The New Girl - Recap

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Everyone stares at Audrey, who insists that her name is Lexie. Jordan puts a rifle to Nathan's head and tells Audrey to shoot Nathan, but she refuses, and Duke points out that if "Lexie" doesn't love Nathan then killing him won't work. Duke grabs a rifle from one Guard member and punches him, getting his blood on his hand. As he goes berserk, Nathan runs off and Jordan orders the Guard members to get him. As Nathan runs for his truck, a Guard member knocks him down.

As Jordan prepares to kill Nathan, Dave tells Vince to stop it. His brother refuses and Jordan prepares to pull the trigger. However, Audrey and Jennifer arrive and Audrey fires off a gun and tells them to back off. Duke offers to talk to Vince and clear everything up, and Audrey tells him to go ahead. When Vince warns that there's nothing else to say, Duke says that there may still be a way to end the Troubles.

Back in Haven, everyone goes to the Herald and Duke explains his plan. Jordan insists that it's insane but Duke points out that with the Barn gone, they're out of options. Jennifer notes that she can't hear the Barn anymore, confirming that Duke is right. Vince finally tells them all to stop arguing and agrees with Jordan that they must do what they can to end the Troubles, and tells them to call Dwight.

Outside, Lexie offers to check on Nathan's wound and isn't impressed when he says that he can't feel it. He tells her that he's the prisoner and she's safe, but Lexie tells him about everything that has happened to her. Nathan ask her to describe herself and if Agent Howard helper her get there. She tells him that William was the one who helped her leave and he told her that she was important. Vince comes in and orders them both out.

Vince drives Nathan and Lexie to the docks and Dwight removes Nathan's handcuffs. They tell Lexie to stay put and take Nathan over to a crime scene at a restaurant where a kid named Josh went berserk and attacked his friend Katie. They figure that it's Trouble-related and Vince tells Dwight to handle something else. Vince then gives Nathan a gun and tells him to deal with the Trouble. As Duke arrives, they tell him that they're hoping that Lexie will fall in love with Nathan so she can then kill him and end the Troubles. When Nathan points out that Lexie is a bartender, Vince figures that she'll solve Troubled cases, just like she has in her other incarnations.

Once Vince leaves, Duke warns Nathan that it's their only chance. They hear Lexie screaming and realize that she went into the restaurant and caught a glimpse of Josh, who the restaurant staff locked up. The two men come running and calm her down, and Nathan watches as Josh grabs a knife and tells them that it's over. He insists that he trusted Katie and then puts the knife to his throat and kills himself as they watch.

Back at the police station, Duke and Nathan question Katie, who explains that Josh was her boyfriend Tyler's best friend. Tyler is in the hospital because the three of them were in a car accident a few days ago. Tyler lost control and drove into a wall, and Josh and Katie walked away. Nathan has Officer Rafferty take Katie away to take her formal statement, and Lexie complains that she's not a cop and has no reason to be there. Duke insists that they need her help, but Lexie says that for now she just wants something out of the candy machine. Once she goes, Duke complains that Nathan isn't doing anything to charm Lexie. He points out that Audrey fell in love with Nathan because he was a cop, and figures that he's hanging back. Nathan figures that something is causing suicide and the two incidents are related. Lexie comes back in and Nathan says that they'll go to the hospital to talk to Tyler.

At the hospital, Tyler explains that he's paralyzed. He tells Nathan that right before the crash, Katie looked at him funny and his body crashed the car without his control. Tyler didn't say anything to the police because it didn't make sense, and is surprised when Duke suggests that it might be a Trouble. As they go, Duke tells Tyler to come to the Grey Gull for a free round and gives him a drink ticket, and Nathan gives Tyler his business card to call him of he thinks of anything else. Meanwhile, Lexie has gone for a brain scan and they've told her that she's healthy. Duke plays up Nathan's part in the investigation, and Nathan figures that Katie is responsible. They explain what Troubled people can do and Lexie wonders why anybody still lives in Haven.

Rafferty drives Katie home. She jerks and then looks at her hand, and says that it worked again. She then jumps in front of a passing car before Rafferty can stop her.

Duke and Nathan drive to the crime scene and Duke jokes about the situation. Nathan tells his friend that it's hard on him, and Duke tells him that he needs to focus so they can fix the situation. They tell Lexie that Katie's death is also Trouble-related and Duke explains that they've told everyone that Audrey has amnesia and they have her on the case in the hopes she can remember. Lexie admits that she thinks that William was right and she needs to help them. Jennifer arrives with Audrey's clothing and Nathan takes Lexie to change. Duke admits to Jennifer that he didn't expect anyone to buy his suggestion, and then tells her to stay out of the case so she won't get hurt. Clearly upset, Jennifer goes back to move her things out of Audrey's apartment.

Wade returns to the bar and finds Jordan drinking. He offers her a beer on the house and invites her to share her troubles with him. Dwight comes in and warns Jordan that she's found the wrong Crocker. Jordan realizes that Wade is Duke's brother, and Dwight takes her outside to show her something.

In Nathan's office, Nathan, Duke, and Lexie try to work things out. Lexie suggests that Katie and Josh were cheating on Tyler, and suggests that Tyler might be the murderer. Duke and Nathan admit that it's a good idea and Nathan asks if Lexie is up for talking to Tyler. When they return to the hospital, they find an orderly dead in Tyler's bed and no sign of Tyler, a paraplegic.

The police arrive and Nathan checks the security footage. It shows the orderly giving Tyler a remote control and then Tyler taking control of him. The orderly takes Tyler out and then gets in the bed and kills himself with an empty syringe. Nathan realizes that Tyler somehow took over Josh, Katie, and the orderly, and figures that Tyler had to kill his host body to return to his own body. He checks Tyler's records and discovers that Tyler had increasingly worse seizures every time he used his ability. He calls Duke, who says that an orderly is following him and acting twitchy like Tyler's other victims. Nathan warns him that the man is innocent and not to engage.

When Nathan and Lexie go down to the morgue to join Duke, he tells them that he locked his follower in the freezer. Once Nathan goes in, Duke slams the door into his friend, grabs Nathan's gun and orders both of them into the freezer. They realize that Tyler has possessed Duke. Duke takes their phones while Nathan realizes that Tyler's Trouble kicked in after the accident. Tyler/Duke explains that he woke up and discovered that Katie was cheating on him, and he killed both of them. Nathan realizes that the real Tyler holds onto something, giving him control over the person they belonged to. Lexie realizes that Josh and Kate gave Tyler get-well cards, and Tyler/Duke points out that he had Duke's drink ticket and Nathan's business card. Nathan warns him that his body is dying, but Tyler figures that he can take someone's body permanently and escape his dying body.

Dwight shows Jordan a locked room and explains that he has been working with Vince and Dave to find another way to end the Troubles. The wall is covered with notes on Audrey and her various incarnations, and Dwight admits that they haven't found any other way to end the Troubles. Jordan suggests that Audrey's Trouble is the Troubles, and that they should have Duke kill Lexie. Dwight insists that they've found nothing to prove that, and warns that Duke would never kill her.

Tyler/Duke goes to the Grey Gull and Wade greets him. When his brother says nothing, a disgusted Wade figures that's par for the course. Tyler/Duke explains about his ability to Wade, and asks him for any suggestion about how he could stay in his new body. Wade suggests that if Tyler kills his old body then he can stay in his new one. Tyler/Duke thanks him and takes some money from the cash register, and Wade realizes that it's not his brother. After agreeing, Tyler/Duke knocks him to the ground and asks if they have a safe there.

Lexie watches as Nathan tries to break down the freezer drug without success. She starts joking with him and Nathan suggests that they get some food once they get out.

As Tyler/Duke threatens to beat Wade to get the safe's information. Jennifer pulls up. Tyler/Duke knocks Wade out as Jennifer comes in and says that she's going back to Boston. When she gets no response, she starts to leave but Tyler/Duke says that he's leaving town and invites her to come with him. He kisses her, much to Jennifer's surprise, and she asks if he's sure about this. Tyler/Duke says that he is and says that they should leave immediately without packing. However, first he wants to make a stop to pay a visit to a friend.

Lexie finally tells Nathan to let her try it. She tries to pick the lock and notices that Nathan is watching her, and Nathan admits that he wants Audrey, not her. Upset, Lexie turns around and goes back to work. She gets the lock open and they leave.

Wade wake up and calls Nathan.

Tyler/Duke drives to the hospital with Jennifer. He calls her "babe" and Jennifer realizes that something is wrong. When she suggests that he's been infected by a Trouble, Tyler/Duke starts to go for his gun. Jennifer stabs him in the thigh with a pen and grabs the gun. She threatens to shoot him but Tyler/Duke calls her bluff and runs off. Nathan and Lexie arrive and explain what's happening, and tell her that they've checked the security footage and confirm that the orderly never left the building. Jennifer admits that Tyler/Duke now has something of hers and can possess her or anyone else, and suggests that Lexie deal with it because she's immune to the Troubles. Lexie agrees, figuring that she's immune to Tyler's ability. Nathan refuses but Lexie says that maybe she's supposed to be there. Jennifer agrees and Lexie points out that Nathan either has to take a chance that Tyler can possess him, or take a chance on her. Nathan reluctantly gives Lexie his gun and tells her that he's coming after her in three minutes if he doesn't hear from her.

Lexie enters the construction wing of the hospital and finds Tyler, lying on a gurney. Tyler/Duke sneaks up behind her and knocks the gun out of her hand. She warns that killing his body might not leave him in control of Duke's body, but Tyler insists that he doesn't have a choice because his original body is ruined. He asks if Duke is worth dying for and Tyler steps back, and Tyler/Duke kills Tyler's body with a fire axe. Tyler convulses and Duke convulses as well. After a moment Tyler dies and Duke collapses to the ground. As Lexie eyes him nervously, Duke says that it's really him now. He explains that he remembers everything, trapped in his body. Duke tells Lexie about his own curse, that when he kills someone then it ends their Trouble. When Tyler used Duke's body to "kill" himself, he lost control of Duke and reverted to his own body... and died for real.

Later, Nathan finds Lexie looking through Audrey's office. She admits that she got lucky and that she didn't accomplish anything. However, Nathan tells her that just going in there meant a lot. She asks him if he and Audrey had sex, and Nathan admits that it's complicated.

At the bar, Duke comes to see his brother, who is applying ice to his bruises. Duke says that he should know it wasn't him, and Wade points out that he knew when Tyler/Duke was interested in what he had to say. Wade asks what the big secret is but Duke says that he's doing him a favor by protecting him. Duke notices Jennifer out on the porch and goes out. He tells her that he's protecting his brother, and then asks if she's going back to Boston like she said. Jennifer says that she is, but Duke offers her a room on his boat if she wants to consider staying. He asks her to stay and Jennifer points out that he kissed her. Duke smiles and says that she kissed him back.

Wade goes out to his car and finds Jordan waiting for him. He wonders if she's waiting for Duke, and Jordan says that she's waiting for him.

Duke finds Lexie outside looking at her old apartment. She's surprised that she lived there, and Duke points out that she let Tyler try to kill her. Lexie claims that she was scared, but Duke doesn't believe it given everything else she's done. He figures that Lexie knew that his curse would jump in and save him... because Audrey would know. Duke calls her Audrey, and she turns around and hugs him.