Fallout - Recap

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Duke dives into the barn and finds it falling apart around him. As the walls start to collapse, he yells for Audrey but gets no response. Audrey's last words echo in the hallways and the last few minutes of Audrey's life show on the walls... and Duke falls through the floor as it breaks apart. He finds himself in the seal tank of the Boston Aquarium.

A woman is watching TV and sees a report about Duke appearing out of nowhere. When he yells for Audrey Parker, she leaves.

At the hospital, Duke is held for psychiatric evaluation tries to tell the police what happened. Detective Mack Allen has called Haven and confirmed that Duke Crocker was reported dead six months ago. The police detective points out that Duke had several fake IDs on him, and refuses to let him call anyone.

At Haven, people in a bookstore hear a loud rumbling noise and the windows suddenly shatter inward.

As the nurse tends to Duke, handcuffed to a bed, she tells him that his sister Audrey came to see him and she's letting her in against her better judgment. Duke thanks her and the woman comes in... and he has no idea who she is. She says that she had no idea that he existed and introduces herself as Jennifer Mason. Jennifer explains that she worked for the local paper and started hearing voices in her head six months ago. They said names like Audrey, Nathan, and Duke, and she had no idea what they meant until she heard Duke on the news and heard him mention Audrey's name. The doctors said she was schizophrenic, and Jennifer is relieved to learn that they're real. Duke tells her that she must be hearing things that happened in the barn and is one of the Troubled. He wants her help to escape so that he can take her to haven and have Audrey fix her. Jennifer reluctantly agrees and Duke tells her to give him a paper clip and his pants.

Once he gets the handcuffs open, Duke gets outside with Jennifer and has her bring he car around. He finally calls the Haven Harold and gets hold of Dave. Dave figures that it's a joke until Duke proves who he is. The newspaper editor explains that the barn was destroyed last six months ago, and Duke suggests that why Audrey doesn't age when she emerges each time. Dave tells him that Nathan has changed and the Troubles didn't go away.

Nathan is letting bikers hit him for money, taking advantage of the fact that he can't feel pain. Duke and Jennifer arrive and Duke asks Jennifer for $20. He goes over and Nathan embraces him, and then wonders where Audrey is.

Rhonda is work at a country bar when a frat boy asks for a fancy drink. He claims that the other bartender made him one and Rhonda calls to the other bartender, Lexie. Lexie looks just like Audrey Parker.

Nathan explains to Duke that after the barn vanished, he went back into town. Duke passes on Dave's explanation that because Nathan shot Howard, it disrupted the 27-year cycle. The Guard tried to kill Nathan, blaming him for stopping the Troubles for going away, and Nathan admits that he blames himself as well. He couldn't get a real job and he's been lying low to keep the Guard from finding him. Nathan suggests that they talk to Jennifer and see if they can figure out what happened to Audrey by determining what she has heard. He wants to take her back to Haven so he can access his police resources to track down Audrey, despite the risk from the Guard. Duke drives while Jennifer tells him everything she knows about the barn.

Dave and Vince are checking out the shop when the new sheriff arrives: Dwight. He insists that they blame it on a gas leak: another one. Once Dwight walks away, Dave tells Vince that Duke called him. Before they can follow up on it, Dwight gets a call and tells them someone at the beach is frozen in glass.

At the bar, Rhonda leaves Audrey in charge while she goes out, and assures her that she's a natural. Once she leaves, a man comes in and asks for a microbrew. Audrey gets him one and smiles.

When Duke drives into town, the Guard arrives and cuts them off. Jordan McKee pulls up and cuts them off, and orders Nathan out of the car and they get out as Dave, Vince, and Dwight arrive. They tell Jordan to put her gun down and Dave reminds her that Nathan could have let her die, but he called a doctor. Dwight removes his bulletproof jacket and says that he's the only one who dies, and Duke tells Jennifer that Dwight is a bullet magnet. Jordan finally hands over the gun but insists that Nathan has to pay. Dwight promises that he will, while Vince asks how Duke could be alive. Nathan figures that if Duke survived, then Audrey must have as well, and he came back to find Audrey and end the Troubles. When Jordan explains that Audrey going into the barn was supposed to end the Troubles, Nathan explains about how Jennifer heard that Howard said there was a way to end the Troubles forever... by killing the person she loves the most. Nathan says that is him and Dave confirms that Arla told him and Vince the same thing. Duke points out that all Nathan has ever done was protect Haven, and is offering to give his life to do it.

Before they can respond, storm clouds form overhead and something whistles down from the sky. Everyone takes cover as a tornado forms in the center of town, ripping apart a church. It starts to touch down and then dissipates, leaving a clear sky. Dwight says that weird weather is something new, and Jordan orders her people to put Nathan and Duke under guard. Dwight objects, saying that they need his help, but Nathan says that he's not there to deal with the Troubles. Vince points out that he needs to help to convince the Guard, and Nathan reluctantly agrees. Once they do, Vince orders the Guard to search for casualties while Dwight takes them to the police station. As he goes to his car, Duke asks Nathan if he really plans to let Audrey kill him. Nathan says that he's serious, blaming himself for everything that has happened. Duke warns that Audrey won't go along with it, but Nathan figures that she'll do whatever it takes because she was willing to give up her life. Duke asks if he's sure that he's Audrey's one true love, and Nathan insists that he's never been sure of anything more in his life.

Audrey chats with the newcomer, William, and explains that she's been working there for a month. They flirt and she offers to go with him, and William says that he has a place where they can go. Before they can leave, a man comes in with a gun in his belt. William says that he knew from the way the man moved that he had a gun, and tells Audrey that she'll have to handle it on her own. The man gestures Audrey over and William asks for some quarters for the jukebox. Once Audrey gives him some, William walks over to the jukebox and Audrey reluctantly goes over to the man. He tells her to sit down and draws her gun when she tries to refuse.

Once Audrey sits down, she tries to explain that they don’t' have much money. The man says that he doesn't want her money... and William attacks him from the side. They fight and William finally grabs the gun. The man runs off and William confirms that Audrey is okay.

At the Haven police station, Dwight explains that the Teagues convinced him to become sheriff when Nathan disappeared. He warns that a lot of people blame Nathan for what happened. Dwight shows them photos about the explosion at the bookstore and tells them that witnesses said it was a huge burst of wind. Duke sees the photo of the person who was trapped in glass and explains that lightning can superheat glass. The autopsy showed that the victim died within 48 hours but there have been no lightning storms in weeks. Nathan figures that one person is responsible: Marion Caldwell. He tells Dwight that Marion was Audrey's first case in Haven, and they thought Marion's Trouble was under control. As they go, Duke tells Jennifer to go to the marina and get aboard his boat. She asks if there is any food and Duke has Stan the cop take her to the Grey Gull to get some food.

As Vince leaves the newspaper, Jordan approaches him and warns him that his deal with Nathan makes him look weak. Vince tells her that he'll do whatever it takes to end the Troubles, and Jordan says that she'll do the same. She figures that it's about Audrey and Vince explains that Audrey helped the town when she was Sarah. Jordan figures that he's carrying a torch for her and doesn't get the appeal, and a disgusted Vince tells her to go home.

Dwight gets an address on Marion and goes there with Duke and Nathan. A storm is forming over her house and they go in. The temperature is below freezing and there's no sign of Marion. Nathan explains that Marion's Troubles ended when Audrey convinced her that her boyfriend Conrad loved her. He tells Duke and Dwight to wait outside since they feel the cold and he doesn't, and they reluctantly go. Exploring, Nathan finds Marion seated in the living room, sleeping. She wakes up and recognizes him, and accusingly says that he came back. Nathan asks what happened and Marion tells him that his Trouble came back... because of him. She generates intense waves of cold and Nathan backs away as the room freezes around him. Nathan tells her to take it out on him if she has to, but tells her to stop hurting other people. Marion doesn't realize what she has subconsciously been doing.

As the storm outside gathers strength and blows toward the center of town, Dave and Vince arrive.

Nathan asks Marion why her Trouble came back, and she gestures toward Conrad. He is seated in a chair, dead, and Marion explains that he died of a heart attack two days ago. She blames herself for not helping him, but Nathan assures her that she couldn't have done anything. He tells her to let Conrad go and stop the weather.

Outside, lightning slams down, destroying a van.

Marion goes to Conrad, sobbing and refusing to accept reality. The room continues to freeze and Nathan tells her that he knows how hard it is to lose a loved one. The Troubles are still there because he couldn't let go of Audrey, and Marion wonders why he came back. As he starts to freeze, Nathan tells her that he got a second chance to make it right. He insists that Conrad wouldn't want her to hurt people, and Marion, crying, says that she doesn't know if she can go on without her. As Nathan collapses, he tells Marion that what she is doing isn't love.

Outside, the storm clears up in a matter of seconds. Nathan helps Marion out and Dave and Vince help her away. Nathan tells Duke and Dwight that he learned from the best and that Marion didn't want to hurt anyone. Dwight thanks Nathan and offers him a position as a deputy. He convinced the Guard that having him on the police is the best way to keep an eye on him. Nathan says that he can't do it, but Duke points out that access to police resources is why he came back. Dwight figures that Nathan will be able to bend the rules if he's with the police department, and he reluctantly agrees. However, he warns that it's only a temporary measure until they find Audrey and stop the Troubles for good.

Later, people gather at the Grey Gull. Duke arrives and discovers that it's been turned into a trendy upscale bar. Jennifer is there and congratulates him on the margaritas. She says that she talked to Duke's brother, and Duke's older brother Wade shows up. The brothers embrace and Wade is glad to see that Duke is alive.

At the bar, Audrey thanks William for his help. He finally explains that the man came in because he was afraid William was going to tell her a secret about her. When she wonders what he means, William says that he knows a lot about her, including the fact that her name really isn't Lexie. He tells Audrey that she's someone else entirely. Audrey doesn't believe him but William warns her that a lot of people are going to die if she doesn't find out who she really is.