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Bad Blood - Recap

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A worker climbs down into the sewers of Haven and hears something moving in the dark waters. Stepping forward, he almost stumbles across a dead rat. He then checks a wiring box and starts making repairs... unaware that something is on the roof behind him. He finally looks up and sees it, just as it drops down. Blood flies everywhere.

Dwight calls Vince and Dave to his office and tells him that he needs them to go to New Hampshire. He intercepted one of Nathan's fax with a report about a women's body that was found six months ago, and needs the Teagues to confirm if it's Audrey. They're both well aware that if Audrey is dead then a lot of people will want Nathan dead, including the Guard, and Vince isn't sure if he can stop them. Dwight confirms that they'll go and asks them to bring Audrey's body back if it's her.

In Texas, Audrey holds a gun on William and asks what her job in Haven is while she holds a gun on William. He says that she needs to remember where she is as well as who she is, but doesn't tell her yet because she isn't ready. Exasperated, Audrey orders him out unless he gives her a straight answer. He looks around, then says that he won't and walks away. As Audrey goes back behind the bar, Rhonda asks if she missed anything. Audrey puts the gun in a lockbox and turns around to see that William is right back sitting casually at the bar again, as if he never left.

As Dave and Vince pass by Nathan's new office, Nathan calls Duke at the Grey Gull and asks him to question Jennifer and see if she can remember anything useful now that she's off her meds. Dwight comes in and tells Nathan that they've got a call. As he leaves, he bumps into a janitor and realizes that he has a Guard tattoo. Nathan warns the man that was his one chance and leaves with Dwight, who tells him that they have a dead sewer worker. They get there and discover that the body was drained of blood, even though there were no cuts or punctures. As they check the body, Dwight gets a call about a second drained body.

Duke asks Jennifer what she remembers about what Howard said. She doesn't remember much, but she does remember Duke saying that he didn't want to lose Audrey. Duke admits that Audrey was special to him and he doesn't want her to be dead. Jennifer makes him a drink as thanks for his letting her stay in Audrey's apartment, and Duke assures her that Audrey wouldn't mind. He asks if she's feeling any side effects from going off her meds, and Jennifer admits that she's tired. She also says that Wade has been celebrating his newly-divorced status and he's loudly partying after hours. As they talk, Jennifer accidentally cuts her finger and Duke nervously backs away from the Troubled blood. She wonders why and he avoids telling her about his power as he goes to get a bandage.

As Nathan and Dwight arrive at the second murder site, Nathan sees Jordan keeping watch over him. He tells Dwight but says that he understands why she's doing it. As they check the body of a second man, a postal worker, lying near a manhole cover, Dwight wonders why Nathan thinks that Audrey will kill him. Nathan says that this time they know what it will do. They figure that the sewers are the common factor in both murders.

At the Grey Gull, Duke goes out on the porch and gives Wade a Bloody Mary for his hangover. Wade suggests that they keep the bar open after hours, but Duke says that it's his bar. His brother points out that he ran the place for six months and figures that he has some say. Duke tells him that he should go home and when Wade starts talking about their father, informs his brother that he's not going to let him work out his father issues there. Wade figures that something is wrong because his brother wants him out of Haven so badly, but Duke says that he's just used to doing his own thing alone.

Dwight gets the word out for people to stay away from the manhole covers because of a "gas leak." They check the maps and figure that they'll send teams down to look for their killer.

In a house, a woman is taking a shower and turns off the water. Blood leaks out of the showerhead and she screams in terror as blood gushes everywhere. Nathan and Dwight get the report and confirm that she was exsanguinated. Dwight brings in a UV light and checks for blood splatters, but is surprised to discover there apparently is no residual blood anywhere. They split up to check the house and figure out how the killer got in. Jordan is waiting outside and Dwight tells her that he's trying to run an investigation. They see a large mass of blood nearby... moving into the sewers on its own.

Dave and Vince drive to New Hampshire in Vince's Montclair and have to stop to give it oil. Vince complains about what Nathan did and insists that Audrey exists for everyone, not just Nathan. Dave figures that it's their duty to look after Nathan because they owed his father, but Vince warns that he'll never forgive Nathan if Audrey is dead.

Audrey demands to know how William got back in, and William tells her that the bar isn't real. She grabs him and asks if it feels real, but William just smirks at her. Exasperated, Audrey lets him go and walks away.

At the Grey Gull, Jennifer has dozed off but wakes up when she hears people partying loudly. She goes down to investigate only to discover that the bar is empty except for Duke, who is watering alcohol. Jennifer tells him what happened and wonders if she really is crazy.

Dwight and Jordan tell Nathan what they saw and figure that it was the blood of the three victims. They check the map and discover that there's a pattern to the attacks. Nathan traces a line back to an area where the attack originated, and Jordan explains that Mike Gallagher and his wife live out there after their house was destroyed in the meteor shower. Nathan remembers Mike... he was the janitor he bumped into that morning, and he had a bandage on his hand.

Audrey tries to figure out what William means, and points out that everything in the bar seems real. Rhonda is concerned for her friend but assures her that it's real. Audrey grabs a bottle of tequila and says that she needs to take a break. They share a hug and Audrey thanks her for being normal. William watches Audrey as she walks out… and comes right back in. Rhonda greets her as if it's the next day and is unaware that for Audrey only seconds have passed.

Nathan, Dwight, and Jordan go out to Mike's house and Jordan explains that Mike joined the Guard five years. They never had any trouble with him. Mike greets them but refuses to talk to them because they lied about the Troubles ending. Nathan notices some dead lilies in the house and realizes that his wife Charlotte is dead. Jordan confirms that Charlotte's cancer came back because of the stress and she died a week ago. Nathan asks if his Trouble is blood related and warns that people are dying because of him. Mike tries to shove past her to get to Nathan and grabs her arm, and passes out from the pain. Dwight arrives and tells them that he got a call that a sewer worker was attacked by the blood mass. They trace the creature's route and discover that it is heading for Haven PD.

Duke and Jennifer go to the police station and discover that no one is there. Jennifer worries that she's going insane for real because if the barn was destroyed, she couldn't be hearing anything. Duke admits that he doesn't know and Jennifer figures that she's crazy after all.

As two of the officers arrive and secure the perimeter, the blood mass attacks one of them, oozing up his pants and into his shirt. The officer screams and collapses as Duke and Jennifer hear the noise and come out in time to see the blood mass leaving the body. Duke drags Jennifer back into Nathan's office, closes the door, and blocks the bottom. He then calls Nathan and leaves a message on his voice mail, while the blood starts leaking in through the ceiling. Jennifer starts to panic but then clutches at her head as the voices return, echoing in her head. Some of the blood gets on Duke's hand and soaks into his skin, and he transforms into his super-powered self. He tells Jennifer to get back, his eyes glowing silver, and Jennifer runs out just as Nathan and the others arrive. Duke comes out, back to normal, and asks if the unconscious Mike is the person responsible. They realize that Duke's ability killed the blood on him and Jordan gleefully tells Jennifer that Duke is Troubled.

Before they can discuss it further, the light flickers and the blood pours out of the outlets and moves toward them. Nathan tells everyone to back away slowly in the hopes that it will spread out and weaken itself. Duke realizes that it's focused on Nathan while Dwight fires a taser at it. It splits apart on impact, avoiding the prongs, but then reforms. Mike wakes up and Nathan tells him that he's the one doing it. he figures that it wants him because Mike is angry at him. Mike explains that his Trouble activated when his wife died. He cut himself and some of the blood went down the drain, but he insists that he doesn't want Nathan dead. As they try to work out what to do next, Jordan takes off her gloves and touches the blood, and it moves away in pain. However, they realize that it won't slow the blood down for long.

Vince and Dave arrive in New Hampshire and the morgue technician says that he's ready to show them the body. Dave gets up but Vince can't bring himself to go. The doctor gives them a moment and Vince admits that he never thought he'd have to identify Audrey's body. Dave says that he'll do it alone, and Vince realizes that they have to make an impossible decision, just like Nathan did.

Audrey asks Rhonda how it can be morning but her friend doesn't realize anything is wrong. Frustrated, Audrey goes over to William and asks what the bar really is, and wonders if she's dead.

Jordan warns the others that she can't hold the blood back forever, and Mike insists that he doesn't know what to do. They consider containing it in Mike, but they're not sure if it will kill him. Duke figures that he can absorb the rest of it safely, but Nathan warns that they don't know how that much blood will affect him. Despite that, Duke reaches down and touches it, absorbing all of the blood. He moans in pain and then grabs Dwight, his eyes glowing silver. Nathan says that it isn't him and Duke manages to get control of himself and release Dwight. After a few seconds Duke reverts to normal and they go to check that all of the blood is gone. Jennifer stays behind and asks Duke why she didn't trust him. He admits that his thing with Troubled blood is ugly and that he enjoys the rush of sensation. Duke explains that he knows what it did to his father and grandfather, and it ripped his family apart. Jennifer wonders if Wade has it, and Duke say that he doesn't... yet.

Once they confirm all of the blood is gone, Dwight takes Mike away. Nathan thanks Jordan for saving him, and she angrily says that she hoped that she might have died. She tells Nathan that she can't stand to live in her Troubled condition, and insists that he keep his promise and end the Troubles by sacrificing himself.

Vince and Dave finally go into the morgue but Vince asks to see the corpse's left foot. He reminds Dave that Audrey had a scar on her left foot, and that's all he can bear to see of her. They confirm that there's no scar and reluctantly look at the corpse's face. It's not Audrey.

William tells Audrey that she's alive.

At Audrey's apartment, Jennifer hears William and Audrey talking.

William tells Audrey that everyone in the bar isn't real. Audrey says that she believes him and everyone instantly disappears except Rhonda. William says that she isn't real either, but Audrey isn't a willing to let he friend go. Audrey goes over to Rhonda and says that she's a good friend, and then says goodbye. After a moment, Rhonda fades away as well. Audrey turns to William and asks what's next, and William says that she's next.

Later, Vince and Dave return to Haven and Vince checks on Mike. He knew about family stories of how Gallagher blood that was spilled would go after whoever they hated. Dave figures that Mike needed somewhere to focus his pain. Vince suggests that they work together to build a new Haven and let go of the old grudges. Nathan walks off and Vince admits to his brother that Nathan may have made mistakes, but he's their only chance.

At the bar, Dwight and Duke share a drink and Duke apologizes. Dwight admits that the Crocker ability comes in handy sometimes. Wade overhears them talking about Duke saving the day and comes over to ask what happened. Dwight quickly leaves and Duke tells his brother to drop it. Jennifer rushes in and tells Duke that he has to call Nathan. When Nathan arrives, Jennifer tells him that he heard Audrey talk about being trapped in a place that wasn't real. Duke suggests that Audrey is still inside the barn

William tells Audrey that the place where they are has many names, and it's most recently known as the barn. It's dying, and William warns Audrey that unless they move fast, it will take her with it. The walls start breaking apart but only William can see the ruptures.