Lost and Found - Recap

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Night in Haven, and a mother is saying good night prayers with her 4-year-old daughter Harper. She then turns off the lights and leaves, and Harper hears a boy laughing in the darkness. Harper's mother comes in and asks if she laughed, and Harper says that it was a new friend of hers. She jokingly plays along and tells her to have her imaginary friend go to asleep. Once she leaves, the laughter resumes and Harper goes to play.

The next morning, the mother finds Harper is gone and calls the police. Dwight and Nathan arrive and the mother describes the laugh of who she assumes abducted Harper. When Dwight wonders if Harper could have run away, her mother shows them that someone build a ladder out of chairs to get up to a vent. Nathan finds a toy spatula that was used to unscrew the vent, and Dwight explains that Harper may be Troubled. However, the mother says that Troubles aren't in their family. Unsure of how to proceed, both Nathan and Dwight figures that they need Audrey back.

In the bar, William explains that the Barn is a space between worlds and it was dangerous. If she doesn't leave, she'll die. Audrey points out that she can't leave and William says that she needs to find the real door back to Haven. However, she's the only one who can see through the illusion. Audrey wonders why everyone disappeared except William and wonders how he is, but William says that he's not allowed to tell her. He asks if she wants to see the truth, and Audrey says that she does. William has her close her eyes and clear her mind of all expectations. When she opens her eyes--and her mind--she can see the ruptures. He warns that if she can't find the door then she will cease to exist.

Jennifer lies in bed and hears everything that they say.

The next morning, Jennifer tells Nathan and Duke what she heard and they go to the site that the Barn occupied. Duke brought out her out because she thought she could hear things clearly there. He warns Nathan that Jennifer heard that Audrey didn't leave the Barn then she'll die. Nathan storms over to Jennifer, demanding more answers, but Duke pulls him away, warning his friend that he's freaking Jennifer out. As Nathan takes a call, Jennifer apologizes to Duke, admitting that she's not good with pressure. Duke has her keep listening and then checks in Nathan, who informs him that Dwight called with a report of another missing four-year-old. When he hears what's happening, Duke tells him to investigate the disappearances while he gets Jennifer to relax so she hear into the Barn. Nathan reluctantly agrees and goes.

Later, Duke takes Jennifer to his ship and shows her how to use yoga to relax and focus her ability. He does a handstand to demonstrate and she tries to imitate, and he hastily says she should try meditation instead.

At the station, Dwight explains that another four-year-old, Kent Tobel, went missing while shopping with his father. The boy snuck away into a storeroom, built a crude ladder out of crates to reach a key to an emergency alarm so he could get out. Both kids go to Sunnyside Preschool, the same school where Dwight's daughter Lizzie went. Dwight is clearly concerned and Nathan assures him that he's doing fine at Nathan's former job.

An officer sends over the footage from the store and when Dwight and Nathan check it, they hear the same laughter that Harper's mother reported. A door opens and they see Kent's face, entranced. Nathan has Dwight rewind the tape and they catch a glimpse of a ten-year-old boy with pointed teeth.

Duke shows Jennifer how to meditate and he gives her an empty bowl to consider. She tries to empty her mind but drops the bowl.

In the Barn, Audrey hears the bowl drop to the deck and jumps. William says that it means someone is looking for her, and tells Audrey that her friends need her.

Dwight goes to see Dave and Vince and tells them what Jennifer has heard. However, he needs the brothers to do research on the boy in the photograph. Meanwhile, Dwight has had a report that the children were seen in the Brambles and heads out.

At the Brambles, Nathan is leading a search party. As they head out, Sunnyside principal Carmen Brock introduces herself. Nathan asks her to come up with a list of families with ten-year-old boys once she finishes searching her sector. He then calls Duke, who assures him that everything is going fine. Duke insists that Nathan stay where he is because he's trying to distract her from the pressure. Nathan reluctantly admits that it's a good idea and hangs up. He turns around and discovers that Jordan is there and has overheard the whole thing. She tells him to focus on finding Audrey while the Guard cleans up his mess, and Nathan says that 17 people have died of the Troubles so far, and that he's hoping Audrey will kill him so that he doesn't have to keep thinking of the fact that he's responsible for the deaths.

Dwight finds footprints: two of them are small like Kent and Harper. There are at least four others that are larger and have claw marks.

At the police station, Dave meets Vince there and says that he was in "the room." He shows his brother a book and Vince hastily tells him to put it away. Dave admits that the whole thing bothers him. Before he can pursue the matter, Nathan arrives and says that the search hasn't turned up anything. The Teagues explain the claws and the enchanting laughter is related to the legend of a Caribbean myth, Douen. The Douen lures children into the forest, never to be seen again. They have a picture of it and it matches the creature on the tape. According to legend, Douens are masters of deception and can steal any child no matter how protected.

At home, a mother, Valerie, is locking up her son Ben in his room and tells him to play race cars. When she goes to check the alarm system, Ben hears laughter and opens and closes the window. When Valerie comes back, she finds a figure seated on the floor. She discovers that someone has dressed up a stuffed animal as her son.

Vince tells Nathan that Douen are particularly good at misleading search parties. They could have taken the children anywhere.

A Douen leads Ben through the woods.

Valerie calls Dwight and Nathan and shows her the stuffed animal. They assure her that she did the best she could. Once they're alone, they wonder how to find the missing children. Ben doesn't go to preschool and they try to work out connects the three children. Nathan notices the drawings and Valerie comes in and says that she taught Ben how to draw. They notice one drawing to an Aunt Carmen and confirm that Carmen Brock is Valerie's sister.

Jennifer is trying to relax playing Quarters with Duke. As she relaxes, she hears William talking and tells Duke.

William tells Audrey that one of her friends has a connection to the Barn. Audrey yells, asking them to help, but William says that there are two doors, one in the Barn and one on the outside. They have to be opened at the same time. William assures Audrey that he knew someone would be looking because she had friends, and always has friends.

Jennifer tells Duke that she can hear and in the Barn, Audrey hears Jennifer talking. She reluctantly concentrates and tries to find the door. Meanwhile, Jennifer explains about how they have to open the door on their side, admits that she doesn't know the details. She tries to concentrate but a foghorn keeps going off, distracting her. However, Duke tells her that he can't hear a foghorn, which means it's something Jennifer is hearing with her Trouble.

Nathan and Dwight go to Carmen's house but there's no answer. She left the search party an hour ago and there's no sign of her, so Nathan break sin. They check the house and discover that the front room has a crib and infant toys, but no sign of a baby. Dwight finds a file showing that Carmen and her husband Braer have been trying IVF for years without success. Braer arrives and they explain that Carmen has a Trouble. He doesn't believe that Carmen would harm children, but admits that Valerie recently told them that she became pregnant by accident. Nathan figures that Carmen's Trouble is somehow tied to the children, but Braer insists that his wife loves the children and will bring her home.

Deep in the forest, Carmen and her Douen are playing with Harper, Ben, and Kent. Harper collapses and Carmen realize that she's suffering from hypothermia because of the cold. Ben and Kent complain about the cold and Carmen realizes that she has to take them home. However, the Douen move in and entrance her, and Carmen breaks into laughter and tells Harper to rest while they go back to playing.

Nathan and Dwight check the house and find clawprints belonging to the Douen. The officers figure that Carmen would have taken the children to the place where she feels safest. Braer tells them that there's a clearing in the Chatham Woods where he proposed to her, and they head there. Nathan checks with Duke, who simply says that they're doing fine for fear of worrying his friend. Once he hangs up, Duke realizes that Jennifer is hearing the foghorn through the Barn, through the door on its side. If they find the foghorn, they find the door. Duke goes to get his charts.

In the Barn, William tells Audrey to focus on the foghorn and remember. She follows the sound to one corner of the bar and locates the spot in the wall that it's emerging from. Audrey reaches forward and the door appears. William tells her to open it and Audrey does so.

Jennifer hears the door opening as Duke comes out with the charts.

Audrey looks out on a stormy void.

Dwight, Nathan, and Braer go to Chatham Woods and see the unconscious Harper and Carmen playing with the other children. When Dwight goes to Harper, Carmen tells him to leave them alone. The Douen attack him, teleporting in and out, and surround the children. Dwight and Nathan retreat, trying to work out another plan.

Audrey closes the door and William says that it's a barrier that she can cross to the other side. She has no idea how to do it and William tells her that she has to make a leap of faith.

Carmen caresses the unconscious Harper and Braer insists that the Trouble is making his wife crazy. Nathan and Dwight realize that the Douen didn't attack Braer, and tell him that he's the one with the Trouble. He insists that he's accepted that he can't have children, but Nathan tells him that the IVF files they saw at the house showed that Braer is responsible. However, Braer has never accepted that fact. Nathan says that he lost a child and it may be his fault, but he's had to move on just like Braer does. Another one of the children collapses of hypothermia and Nathan begs Braer to face the truth. Braer says that it's his fault and breaks into tears, and the Douen vanish. Nathan and Dwight bundle up the children.

Audrey asks if her friends will open up the door on their side, and William admits that he doesn't know. All he can do is tell Audrey that she has to make a leap of faith.

The EMTs arrive and confirm that the children are okay. Nathan points out that it's not Braer's fault he can't have children, but Dwight points out that he blames himself for her daughter's death even though it wasn't his fault she inherited his Trouble. Dwight wonders why Nathan didn't confront Braer with the truth back at the house, Nathan says that he didn't want to stop for anything. He then calls Duke for an update, unaware that Jordan is watching him from the woods.

Duke and Jennifer go to a field near the foghorn and tell Nathan to meet them there. Jennifer can see and touch the door, but it won't open for her. When Nathan arrives, Jennifer tries the door again but it won't open. She figures that it's because Audrey closed the door on her side. Nathan starts to snap at her, just as Jordan and the Guard arrive. Jordan says that she's there to make sure Nathan carries out his side of the deal. She asks for Nathan's gun and he hands it over, telling Duke that he's going through with it.

Audrey braces herself for a leap of faith and then opens the door. Jennifer tells the others that Audrey is opening her door, and the door in the real world reappears where everyone can see it. Nathan tries to open it but nothing happens. Jennifer realizes that it has to be her and starts to turn the knob. However, Dave arrives with a gun and tells them that no one is opening the door. Vince is behind his brother, unable to stop him, and Nathan tells them Audrey will die if she doesn't come through. Dave insists that opening the door will unleash powers beyond their control.

Audrey asks William if he's coming and he says that it's a journey only she can make. However, he tells her that "they" will be fine and hopes to see her again.

Dave insists that Audrey's death is a small price to pay. Jordan uses her power to knock out Dave, while Duke tells Nathan that he's ready to fight. Nathan says not to because the Troubles have to end. Jennifer opens the door and they look out on the barrier

Audrey asks William who she will be when they arrive on the other side, and he says that she'll be whoever she wants most to be. She looks through the door and sees Nathan across the distance. A path spreads from her door to the other one and she steps through... and a blast wave of energy sweeps out from the door, knocking everyone down.

When everyone recovers from the blast, they discover that the door has disappeared. Audrey is lying to one side, unconscious. Nathan goes to her and wakes her up. As she looks around at them, Nathan takes a gun from Jordan and gives it to Audrey, and then holds the barrel to his chest. He explains that killing him is the only way to end the Troubles for good. Nathan kisses her and begs her to kill him, but she says that she's not killing anyone... particularly someone she's never met before. They realize that Audrey has no memory of any of them, and insists that her name is Lexie.