Survivors - Recap

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In Haven, people are celebrating the Founders' Day festival. Two boys are playing Frisbee and hit a statue in the sculpture park. They hit a statue and break off the arm, and watch in horror as it dissolves at their touch.

Nathan arrives at the cemetery with Dwight, and is busy on the phone asking the FBI about Audrey. Dwight tells him to focus and Lucassi reports that the "statue" is an incinerated corpse and that there are enough teeth intact to run a dental check. Another hospital calls Nathan with info that they don't have Audrey, and Dwight tells Nathan to pay attention to the job.

At the bar in Texas, Audrey finds William there again. She confirms his story about how a lot of people will die if she doesn't remember who she is, and wonders if it's a threat. William says that it's no threat and warns her that coming to terms with her old life is going to be a process.

At the Grey Gull, Wade and Duke have dinner with Jennifer, and Wade points out that Duke didn't leave a will in the case of his death. He goes off to call his wife Marcie and Jennifer asks Duke why he doesn’t tell his brother what really happened. She says that she's tired because Nathan kept her up late questioning her about what she heard from the barn, and Duke asks why she's still taking her meds when she knows the barn is real. Jennifer says that she's used to it and has no plans to change. Wade returns and explains that he couldn’t get hold of his wife because she's remodeling, and says that two men wanted to buy the Gull: Vince and Dave. Upon hearing that, Duke asks Jennifer to come with him to the newspaper office.

Lucassi calls Nathan and Dwight in and tells them that the victim is Sally Marigold, the fire captain's daughter. Her brother, Bill, was killed fighting fires during the meteor storm, and her father Frank said that Sally came to town the previous night. Lucassi has a photo of Bill when he died and it turns out that he was caught in a building fire but not turned to ash. Nathan figures that the Troubles are passed down along family lines that and Frank could be next.

Duke confronts Vince, who explains that the Guard wanted Wade to settle his business and leave so that he wouldn't take over the Crocker family business. Duke wants Vince's word that the Guard won't harm Wade, and Duke says that he'll get him out of town by that night. Meanwhile, Jennifer talks to Dave separately and asks about the Troubles, and he explains that it's an uncontrollable supernatural ability. Dave gets her a photo of Audrey and admits that they don’t know all the answers about how she comes back to Audrey. However, he figures that Jennifer can help Duke find Audrey, just like she found Duke after he entered the barn.

Nathan drives to the fire station to meet with Frank. His men don't want to let Nathan near the grieving father, figuring Nathan for a coward, but Frank tells them to leave him alone with Nathan. Nathan explains that the deaths may be connected because they're Troubled, but Frank insists that they weren't. He blames Nathan for the fact that they still have the Troubles and walks away.

On the streets, a woman is on the phone when her cab arrives. She gets in and complains about the smoke, and discovers that the driver has been incinerated in the time it took for her to get in. Nathan and Dwight arrive and confirm that the victim is Jacob Harcher, and he's no relation to the Marigolds. There's nothing in Jacob's fare about his last pickup. Jordan arrives and complains that Dwight is putting Nathan on the front lines. If he dies then they can't have Audrey kill him and end the Troubles. Jordan offers to help but Dwight refuses.

William asks Audrey about how she got there and she says that she was driving cross country with her boyfriend, they broke up, and she stole his money and snuck away. However, William says that she doesn't feel the emotions because they didn't happen. He interrogates her further and confirms that she wasn't in love with her boyfriend. Audrey says that she has never been but William says that she has a love for someone in Haven. Refusing to listen, Audrey tells him to get out.

Jennifer and Duke walk back and Jennifer wonders at all the Troubled that live there that Dave told her about. Duke explains that Wade doesn't belong there and talk about how when they were kids together, they were sledding with Nathan. Nathan broke his arm and Wade freaked out when he realized Nathan couldn't feel pain. Duke took Nathan to the hospital and then went back to sledding. He points out that Jennifer would have helped then, and she's helping now. After a moment, Duke heads back to the Gull and Jennifer says that she wants to buy some taffy and get coffee, and will meet him later.

When Duke arrives at the Gull, he finds Wade drinking. Wade shows him video from the nanny cam he planted showing that his wife is having an affair with the contractor. He admits that he suspected Marcie was cheating on him while he came up to Haven to take care of Wade's affairs. Duke thanks him and Wade says that he can't go back until he has the divorce paper served, and as a stockbroker he can do his work there as well. He walks off as Duke realizes that his brother will be staying.

As Jennifer gets her coffee, she leaves her bag of taffy on the counter. She gets outside and remembers it, and goes back to get it. The four people in the store have been charred to ash in the few seconds since she left. The police are called in and Lucassi tells Nathan that Jennifer is lucky that she missed the incident by seconds. The coroner confirms that it's the same as before and that Jennifer was lucky. Nathan checks on Jennifer, who is in an ambulance being treated for shock. He asks her to help them find out who did by describing what she saw. Jennifer describes everyone in the store but her memory is fuzzy because of her meds. She finally describes all five people and Nathan realizes that one of them is the killer. He tells Dwight and Lucassi what she said and they eliminate four of the people from Jennifer's description, leaving a guy with a blue coat. Nathan realizes that the blue coat is a firefighter's jacket.

Nathan goes over to where Duke has arrived to pick up Jennifer and asks her to help him describe the killer. Duke takes his friend over to the side and says that he feels responsible for Jennifer, and doesn't want Nathan to get her killed after he screwed up ending the Troubles. Nathan insists that he won't get Jennifer killed.

Nathan and Duke take Jennifer to the fire station. Everyone is in uniform for a ceremony at the Founders' Day celebration and Frank demands to know why they're there. When he learns it, he refuses to cooperate and drives off with the others. Jennifer finds a photo on the wall and says that one of the men in it is him. Nathan calls over the last man on duty and he explains that Don Keaton was Bill's partner. Don went into the fire with Bill that killed his friend, and only survived because he was in a different room. The fireman confirms that Don is back in town to get a medal. Nathan points out that all the murder sites had a connection to the celebration in the firemen's honor, and figures that every time someone congratulated Don, his powers went off. Duke points out that things could get very bad when Don receives a medal in front of everyone.

William refuses to leave Audrey alone and she points out that he has a gun in his pocket. He takes it out and hands it to Audrey, and apologizes for upsetting her. However, William still insists that she needs to remember who she really is. Audrey says that the only pain she feels is him and she is never going to believe him. The man from earlier and another man come into the bar. William warns that they want to stop him from getting through to her.

Jordan goes to see Vince and complains that Nathan is risking his life. Vince says that he sent Nathan out and asks if she wants to lead the Guard, and Jordan tells him that she wants him to lead the Guard.

At the police station, Dwight organizes his men to search for Don. Nathan figures that he'll arrest Don if they find him, and keep him pissed off enough not to feel guilty. They spread out throughout the park and Nathan spots Don sitting by himself on a bench. Nathan tells Dwight that he'll talk to him and make him mad so he doesn't feel guilt. Dwight reluctantly agrees and Nathan approaches Don while Dwight keeps everyone else away as best he can.

Nathan goes up to Don and places him under arrest without explanation. Don starts to go with him, but an announcer declares the ceremony for the firemen. The fireman starts blaming himself, insisting that he's no hero, and Nathan's coat starts to smolder. Duke and Jennifer spot Nathan confronting Don just as Jordan arrives. She tells Duke to get out of her way so that she can use his touch to immobilize Don, and Duke draws a gun on her.

A shocked Don realizes that he's setting Nathan on fire, and Nathan insists that it's true. Nathan gets Don to remember the three times when people congratulated him, and he realizes that everyone is dead because of what he did to Bill. Don insists that it's his fault that his partner died and notices a boy who runs up to get his balloon. Before Don can do anything, Nathan tells him that bad things happen, and that he knows what it feels like to lose a partner. However, he tells Don that Bill wouldn't want him to hurt anyone. Don calms down and Nathan stops smoldering, while the boy's parents lead him away.

As Dwight leads Don away, Duke, Jennifer, and Jordan come over. Nathan thanks Duke for backing him up, but Jordan complains that Nathan is only helping people to be with Audrey. She notes that Nathan pretended to love her just to help Audrey, and says that she can't wait to see Audrey kill him. As Jordan walks off, Duke tells Nathan that she's wrong, and promises to find Audrey. Nathan admits that he doesn't see a chance of that and Duke suggests that Audrey may have forgotten her previous lives, just like she has before.

In Texas, the two men threaten to kill Audrey if William doesn't go with them. William tells them that Audrey hasn't remembered and goes with them. When no one offers to help, Audrey grabs William's gun, reassembles it in a few swift motions, and fires a warning shot, telling the two men to let William go. When they refuse, she fires another shot at their feet and orders them out. They back out while William walks over and sits back at the bar. Audrey puts the gun down and wonders how she knew how to shoot, and William asks if she still thinks that she's a bartender.

Frank goes with Don and nods a brief thanks to Nathan. Jennifer helps wrap Nathan's hands and says that what he did was crazy. He explains that he doesn't feel anything because of his Trouble, and she realizes he was the boy Duke told her about. Jennifer apologizes but Nathan says that if he was normal then he couldn't have helped Don. She says that she's glad she isn't normal either.

That night, people are celebrating Founders' Day at the Gull and a drunken Wade is pouring drinks. He tells Duke that he's glad that he's there so that they can talk normally. He bemoans the fact that Duke was always their father's favorite and figures that he "won." Duke assures Wade that he won, but Wade says that he's going to stay in Haven. He proposes a toast to Duke and everyone joins in. Vince comes with two of the Guard and points out to Duke that Wade is staying, and then leaves.

Duke goes out on the porch where Jennifer is standing along. She talks about the day when her Trouble first manifested and how powerless she felt. But now Jennifer understands how important Audrey is and promises that she'll do what she can to bring her back. She pours her meds in the water and Duke assures her that they can fix the Troubles... sometimes.

In Texas, William tells Audrey that she's more than a bartender. She points the gun at him and demands to know who she is. William agrees but warns her that if he does then there's no going back.