Burned - Recap

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A mushroom hunter turns up a charred corpse in the woods outside of Haven and calls the police. Nathan and Audrey arrive and confirm that the body was burned the same way that Roslyn Toomey's corpse was burned after the Bolt Gun Killer disposed. Lucassi wonders how it could be another of Tommy's victims if Tommy died in the explosion, and Audrey points out that they never recovered Tommy's body. Nathan points out that Tommy was working with Grady, who killed the woman at the ATM, and that according to Jordan neither one of them was connected to the Guard.

On the road into Haven, a man suddenly jumps out of a florist van driving down the road. The man, Martin Danvers, mumbles that he has to get way and runs off into the woods. The driver pulls over and runs after him.

The police are called in when the incident is reported. When Nathan and Audrey arrive, the reporting officer, Colin, informs them that a girl, Ginger Danvers, is sitting in the back. She refuses to talk to them and Nathan informs Audrey that the Guard uses florist vans to bring the Troubled into Haven. After confirming that Ginger is Martin's daughter, they take the girl back to the station and Claire tries to get Ginger to say something. The girl refuses and Claire admits that she isn't a child psychologist. Duke comes in to pick up Audrey for lunch, notices the girl, and starts joking with her. As she starts to respond, Lucassi comes in with a forensics report and Audrey and Claire leave Duke with Ginger while they go over the report. Meanwhile, Ginger tells Duke that he's funny and looks like a pirate and they start exchanging jokes.

Nathan meets Jordan at the Gun & Rose Diner and she takes his hands. He tells her that he's there on business and tells her what happened. Jordan claims that she isn't in the loop but is interested that Martin left his daughter Ginger behind. When Nathan asks her what she's learned about Lucy Ripley and Sarah before her, Jordan tells him that all the Guard knows is that each one disappears at 27-year intervals. Once Nathan leaves, Jordan goes to the diner's backroom and meets with one of the Guard members, Lance. He complains about how she's with Nathan but Jordan tells him that they have bigger things to worry about.

The coroner informs Audrey and Claire that forensics showed that the corpse had a bolt gun wound at the base of the neck, just like Tommy's other victims. Testing also shows that the corpse was buried for approximately five to eight weeks. Finally, Lucassi tells them that the dental records confirm that the dead man is Tommy Bowen: the real Tommy Bowen. Audrey realizes that whoever she was working with, it wasn't Tommy Bowen.

As Duke and Ginger joke around, he talks about how he has a little girl but that she lives someplace else. He wonders if he wasn't meant to have a family and Ginger tells him that she feels the same way. She says that she'd like some ice cream and asks Duke to take her to get some. Despite the fact that he's supposed to just watch over her, Duke agrees immediately to take her out to the park. When they get there, Duke argues with the ice cream vendor. When he turns back, he discovers that Ginger has disappeared. The vendor says that he saw a man that he thought was her father take her away. When he's unable to find the girl, Duke calls Audrey. She arrives with Nathan and they wonder why Duke agreed to take a little girl for ice cream. As they start the search, Audrey tells Nathan about the fake Tommy Bowen. He tells her to follow up so that she can protect the Colorado Kid, her son, while he looks for Ginger.

Lance, Ginger's abductor, carries her down an alley to where Jordan is waiting. However, Ginger yells at Lance, saying that she hates his guts. He immediately drops her, takes out a knife, and stabs himself in the guts before Jordan can stop him from killing himself. She calls the police and Audrey and Nathan arrive at the scene. When Audrey confirms that the wound is self-inflicted, they realize that Ginger can hypnotize people into doing anything that she says. They call Duke at the docks, but Ginger has found him and tells him not to say anything. He ignores Audrey's warnings and goes off to play with Ginger

Duke takes Ginger to the Grey Gull and plays at being a pirate, cutting himself at one point but ignoring the wound. He climbs up on the balcony and balances on the edge, fighting imaginary pirates, just as Nathan and Audrey arrive. Ginger calls to Duke, startling him, and he falls 20 feet to the deck. While Nathan makes sure that he's okay, Audrey tells Ginger that she's hurting people. The girl insists that she isn't and tells Duke to get up. Compelled, he stands up but then collapses from the pain.

As Nathan gets Duke some medical attention, Audrey talks to Ginger, who says that in the van her father kept talking about how much better life would be in Haven. She got sick of it and told him to leave her alone, and he jumped out of the van and left her alone. Audrey is able to ignore Ginger's commands because of her own ability and says that she's special just like Ginger. The girl explains that after her mother died, her father treated her differently and she thought he didn't like her anymore. Audrey assures her that Martin would come back if he could, but sometimes people have to go away even when they want to stay.

Audrey talks to Nathan when he comes and he confirms that Duke is no longer following Ginger's commands. Audrey figures that Ginger's Trouble awoke when she thought that her father didn't want her and that she'll be better once they find him. They go back to Ginger and have her tell them what happened, and she describes Jordan from the alley.

Realizing that his girlfriend is involved, Nathan asks her to meet him at the cemetery where they met before. He demands to know why she lied to him and Jordan claims that the Guard is still looking for Martin. They wanted to protect the father and daughter but things didn't work out as they planned. Now they want to find Martin in the hopes that he can control Ginger. When Nathan presses her for answers, Jordan tells him that Martin's brother Henry lives in Haven.

As Nathan drives to Henry's house, he updates Audrey by phone. She warns him to be careful and thanks him for his help. Nathan identifies himself to Henry as a Guard member by his tattoo and Henry says that he helped Martin contact the Guard after Ginger's Trouble manifested. However, he tells Nathan that he hasn't seen his brother since he talked to him on the phone.

At the Grey Gull, Audrey is watching Ginger as she plays computer games. Lucassi calls Audrey to tell him that the real Tommy inhaled a pulp-based cellulose shortly before he died. He sends an email to Audrey's office computer with the addresses of the factories that carry the cellulose. Meanwhile, Jordan sneaks into the restaurant and tells Ginger that she can take her to Martin. When Ginger says that Audrey is helping her, Jordan tells her that Audrey is lying.

Jordan gets close enough to gag Ginger and takes her to her truck. Audrey spots her and draws her gun, and Jordan insists that she's doing what has to. Nathan pulls up and tells Jordan to release Ginger, and Jordan reluctantly lets the girl go. She insists that she did it for him but Nathan handcuffs her and takes her into the restaurant.

When Duke returns, Nathan realizes that Jordan sent him to talk to Henry to get him out of the way while they got Ginger, and that they have had Martin all along. When Jordan refuses to answer, Ginger offers to use her Trouble to get her to tell the truth. Audrey is reluctant to involve the girl but Duke thinks it's a good idea so that they can get answers and convince Ginger that her father didn't abandon her. He assures Ginger that he's still her friend even without her using her Trouble, and says that they'll let her help question Jordan. However, he makes her promise that she'll stop if he asks her to.

Ginger tells Jordan to speak the truth and asks her where her father is. Jordan gives them an address but warns Nathan that one of the Guard, Kyle Baron, is watching over Martin and will shoot anyone non-Guard member who approaches the house. Under Nathan's direction, Ginger orders Jordan to answer his questions and then Audrey has the girl leave the room. Jordan explains that the Guard wants Ginger so that they can use her to control Audrey. When Audrey points out that she's immune to Ginger's Trouble, Jordan tells them that the Guard was going to use Ginger to control Nathan, and then control Audrey through him. Nathan demands to know why they want to control Audrey and Jordan explains that 27 years ago, Lucy refused to enter "the Barn" and tried to escape. The Barn isn't a barn, and when Audrey's predecessors entered the Barn in the past, it and they disappeared and the Troubles ended for 27 years. Nathan wonders how the Guard knows about the Barn and Audrey's incarnations, and Jordan tells him that the organization has been around for a long time. She admits that she lied to Nathan because she knew that he'd try to stop Audrey from leaving, letting the Troubles continue. Nathan admits that she's right and Duke assures Audrey that they're not going to let her disappear.

At the Guard safehouse, Kyle is standing guard when the phone rings. He answers it and Ginger tells him to put down his gun and go to sleep. He collapses and Nathan and Audrey come in and find the captive Martin. Audrey tells him that his daughter is safe but needs to know that he still cares for her. Martin insists that he does and Duke brings Ginger in now that it's safe. She stays away from her father at first but he hugs her and insists that he loves her. Crying, Ginger hugs him back and Martin says that never wanted to leave her.

Another Guard member comes in and orders them to surrender, threatening to shoot Ginger before she can speak. Duke goes for a gun and the Guard man fires a warning shot, giving Ginger the opportunity to tell him to leave. However, her power doesn't work and they realize that now that she's reunited with her loving father, it won't work. The Guard man says that he's taking Ginger in case her powers return, but Nathan offers Jordan in exchange for Ginger. Disgusted, the Guard man says that the tattoo and what it represented means nothing to Nathan and he says that it doesn't now. The Guard man takes the deal and leaves with Kyle.

Later, Duke finds a safe place to take Martin and Ginger. As they prepare to leave, he tells Ginger that she'll find new friends. However, he promises to visit her occasionally because he's her friend as well. Ginger suggests that he bring his family with him when he visits and Duke says that it might happen. Before Duke leaves, Nathan asks his friend if he's okay and Duke tells him to keep Haven from blowing up until he gets back.

Back at the station, Audrey goes over Lucassi's factory list and shows Claire the information. They check the electrical records and discover that one abandoned factory showed an electrical spike at the same time that "Tommy" arrived in town. They realize that whatever the Bolt Gun Killer is doing, it requires a lot of electricity.

Nathan lets Jordan out of her cell and tells her about the deal. She asks if he believes that she cares about him and he says that he does, but Jordan realizes that it doesn't matter because he still has feelings for Audrey. When Jordan says that she did it for them, Nathan says that there is no "them." As Audrey comes in, Jordan walks out past her without a word.

Audrey and Nathan drive to the old factory and go inside. They find a workshop filled with tanks containing human skins. One tank is draining and they realize that they just missed the Bolt Gun Killer. Among the skins are Tommy's and Grady's, and they figure that Roslyn's is there somewhere as well. They figure that the real killer has the Troubled ability to skin his victims and then wear the skins, impersonating his victims. He burned the corpses to conceal the fact that he skinned them, and used a bolt gun because it left only a small wound that wouldn't be noticed. Audrey realizes that since Tommy's skin is there, the killer survived the explosion... and the empty drained tank contained the skin of the person that the killer is now impersonating.