocker. Once he leaves, Duke tells Nathan that it's his grandfather and according to the journal, Sarah was supposed to kill him. Nathan points out that Roy kills the Troubled and that if he lives, Dave kills Vince. Duke wonders if he has to kill Roy and then realizes that if he does then he'll eliminate the Troubled in his bloodline... including himself. However, Duke realizes that he has no choice. Nathan goes to the station to make contact with the Guard.

The Present

Audrey calls in Callahan, who comes over right away. Before Audrey can explain, Callahan tells her that Audrey is wanted for shooting Reverend Driscoll and Audrey realizes that time has altered again. She tells Callahan that they're in an alternate reality and Duke and Nathan are screwing things up. Callahan says that she's creating a fantasy after Nathan died protecting her from Driscoll's men. Audrey says that they need to find Stuart but Callahan points out that Stuart's house now belongs to the Boydens and they've lived there for ten years. The psychiatrist says that they need to get Audrey out of town because she's not safe.


Nathan goes to the police station and sees a young boy placing outside with Matchbox police cars. When Nathan helps him, the boy asks if he'll be a good cop some day and says that his name is Garland Wournos. Nathan assures him that he'll be a good cop and the boy runs off. Inside, Nathan gets the Guard prisoner released and takes him outside. The man says that Stuart is arriving on the ferry that afternoon and that he's extremely dangerous. As the Guard man leaves, Hank watches them talk and then makes a phone call.. he tells the person at the other end that there's someone to take care of and they've been waiting for the guy. At the bar, Roy hangs up and then puts a birthday card and the doubloon in an envelope and addresses it to his son. Further down the bar, Duke watches his grandfather leave and follows him..

Roy meets Hank at the dock and the deputy gives Roy a gun. He explains that his job is to kill Stuart, an injured war vet in a wheelchair. Roy refuses to shoot a crippled man but Hank says that the Crockers have always been killers. When Roy walks away, Hank prepares to shoot him and Duke knocks him out from behind. Duke tells Roy to run and hides Hank, and then goes to see Nathan. When Nathan asks if he killed Roy, Duke admits that he didn't and that Roy didn't want to kill Troubled either. Duke suggests that they try and make the future better by convincing Roy to leave Haven so he never meets Sarah and dies.

Stuart gets off the boat along with a nurse, and they realize that it's Sarah. As she takes Stuart to the VA hospital, Nathan says that he'll follow her. Duke warns him to be careful because it's not the Audrey they know, and they know that she's a killer.

Roy goes back to the bar and writes Stuart's name in his journal. Duke comes in and tells his grandfather that they have to talk.

Nathan approaches Stuart at the hospital but the man is non-responsive. Sarah comes in and demands to know who Nathan is, and he says that he's a friend. She doesn't believe him, grabs his ear, and drags him out. When she threatens to throttle Nathan if he interfered with Stuart's progress, he smiles and admits that she's incredible. Sarah is taken aback and Nathan starts to leave, but she says that he can't just call a girl incredible and leave.

Back at the club, Duke tries to convince Roy to leave town. Roy explains that he has a son and wife and he sends all the money he has to them. Duke offers to give him foolproof investment advice so that Roy has enough money to take his family away, and Roy agrees as long as Duke can convince his wife. Duke goes to the bathroom and Roy starts to call his wife. He sees the journal in Duke's jacket and realizes that it's his journal. When Duke comes back out, Roy knocks him out from behind.

Nathan and Sarah go to the beach and she talks about how she's better than some of the doctors on the battlefield that she worked with. Sarah explains that she just moved to Haven to be with Stuart, and Nathan tells her not to be afraid of what she can't understand. He confirms that she doesn't know the Crockers and Sarah takes his hand. She realizes that there's something different about him and says that during the war she learned to take advantage of the time she has. Nathan agrees and Sarah tells him that they have time. They start to kiss but Nathan says that he has to go. He starts to leave but then turns back and kisses her.

Roy ties Duke up and shows him the obituary clipping from the journal. He points out that it says he dies today and demands to know who Duke is. Duke explains that he's from the future and he's Roy's grandson that hasn't been born yet in 1955. Roy doesn't believe him until Duke describes their Trouble. Duke says that neither one of them want the Trouble and that Roy can change his fate. Roy agrees and decides to kill Sarah before she kills him.

Nathan returns and finds Duke, who explains what Roy plans to do.

The Present

Callahan leads Audrey through the woods and explains that the Guard is everywhere, smuggling people out of Haven. The psychiatrist accepts what Audrey is saying and takes her to a man who can help.


Sarah takes Stuart out for a stroll on the hospital grounds and talks about how his platoon disappeared when Stuart was under heavy fire. One year later, they walked out of the jungle thinking that only seconds had passed. Sarah echoes Nathan's words about not being afraid of what they can't understand.

The Present

Callahan takes Audrey to her friend: Chief Wournos. Wournos promises to get Audrey to safety and she's touched about how they're willing to risk their lives to help her. He wonders about the other Haven and Audrey says that Nathan is alive but is in the past trying to fix what has gone wrong. Wournos realizes that he's dead in the other timeline from the look on Audrey's face. Before they can talk more, Driscoll's men arrive and capture them.


Nathan goes to the hospital and tells Sarah that Roy is coming to kill her. He tells her to rely on her intuition and Sarah admits that she trusts him. Nathan promises to guard Stuart and tells Sarah to go to the basement where Duke is waiting to take her to a car. She should then drive and keep driving until she hears that Roy Crocker is dead. Before she goes, Sarah kisses Nathan in case she doesn't see him again.

As Sarah goes to the basement and finds Duke, Roy steps out. He prepares to shoot her and Sarah aims her gun at him. Sarah warns him that killing someone makes a man hollow, and Duke says it doesn't have to be like that. Roy agrees if Sarah lowers her gun, and they both agree to lower their guns simultaneously. However, Roy goes for a hidden knife. Duke tries to stop him but Sarah picks up her gun and shoots him. As Roy dies, he touches Duke with his bloody hand and says that they can't escape their fate. Duke's eyes briefly turn silver as he watches his grandfather die.

Duke goes upstairs to find Nathan and they wonder if what happened was what always happened. However, they're both still trapped in the past. Duke goes outside to get some air and Sarah gives Nathan the gun and says that she saves people, she doesn't kill them. Nathan assures her that she didn't have a choice and Sarah demands answers. Nathan explains about the Troubled and tells Sarah that she can help. He explains that he's from a different Haven and it's getting worse the longer he stays.

Sarah agrees to take Stuart off the sedation. She wonders what to do and Nathan explains that she tries to reach them and figure out how their Troubles work. Nathan explains that Stuart saw him in 2012 and recognized him from their encounter now, in 1955. They realize that Stuart sent his platoon to what he thought was a better place, and Nathan suggests they convince Stuart that the future is a better place by showing him the photo of Stuart's family that he picked up in 2012. Sarah takes Nathan's hand and realizes that if it works than it's goodbye. She kisses him and says she doesn't want to help the Troubled alone. Duke comes back and tells her to contact Dave and Vince for help.

The Present

Driscoll's men prepare to shoot their three captives. Audrey offers herself and the leader says that someone has to clean up the town.


Sarah tells Stuart that he doesn't have to be afraid and shows him the photo of himself as an old man, surrounded by loved ones. He thinks of his future and how happy he'll be, and a relieved Stuart breaks into tears. He hugs Sarah and drops the photo, and Nathan picks it up just as he and Duke disappear.

The Present

Driscoll's man shoots but time briefly rewinds and then Audrey finds herself back in the garden with Stuart, Nathan, and Duke. She tells her friends to go before Stuart sees them. He turns around and says that Audrey looks familiar, but she simply says that she got lost. Stuart gives her directions back to the highway and she walks away.

Once Audrey meets Nathan and Duke, Duke realizes that nothing he did matters and that it was all fate. Audrey tries to reassure him but Duke tells her that he told Sarah to kill his grandfather. As he leaves, Audrey realizes that they met Sarah and asks about her. Nathan says that Sarah was a nurse and had just got to Haven, and she was alone. Audrey asks if Sarah mentioned anything about a son and finally tells Nathan that the Colorado Kid is Sarah's son.


Sarah calls her superior, Captain Howard, and says that she got to Haven and can do a lot of good there. Howard agrees to let her stay, assuring her that it's a good idea. Sarah leaves, unaware that Howard is watching her from just down the road.