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Last Goodbyes - Recap

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Audrey and Nathan call Callahan, Duke, Vince, and Dave to the factory and show them the tanks filled with human skin. The officers explains that the Bolt Gun Killer skinned Tommy and has been impersonating him, but they don't know who he is or where he is. They have an idea to find him and Audrey points out that "Tommy" made a number of rookie mistakes. They figure that the skinwalker doesn't take his victim's memories and that they can trick someone into giving them away. Audrey figures that the skinwalker is still with them and that they'll all go to the station.

A dog barks outside and Nathan and Audrey tells the others to stay put while they investigate. Lucassi and Stan are digging and have found several bodies. They realize that the skinwalker dumped the bodies there after stripping them for parts.

Later, Audrey goes to the Grey Gull to relax. She calls Nathan and after they talk about the case, Audrey says that she wants him some things, but he says that they should do it in person. Audrey hangs up and turns to Duke, who smiles at her. She then goes up to her apartment and dozes off on the couch. Audrey wakes up in the middle of the night and calls Nathan, but gets his answering machine. She leaves a message saying that she hoped he'd be up and says that she'll see him at the office.

The next morning, Audrey drives into town and notices a car stopped at a red light. It doesn't move and when Audrey checks the driver, she discovers that he's unconscious at the wheel. As she tries to call Nathan, Audrey sees more people lying on the streets, unconscious. She goes to the station and discovers that everyone else is unconscious, including Nathan. As she tries to work out what happened, Audrey remembers the previous day.

The day before, Nathan points out that body parts were removed from each female victim and figures that the skinwalker is building a custom model. He proposes that they ID all of the victims and make a composite to see who the killer is making and why. Audrey looks at the bodies and notices one that has a single puffin earring. They wonder what the skinwalker will do now that they know he's closing in on him, and Audrey says that she's ready for him. Nathan assures her that they're ready.

Audrey goes back out on the street and finally finds herself at the church. A man comes up behind her and Audrey draws her gun on him. He insists that he's harmless and missing a shoe, and wonders why she's awake. When she identifies herself, the man realizes that his wallet is gone and admits that he can't remember anything. All the man remembers is waking up on the side of the road and following Audrey through the town.

Audrey gives him the benefit of the doubt and suggests that the man take her to where he woke up. He agrees and takes her to a street. Audrey notices an ambulance nearby with an open door and goes over to it. The driver is unconscious and the man's missing shoe is in the back. Audrey figures her new friend was being transported to the hospital and was ejected when it ground to a stop. He points out that he isn't injured and Audrey suggests that he healed himself. The man doesn't remember anything about the Troubles and Audrey suggests that when he was injured, he was traumatized and his curse activated. She explains that she's awake because she's immune to the troubles, but the man suggests that Audrey is the one causing it. Audrey tells him to come to the police station with her.

Audrey starts her testing by meeting privately with Callahan. Callahan describes how they first met and how Audrey bonded with a dog. However, when she says that they went to the Grey Gull until the police station, Audrey starts to go for her gun. Callahan admits that she was testing Audrey as well and is satisfied, and Audrey finishes confirming that Callahan is who she appears. As they prepare to bring the next person in, Callahan suggests that she slow down. Audrey points out that she only has a few days left and Callahan says that she's lucky because she has the chance to say goodbye to everyone else.

When they go to the station, Audrey prepares to check the 911 log to see who called in the accident the man must have been in. However, the power surges and Audrey discovers that the server is down. The man insists that he has retrograde amnesia and describes it in detail, and they realize that he has some medical knowledge. They go to Nathan's office and Audrey asks the man for his medical opinion on Nathan. The man tentatively examines him and tells Audrey that they're in degenerative comas, not asleep. If they're not brought out of it, they'll die. The man hesitates to predict how long they have but finally admits that the people of Haven have about twelve hours until they die.

Audrey tries to work out what to do next and the man says that he can remember his favorite foods. She tries to provoke him to have more memory flashes and he remembers a ram. Audrey gets an idea and takes him out.

Audrey and Callahan bring Duke in and prepare to give him a drop of Troubled blood. He warns that it's not a good idea and asks Audrey if that's what she wants. She says that it has to be unique to him and Duke describes how they kissed briefly in the hotel in Colorado. Audrey is satisfied and Duke starts to leave, and Callahan talks to Audrey about the barn. Duke tells her that it's not a done the deal but Audrey points out that once she goes in and she disappears, the Troubles are gone.

Audrey and the man go to the Grey Gull and check the wall with photos of the local sports teams. The North Haven Rams are a men's basketball team and the man is in the photo. There's a label identifying him as Will Brady and Audrey looks up his address in the phone book.

Callahan and Audrey interview Nathan and admit that they're running out of suspects. Nathan describes the first time that he felt Audrey's touch when he kissed him on the cheek. Audrey takes his hand as he says how much it meant to him to feel something for the first time in a long time. Callahan points out that the skinwalker would be able to feel Audrey as well, but Audrey says that she's satisfied that it's Nathan

Audrey breaks into Will's home and finds a diploma confirming he's an archaeologist. The interior is covered in dust and Will doesn't seem to have been there for a while. Audrey sees a puffin earring that matches the one on one of the victims, draws her gun, and tells Will that he's the skinwalker. He'll doesn't remember and Audrey throws it to him, and he says that it belonged to his friend Erin. Audrey figures that Will remembers Erin because he killed her and threatens to locks him up, but Will points out that they've got six hours left and she's going to have to trust him to help her. Audrey reluctantly agrees and says that she'll show him about the skinwalker.

Callahan and Audrey interrogate the Teagues, who insist that they'd know if one of them was an imposter. The women concede the point and ask why the skinwalker questioned them. The brothers claimed that the skinwalker only asked them about the Colorado Kid. Audrey agrees to let them know, figuring they're the real thing because they're not telling her everything, the same as always.

Audrey takes Will to the factory and shows him the corpses. He looks at the woman who had the earring and realizes that it's Erin Sullivan. Will tells Audrey that he remembers how she died. They were walking back from a movie, The Mark of Zorro, and got jumped. The skinwalker stunned Will and he could only watch as the killer, told Erin "hush," shot Erin with the bolt gun, and dragged her body away. The next thing Will remembers is waking up that morning. Audrey isn't convinced but Will insists that he loved Erin but never told her. When he says that he was waiting for the right time, Audrey says that she understands. However, she realizes that the movie he saw was two months ago and wonders where he's been. Audrey suspects that the ambulance was taking Will away from the hospital.

At the hospital, Audrey confirms that the townspeople are getting worse. Will recognizes two of the victims, Greg and Whitney, and tells Audrey that they're his brother and sister. They find an empty room and records on Will Brady. According to the chart, Will was found in a coma for two months. If he was unplugged, swelling would put pressure on his brain stem and he'd suffocate. The symptoms are the same as the townspeople and Will realizes that they took him off the machine. The family dressed Will and sent him home to die, but he never made it. Audrey figures that when Will subconsciously realized they were unplugging him, he sent everyone into a coma to keep himself alive. He says that they have to find a way to uncurse him, but Audrey warns him that he has to go into his coma or everyone else dies.

Audrey and Will go back into the hall and Audrey tries to work out another way to save Will and the others as well. Will remembers how his brother put him into the t-shirt because it was his lucky pick-up shirt. He was supposed to wear it to get up enough courage to tell Erin how he felt. Audrey tells him to focus and Will says that they have no choice except to go back into his coma.

Will goes back to the ambulance, figuring he has to go back into the coma at the same place where he took himself out. He gives Audrey the earring, lies on the stretcher, and says goodbye. She says that she knows he's doing it for the good of everyone else, to save lives. Will says that he may not see his family again but he has to do it because they're out of time. He wishes that he had a few more hours, and Audrey says that it could be a few days. Will says that if he had a few days he would fight it and then goes back into a coma. Everyone else in Haven wakes up and Audrey tells the puzzled ambulance driver that it was a gas leak. She tells the driver to get Will back to the hospital

At the hospital, Audrey has Will put back on life support. Greg and Whitney object, saying that they sent Will home to die, and Audrey tells them that he was awake while everyone else was in a coma. She describes everything that Will told her and assures them that even in the coma, Will can hear everything they're saying. Audrey says that they can't give up on him and that they have to hope that he'll come back. As the Bradys realize what they almost did, Audrey tells Will that she'll see him around.

Audrey meets Nathan in the hallway and he asks if she's okay. She admits that it's been a long day and hopes to have a few more, and tells Nathan that she ID'd one of the skinwalker victims. Audrey then apologizes for pushing Nathan away and he takes her hand and assures her that he's still there. He promises that they'll find a way to keep her there... together.

That night, Audrey asks Callahan over to her apartment to go over the skinwalker case. Callahan suggests that Audrey should talk about disappearing, but Audrey figures that if they can capture the skinwalker then they can find out if he knows a way to avoid the barn. Satisfied, Callahan goes back to work and says that the Teagues mentioned being interrogated about the Colorado Kid and the barn. Audrey remembers that they refused to say anything about the barn. As she talks about it, Callahan tells her "hush" and Audrey remembers Will saying that the killer said the same thing. When the skinwalker realizes that he gave himself away and draws a gun.