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Lay Me Down - Recap

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Duke is at the Gull trying to reach Wade on his cell phone without success. Jennifer comes out and asks if she looks better with or without glasses for her job interview at the paper with the Teagues. Duke says that he's glad that she's staying in Haven. Wade comes up and grabs some bottles of cleaner, and Jennifer goes inside while Duke goes over to confront his brother. Duke points out that he almost killed a Troubled man, and Wade claims that it won't happen again. He just wanted what Duke has, but he says that he's realized that doesn't want it. Duke warns his brother that it's not easy to control the overwhelming sensation of the blood, and Wade asks for a couple of days so he can figure out where to go. He then leaves with the cleaners, pointing out that Duke has a customer. Duke goes over to the man, Freddie, who is sleeping on the deck on a stack of newspapers.

In the jail, Nathan and Audrey lock Freddie up and tell him to sleep it off. As they walk off, Nathan admits that he doesn't like her Lexie persona because it isn't her, and Audrey reminds him that they don't have any choice if they want to keep her existence as Audrey secret. They go back to the cell and discover that something has torn Freddie apart.

Nathan and Audrey take Freddie's corpse to the morgue where Gloria examines it. When Audrey suggests that it might be a bear attack, Nathan abruptly cuts her off. Gloria points out that there was no trace evidence, meaning an animal wasn't responsible because there's no DNA or hair, and his clothes weren't torn. Audrey suggests that they make a mold of the bite marks, impressing Gloria. Once the coroner leaves, Nathan warns Audrey to leave the investigation stuff to him, pointing out that more people are learning that she's really Audrey. He worries that they can't keep up the deception forever and walks out.

At the marina, Dwight is looking for Jordan, whose car has turned up abandoned. He sees Duke and tells him about Freddie's death. They both figure that a Trouble got him in his sleep and Duke remembers that Freddie was interested in bears, but figures that it's a coincidence. Dwight asks him if he has seen Jordan, and points out that Wade was seen with her, but Duke figures that his brother wouldn't have had anything to do with her.

Jennifer goes to the Herald and notices a woman, Carrie Benson, picking up newspapers to deliver. She asks for her opinion about wearing glasses. Meanwhile, David and Vince watch her from inside and figure that they need to hire her so they can learn more about her connection to the bar. When she comes in, David interviews her and she explains how she lost her parents. David asks her to prove herself by doing a background check on herself and Vince agrees.

Duke is cooking supper in his cabin when Wade comes in. He says that he has things to do that night and can't stay for supper, but Duke wants him to read their father's journal and the rush that it gave him. Duke cuts his finger on the page and Wade lunges at him, takes some of his blood, and then stabs him...

Duke wakes up from his nightmare and discovers that his finger is bleeding. He calls Audrey and tells her that he knows what happened to Freddie.

Wade picks up Sonia Weston at a bar. Once he confirms that she has a Guard tattoo, they kiss and he bites her, taking some of her blood. His eyes turn silver and he takes out a knife and stabs her, saying that it's best for everyone that he end her curse.

A naked Nathan approaches Audrey at the station and says that they have to go. She points out that he's naked and Nathan says that he's late for his test. The office transforms into a schoolroom and Nathan finds his test book on a desk. Audrey, dressed as a school teacher, demands an answer from him and points to all of her names on the board. When he can't think, Audrey slaps his hand and tells him that he needs to be punished. She orders him to stand up, takes out a paddle, and assures him it'll be a lesson he never forgets...

Nathan wakes up from his dream as Audrey knocks on his door and tells him that he can't fall to sleep, and they have to get to the morgue. When they get there, Audrey explains that how Freddie and Duke were both injured in their dreams. She notices the slap mark on his hand and Nathan simply says that he was dreaming about school. Gloria shows them the bodies of the newest victims. One had a phobia of bees and died of anaphylactic shock. The next victim died when all of his teeth fell out. The last victim died of multiple stab wounds. Dwight recognizes Sonia and confirms that she was in the Guard. A knife tip broke off in her chest so they realize that she was murdered normally. She was found at the marina but forensic evidence confirmed that she was dumped there. Dwight says that he'll handle Sonia's murder while Nathan and Audrey look for the dream killer.

Duke returns to his boat after leaving a voice message warning his brother not to sleep, and finds Wade washing off a knife. He claims that he was gutting a fish and suggests that they have dinner before he leaves. Duke mentions Jordan and Wade says that she probably left town. Duke picks up the knife and notices that Wade chipped it, and his younger brother dismisses it as clumsiness. He goes to wash off while Duke checks the cooler where Wade was keeping the fish and realizes that none of them were gutted.

Jennifer reports to the Teagues about her background and they admit that they're impressed with the amount of work she put into it. She admits that the records on her birth parents were sealed, and they tell her that she's hired and can start the next day. They dismiss her and start fighting over the files, and Jennifer notices.

Duke meets with Audrey and Nathan and gives them coffee to stay awake. Audrey notes that since Duke and Nathan are still alive, they need to figure out how they're connected. She discovers that they both had a Herald, and that there was a Herald at every death. Nathan realizes that he got the newspaper he read off of Dwight's desk, and they call to tell him that he can't fall asleep.

At the station, Dwight checks Jordan's phone records and discovers that she made several calls to Wade. Wade comes in, carrying a gun, and walks past Dwight. The gun then drifts back on its own and fires, wounding Dwight. As it prepares to fire again, Dwight's phone rings. He wakes up in his car and realizes that he's been wounded. Nathan is calling and Dwight tells him that he's been hit.

Nathan and the others get Dwight to the hospital. The doctor assures them that Dwight will be fine and that they've given him sedatives to keep him from dreaming. As Nathan and Audrey go to see the Teagues, Dwight says that he's going to stay with Dwight. Once they leave, Duke checks Dwight's files on Jordan and the dead girl, Sonia. There's a photo of the tip taken from her chest and Duke realizes that it belongs to the knife that Wade had.

Duke drives to the marina and asks the owner if Wade rented a boat to go fishing. The owner confirms that the boat he rented has GPS and lets Duke check it out, and Duke pays him to keep quiet and to take out his brother's rental boat. Duke then follows the chartplotter to see where his brother has been going. He comes to a harbor and spots several corpses wrapped in bags and anchored to the bottom... and one of them is Jordan.

Nathan and Audrey meet with the Teagues, who insist that they're not the source of the Trouble. They say that there's nothing unique about the particular paper and Audrey suggests that it might be a photo. Vince picks up on her sudden insight, while David suggests that they check the route map. They realize that Carrie is one who delivered all of the papers to the victims, and that she's out now delivering papers to the whole town.

Audrey and Nathan track down Carrie, and she says that she knows all about her Trouble. In her bloodline, the women experience for real whatever happens in their dreams. They tell her that now it's happening to other people but Carrie insists that it's impossible. Audrey figures that if they can cure her Trouble then they can save all of her unintended victims. Carrie says that there's a way according to family lore, but almost everyone who has tried it has died.

That night, Audrey takes Carrie to her apartment. Carrie explains that her mother taught her how to use lucid dreaming to keep herself safe. All of her relatives who died went into the "Dark Place." Nathan comes in and tells them that Stan and Rebecca are setting off sirens, keeping everyone in town awake. Carrie explains that if they can confront the fears in the Dark Place then they can cure themselves. She says that a couple of days ago she was mugged. They threatened to come back and kill her if she told the police, and Carrie is sure that she'll see them in her Dark Place. She insists that she'll do it rather than let more people die, and Audrey promises that she'll be there while she's dreaming.

Duke tracks down Wade to a bar where he's helping out a drunk Troubled man. After ordering the man to leave, Duke tells Wade that he knows what he's been doing. Wade insists that he has been helping his victims' families with his power, but Duke insists that it's a curse rather than a power. He warns that their Trouble turns them into killers, and Wade asks if he's going to turn him in. Duke admits that he doesn't know what he's going to do, and that he promised Nathan and Audrey that he'll deal with it. Wade threatens to tell the Guard that Lexie is Audrey, and Duke seemingly accepts his deal. However, he then knocks out Wade when his back is turned.

In her dream, Carrie walks through a dark forest and hears someone following her. A large man steps out and confronts her, and Carrie runs. Another man cuts off her escape and the two men move in on her. She screams and calls to Audrey, who assures her that she's not alone. One of the men hits Carrie and in the real world, Audrey watches as she bleeds.

At the Herald, the Teagues tell Jennifer that they found something in her background check and ask her to clear it up. It turns out that the man who arranged her adoption was Agent Howard. Jennifer realizes that Howard was one of the voices she heard in the Barn, and the Teagues promise that they'll find out why he arranged her adoption.

The two men continue to beat Carrie. Audrey tells her to fight back and Carrie regroups, insisting that she's not afraid of the dark. The two men disappear and the forest turns to light, and Carrie wakes up. Audrey assures her that she did great, and then turns to Nathan, who has dozed off and is smiling happily.

Jennifer goes to Duke's boat and calls to Duke. Wade is locked up in a closet and hears her, and claims he locked himself in. When she unlocks the door, Wade grabs her and says that he needs her for a taste. He picks up a knife and cuts her, and then drinks some of her blood. As he prepares to take more, Duke comes in and shoves him aside. He picks up the knife and touches Jennifer, and gets some of her blood on him, and tells Wade that he has to control himself. Wade says that he can't and deliberately lunges forward, and Duke stabs him dead. He looks at his hand and realizes that the blood isn't soaking in... and that his curse has ended.

Nathan and Audrey take Carrie to the hospital to get her injuries treated. They confirm that the doctors released Dwight, and the sheriff is eager to find Jordan. When they check on Carrie, she thanks them for helping her. Audrey notices that she has a handprint burned into her back, but Carrie and Nathan can't see it. Carrie confirms that when she was mugged she remembered a weird sensation there, and Nathan says that they'll need her to ID the men who attacked her. Once Carrie is led off for more tests, Audrey suggests that the person who applied the mark mutated Carrie's Trouble.

Duke wraps up his brother's corpse while Jennifer looks on. She assures Duke that he had no choice and Wade wanted to end his life that way, and thanks him for saving her life. Duke starts to reach for the cut on her neck and Jennifer flinches for a second, then lets him. The blood doesn't soak in and they realize that his Trouble is gone. Duke says that they can't tell anyone, particularly Nathan and Audrey, because now he's a murderer. Jennifer insists that he isn't but Duke points out that she flinched a moment ago.

Nathan goes to see Audrey at her apartment and says that they need to talk. He wonders if they're dealing with something new and dangerous, and insists that he can't keep up the deception anymore. Audrey points out that he didn't have a problem with Sarah, knowing all about what happened between the two of them. When Nathan complains that it's been hard on him, Audrey says that at least he knows he's one person and says that they can't be Audrey and Nathan anymore and that they can only work together. Angry, Nathan turns and leaves, but then comes back in and tells Audrey that he doesn't care who she is. Once he does, he kisses her and Audrey kisses him back.

On a hill overlooking the Gull, the two men from Carrie's dream watch--the same two men that attacked Lexie at the bar.