Thanks for the Memories - Recap

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Morning in Haven, and Duke and Nathan arrive at the Grey Gull. They discover that someone has killed Manny, the man Duke had watching Audrey, and Duke figures that Arla has captured Audrey and is looking for the barn. Duke mentions the Troubles going and Nathan figures that he's more concerned about that then Audrey. In response, Duke slaps him and points out that since Nathan can't feel it, the Troubles are still there and Audrey hasn't entered the barn. They try to work out where Arla would have taken Audrey and figure that they would have gone to Kick'em Jenny Neck where the barn left an imprint. However, when they prepare to take Duke's boat, they discover that Arla has stolen it.

Arla leads Audrey out to the field and they're both surprised to see Agent Howard there, watching birds. He greets Audrey and offers to take her to the barn. When Arla insists that he take her as well, Howard tells her that James is in Haven at the bakery. James has no idea that 27 years has passed, and Howard dials the number of the cell phone that he gave to James. Arla takes the phone and tells James that she'll be right there. Now that she doesn't need Audrey, she tells her to stay there. Once Arla leaves, Howard leads Audrey to the barn.

Howard has set up a camp and offers Audrey tea. While he pours, he explains that he drops Audrey off and then picks her up 27 years ago. He points to the barn nearby and says that it comes when Audrey is ready. However, Howard admits that Audrey has to voluntarily choose to go or the Troubles won't leave. When Audrey tells him that she doesn't want to leave, Howard admits that she will "die." He tells her to go and figure out a way to stay, but warns that the sky will continue falling until the town and everyone in it is destroyed, or she enters the barn.

Nathan and Duke arrive and explain that Duke stole a boat. Howard and the barn have both disappeared and Audrey prepares to go find Arla and James. Before they can leave, meteors start slamming down in Haven. Audrey explains that they can only stop it by finding James, who has the answer.

Dwight finds Vince loading up and asks to borrow his jack. They hear a groaning noise from the trunk and Vince reluctantly opens it. Dave is inside, bound and gagged. Vince explains that Dave attacked him and set Arla free and figures that he's lost his mind. Dwight points out that it's too dangerous with the meteors to leave Dave locked up. However, as soon as Dwight leaves, Vince leaves his brother in the trunk and keeps packing.

The trio goes to the bakery and discovers that James and Arla have left. The waiter tells them that James is getting worse and Nathan figures that the barn was the only thing keeping James alive. They put out an APB on the couple while Duke claims that he's going to the dock to check the security footage

Arla takes James to the boarding house where she's been staying and tends to him in his weakened state. She assures him that he's just having a bad reaction to modern food, and James asks why she hasn't aged in 27 years. She avoids the question and continues tending to him. James admits that he understands why his mother is after him but Arla vows that she won't lose him again. Duke calls Arla and warns her that Audrey won't go into the barn until she finds James. He figures that Audrey will summon the barn to save her son, and admits that he knows Audrey has to go into the barn so the Troubles will stop. Duke tells Arla to bring James and meet him, and he'll take care of the rest.

Dwight returns and discovers that Dave is still in the car. He frees him and explains that Vince tied him up because he wants Audrey to go in and Dave doesn't. When Dwight wonders why, Dave tells him that he and his brother tried to keep Sarah out of the barn and it didn't work. Vince decided that it was best for Audrey to keep going in, but Dave wants to break the cycle and stop using Audrey as a temporary fix. When Dwight asks if he can find Vince, Dave assures him that he always knows where his brother is.

Arla meets Duke and they take James to the barn. She explains that she's done it all for love and that if he had ever been in love, he'd understand. Audrey and Nathan arrive and Arla holds them at gunpoint. The skinwalker tells Audrey to take James into the barn and then bring him out once he's cured. When Audrey refuses, Arla threatens to kill Nathan. However, Duke reveals that he removed the bullets from her gun. He takes the gun and admits that he wants the Troubles to end, but he also wants Audrey to stay. Audrey goes to James but realizes that he's on the verge of death. Arla begs her to take James and Audrey figures that the barn won't leave until she wants to leave with it.

As they talk, James recovers and goes into the barn. Duke and Nathan both want to go in with Audrey, but Duke has to stay behind to guard Arla. Before Nathan goes in, Duke makes him promise to get Audrey out again. They step in and find themselves in a white hallway filled with doors that lead to more hallways. Nathan realizes that he can feel and concludes that they should destroy the barn and end the Troubles.

Suddenly Nathan and Audrey find themselves outside the barn. Young versions of Dave and Vince drive up with Sarah, and none of them can see Audrey and Nathan. The Teagues plant an explosive charge and back away, but when the charge goes off, the barn is unharmed. Sarah thanks them for trying and realizes that she has to go into the barn. She knows that they've taken James somewhere safe and tells them that James' father hasn't even been born. Nathan realizes what she means from when he was with her in the 1950s.

Agent Howard emerges from the barn and Audrey figures that he overheard them talking about blowing up the barn. Nathan and Audrey reappear in the corridors with Howard, who says that he showed them one of Sarah's memory. When Nathan wonders how they know that the memory was real, Howard shows them a memory of the beach in 1955. Nathan tries to stop Audrey from exploring but she looks around and finds Sarah and Nathan making love. The barn appears nearby and James comes out, sees Nathan and Audrey, and goes back inside.

When Nathan and Audrey go in after him, Nathan finds himself alone in another white corridor. James finds him and Nathan explains that he's his father. As they talk, James accuses Audrey of planning to kill him. He explains that when he came to Haven to find Sarah, he found Lucy instead. She was ready to disappear and James discovered that his death would keep her out of the barn. Nathan doesn't believe it but James explains that someone attacked him from behind on the day of the 1985 meteor shower. When Nathan points out that Lucy went into the barn anyway, James figures that Nathan doesn't know Audrey as well as he thinks. Audrey finds Nathan and James slips away before she can see him.

Outside the barn, Arla paces nervously and Duke points out that she isn't the only one with someone they love trapped inside. Arla realizes that he's in love with Audrey but Duke denies it. Before they can argue further, Kate, Kirk, and the other Guard members arrive. Kate says that they don't want Duke dead and are glad to hear that Audrey is in the barn. They plan to make sure that Audrey doesn't leave, and Kate reminds Duke that once Audrey and the barn disappear, the Troubles will disappear for another 27 years. She wonders why Duke doesn't want the same thing and Arla points out that he's in love with Audrey. Kate warns him that neither he nor Nathan can have Audrey and walks away.

Nathan confirms that James is their son and admits that he made love to Sarah because he could never be with Audrey. She says that she's glad because at least she has some proof she existed if she disappears, and Nathan promises that she won't disappear. He tells her what James said and they realize that they have to find James and determine what really happened to him in 1985. Audrey calls for Howard and says she won't make her choice until she sees James. Howard appears with James, who backs away from Audrey and demands to see Arla. He punches Nathan and Audrey goes to get Arla.

Dave runs through the woods but Vince shoots him with a tranquilizer dart. However, Dave is wearing a bulletproof vest and it's a trap. Dwight comes out of hiding and disarms Vince, who insists that Audrey has to go back to the barn. Dave says that they have to give Audrey the chance to find another way to end the Troubles. The brothers go to the barn and Vince tells Kirk and the others to go. Kirk immediately agrees and tells Kate that Vince is the leader of the Guard. He shows Kate and Duke his Guard tattoo, and tells Kate that Audrey will have the chance to make her choice. Kate reluctantly agrees and Vince tells Duke that he's the reason the others didn't go after him.

Audrey emerges from the barn and tells Arla that James wants to see her. She goes into the barn and hugs James, but her Trouble stops because of the barn's effects. Her skin starts falling apart and Arla explains that her Troubles started when he died. Audrey says that Arla has murdered women to take their skin and James shoves her away, disgusted. Furious, Arla draws a knife and tries to kill Audrey, but James tries to stop her and she stabs him instead. When Audrey tries to stop her, they struggle and Arla falls on the knife.

As Arla lies dying, Audrey tells Nathan to take the skinwalker out of the barn while she goes to her son. He realizes that Arla lied about Lucy killing him. He explains that Lucy was the one who told him that her killing someone she loved would end the Troubles forever. James realizes that Audrey doesn't love him because they just met, and asks who she does love.

Howard comes back and asks Audrey if she's ready to go. James disappears and Howard tells her that he's healing now that he's part of the barn, just like Audrey is. When Audrey asks why she belongs there, Howard explains that when she's in the barn, her energies keep the Troubles at bay. The energy runs out after 27 years and she emerges to recharge with love. Audrey wonders if she's being punished and Howard admits that it seems that way. However, he warns her that there are only two ways she can stop the Troubles.

As Howard starts to lead her away, Audrey says that she has to say goodbye. They go out and Audrey explains that killing James won't stop the Troubles. She says goodbye to Dwight and the Teagues, and then thanks Duke for helping her and says she particularly appreciated Colorado. Audrey kisses him on the cheek and then goes to Nathan and kisses him. He wants to go with her, promising to die rather to let her go. Audrey knows and gives her gun to Duke, asking him to make sure Nathan doesn't follow her in. Duke takes the gun and promises, and Audrey tells him that they'll get to do it again in 27 years. When Nathan tries to push by him, Duke tells him that it's Audrey's choice and he hates it, but it's still her choice.

Audrey goes itno the barn as Nathan realizes that Duke is also in love with Audrey. He asks how Duke can let her go and grabs the gun, but Audrey goes in and closes the door. Nathan can't open the door so he aims the gun at Howard. Before he can shoot, Kate returns and shoots Nathan. Still immune to the pain, Nathan shoots Howard and Duke grabs the gun from Nathan and shoots Kate.

The barn starts to splinter, light shining through it, and Howard's corpse does the same before disappearing. Arla is sucked into the barn as it implodes and Nathan tells Duke to save Audrey. Duke dives into the collapsing barn, screaming Audrey's name, and it fades into nothing. Nathan stares at the now-empty field as meteor slam down around him.