Reunion - Recap

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The skinwalker pulls a gun on Audrey and asks what gave it away. Audrey realizes that it killed Claire a few days ago, and it explains that Claire left extensive notes, allowing the skinwalker to pass as her. When Audrey says that it's a monster, the skinwalker says that it's a victim and realizes that Audrey doesn't remember what she did to it when Audrey was Lucy. The skinwalker walks behind Audrey and says that the Colorado Kid, Audrey's son, knows how to stop the Troubles, and then pistol-whips the officer unconscious.

Nathan arrives and knocks at the door. When there's no answer, he looks inside and sees Audrey unconscious on the couch. Nathan shoots the lock and goes in, and Audrey wakes up and tells him about the skinwalker. He asks her why it didn't kill her when it had the chance and Audrey takes her hand, proving that he can feel her because of her ability. She figures that the skinwalker wants her alive and it has something to do with the barn, and Nathan figures that the skinwalker will have to take a new skin now that they know what happened to Claire.

At the Haven high school, a teenager runs into the gym but discovers that the doors are locked. As someone comes in behind him, he hides in the bleachers. The bleachers retract, rushing the teenager to death.

The next morning, Audrey, Nathan, and Lucassi are called to the scene. Nathan knows the dead man, Paul Sullivan, because he was in his graduating class. Despite that, Paul looks just like he did when he was in high school. Audrey realizes that it's Nathan's class reunion, just as the three committee members come in to decorate. The class' former mean girl, Denise, over to greet Nathan and the others, Robert Taylor the class dork and Jeanine the prom queen, come over. Nathan does the introductions and Robert explains that he's now a motivational speaker. The officer asks them about Paul and Robert says that they had dinner with him the night before and he insulted Jeanine after she tried to hook up with him.

Before they can tell them that Paul is dead, Nathan and Audrey are called back to the station. They meet with Vince, Dave, Dwight, and Duke, the only people they can trust, and prepare to show them a composite image they've made of the pieces of human bodies the skinwalker has been gathering. When Duke points out that Claire isn't there, Audrey tells them that the skinwalker killed her. The program finishes the image, showing an attractive blonde woman and Audrey realizes that it's Arla Cogan, the Colorado Kid's wife.

The skinwalker removes the finished face from a cooler and puts it on. It reforms and blends with the Troubled.

Duke suggests that the skinwalker may have always been Arla Cogan, who disappeared after the Colorado Kid's death. Vince and Dave go to check the archive from 27 years ago while Duke checks his business connections. Nathan insists that they need to find the skinwalker and Audrey points out that if they don't before she disappears, it'll be 27 years before she gets another chance.

At the Grey Gull, Jeanine is drinking when Duke comes in with some supplies. He doesn't recognize her at first since she's gained some weight, and she immediately starts flirting with him. As Duke tries to avoid her, the skinwalker comes in wearing Arla's face and greets Duke by name. She has a concealed gun and directs him to his a table where they can talk privately, and he abruptly blows Jeanine off and goes with Arla.

Robert comes and offers to buy Jeanine a drink. She refuses to drink at Duke's place and leaves, and Robert goes with her. Meanwhile, Arla tells Duke that she wants Audrey to find the barn so the Troubles will end and they'll be normal again. She wants Duke to help, well aware of his feelings for Audrey, and warns him that Audrey is in love with Nathan. Duke refuses to consider it but Arla figures that Duke and Nathan plan to stop Audrey from going back to the barn. After a moment, Duke asks what she wants from him.

At the Herald, Dave and Vince find a report about a young woman that was killed shortly after the Colorado Kid died. Her body was found near the Teagues' fishing shack where they found Tommy, and the body was scalded by chemicals. Dwight comes in and informs the brothers that he's spoken with Kirk, one of the Guard members. The Guard is following Nathan and Duke and plan to stop them if they interfere with Audrey going into the barn. Once Dwight leaves, Dave figures that Arla is also worried about Nathan and Duke interfering and will follow them... and they can find her.

Nathan and Audrey go to the school when Denise's body turns up dead. She was also transformed into a teenager and then murdered, and the officers figure that someone is out for revenge. Nathan suggests that he handle it while Audrey worries about the coming meteor shower in a day. She points out that they already have people looking for Arla and that she'd rather spend her last day with Nathan.

The officers tell Jeanine and Robert about Denise's death and suggest that the Troubles are involved. They don't believe in the Troubles and admit that Denise and Paul were both bullies in high school. Jeanine wants to cancel the dance but Nathan refuses and they agree. Once the two ex-students leave, Nathan tells Audrey that they have a better chance of protecting the potential victims if they're at the dance together.

At the Grey Gull, Duke is outside drinking when he notices a locker on the dock. He opens it and finds a rattlesnake inside, and someone hits him with an oar and knocks him into the water. When he swims to the surface, Duke is seventeen.

At the station, Audrey and Nathan go over the files on the reunion classmates. Audrey finds a photo of a young Nathan, president of the AV. Young Duke runs in and Nathan realizes who it is. Duke explains what happened and Nathan points out that in high school, Duke stole a snake and hid it in someone's locker. He doesn't remember whose locker it was, and they figure the killer is someone making his victims reliving their high school says. Duke figures that it's Jeanine.

Later, Dwight meets Audrey at the station and tells her that 27 years ago, Arla came to the Guard on the day that the barn disappeared. She wanted their help to bring the barn back but they refused. Dwight admits that he's not good terms on the Guard and explains that the group brought him to Haven when his Trouble first manifested. They took advantage of him owing them a favor by having him help relocate unwilling Troubled victims. As a result, Dwight lost his daughter. He asks Audrey if she's going into the barn when it arrives, and Audrey admits that she doesn't want to but that by doing so, it will stop the Troubles for another 27 years.

Nathan meets with Jeanine at the town park and points out that all three victims were people that crossed her. She insists that it wasn't her and admits that she's Troubled. However, she explains that her curse is that anything she touches transforms into wedding cake. Nathan assures her that it's okay and lets her go. Duke shows up and worries that he'll be trapped forever once Audrey disappears. Nathan points out that Duke gets the chance to do his life over again and wishes he could do the same so he'd have another chance with Audrey. As they leave, Arla watches them from the bushes, and Vince and Dave capture her at gunpoint.

The brothers take her to the Herald and Arla refuses to talk. She asks why they didn't turn her over to Audrey, but they refuse to answer and asks why she wants to know about the barn. Arla insists that she wants to be there with Audrey when she goes into the barn, and points out that they all know there is another way to stop the Troubles. Vince is shocked... and Dave knocks his brother unconscious. He then tells Arla that if she tells him about the other way, he'll let her go.

At the reunion, Duke and Nathan watch their former classmates gather. Jeanine comes over and Duke hastily tells her that he's Duke's son. She tries to eat some food and it turns into cake, and she offers it to Duke and pulls him onto the dance floor. Audrey joins Nathan as a song he remembers from high school comes on. She asks him to dance and Nathan admits that he's not much of a dancer when he can't feel his feet. However, he finally accepts and they slow dance. Nathan admits that most of his classmates didn't give him the time of day, and that Robert was bullied. The officers realize that he's the killer and they pull Duke away to help them search for Robert.

Robert is out in the hall with two other classmates, Becka and Chaz. As they talk, Chaz remembers that Paul told Robert that Paul got him to go under the bleachers by telling him that Denise wanted to meet him there. He waited all night, got locked in, and received detention when he missed class the next day. They still find the idea funny and walk away, saying Robert is a loser. Once he's alone, Robert insists that he isn't that kid anymore. However, he transforms into his younger self.

Becka and Chaz go to the boiler room to smoke joints.

Arla enters the high school.

Chaz realizes that they've been locked in as the boiler starts to overheat. A pipe explodes, scalding Becka. Outside, Nathan, Audrey, and Duke spot Robert, who runs. Audrey chases him into the gym and tells everyone to get out, while Duke and Nathan try to get the boiler room door open. As everyone except Jeanine runs, Audrey tries to get through to him. He grabs her hand and tries to revert her, but his Trouble has no effect on her. As Robert tries to club her with a wrench, Arla arrives and shoots him. She turns and leaves, while Audrey calls the paramedics.

Duke and Nathan return and search the building, but Arla has escaped. Robert changes back to his normal self with no memory of what he did when he was younger. Nathan figures that Robert's Trouble was activated when he came back and remembered what happened to him in high school. When Robert blames himself, Jeanine says that she knows what he was going through. He figures that Jeanine didn't even notice him, but she describes everything he did in high school and figured he was cool. She wishes that she had told him that in high school and figures that now it's too late, and Robert admits that he still thinks she's the prettiest girl in their class. As they hold hands, Duke changes to his normal self.

That night, Audrey, Duke, and Nathan meet at the Grey Gull. Dwight is taking Jeanine and Robert somewhere safe, and Audrey figures that being together will keep Robert's Trouble under control. As Duke goes off, Audrey glances at the clock and realizes that the meteor storm is coming. They wonder why Arla didn't kill Audrey the two times that she had the opportunity. Nathan insists that it won't be their last night together and he's not giving up. As Duke comes back, Nathan says that they're going to contact the Coast Guard and tap into their satellite surveillance to find the barn before it finds Audrey. Duke agrees and Audrey thanks them for having her back.

Dwight comes in and tells Nathan that he's there for Audrey. When he talked to the Guard earlier, they told him that they want Audrey in the barn. Nathan says that it will only happen over his dead body and Dwight warns him that he told the Guard that very thing.

Audrey enters her apartment and finds Arla waiting for her. The skinwalker promises to kill people if Audrey calls for help, and explains that she killed all the women for James, who will be coming out of the barn when it appears. Arla explains that Lucy took Arla and James' corpse into the barn 27 years ago, believing the restorative properties would bring him back to life. Before the barn arrived, Arla's Trouble kicked in when she was at her hotel room. Her skin fell off and she instinctively killed her first victim for her skin, rather than let James see her. Lucy took James to the barn alone and by the time Arla got there, she couldn't get in. Now Arla plans to have Audrey return James to her. When Audrey refuses to help her find the barn, Arla explains that James told her before he died that he found a way to save Lucy and still end the Troubles for good. Audrey doesn't believe her but Arla points out that Nathan and Duke will be cured and Audrey will never have to worry about disappearing again. If Audrey doesn't help her, Arla will kill her and everyone she loves.

As the hunter meteor storm starts, the barn appears. The doors open and James and Agent Howard step out. Howard asks James where he wants to go and the Colorado Kid runs off into the night.