Sam Ernst     Developer94 Eps
Jim Dunn     Developer105 Eps
Gabrielle Stanton     Executive Producer42 Eps
Margaret O'Brien (2)     Executive Producer35 Eps
Matt McGuinness     Executive Producer67 Eps
Michael Rosenberg     Executive Producer 
Laszlo Barna     Executive Producer19 Eps
Scott Shepherd     Executive Producer92 Eps
Sam Ernst     Executive Producer59 Eps
Noreen Halpern     Executive Producer34 Eps
Shawn Piller     Executive Producer102 Eps
David McLeod (2)     Executive Producer90 Eps
Jim Dunn     Executive Producer55 Eps
Jose Molina     Co-Executive Producer17 Eps
Speed Weed     Supervising Producer22 Eps
Jonathan Abrahams     Supervising Producer23 Eps
Stefani Deoul     Supervising Producer95 Eps
Margaret O'Brien (2)     Producer22 Eps
Shernold Edwards     Consulting Producer21 Eps
Nora Zuckerman     Consulting Producer15 Eps
Lilla Zuckerman     Consulting Producer17 Eps
Charles Ardai     Consulting Producer97 Eps
Jennifer Stewart (2)     Production Designer94 Eps
Roslyn Kalloo     Editor11 Eps
Thorben Bieger     Editor15 Eps
Cindy Fret     Editor4 Eps
Debbie Berman     Editor10 Eps
Teresa De Luca     Editor3 Eps
Geoffrey Rowland     Editor2 Eps
Sheila Lane     Casting (Nova Scotia)94 Eps
Shawn Dawson     Casting (U.S.)107 Eps
Ginny Jones Duzak     Line Producer92 Eps
Mary Reynolds     First Assistant Director13 Eps
Derek Filiatrault     First Assistant Director22 Eps
Megan Banning     First Assistant Director33 Eps
Greg Rousseaux     First Assistant Director25 Eps
John Shurko     Second Assistant Director54 Eps
Bruce Zwicker     Second Assistant Director29 Eps
Keith White (2)     Second Assistant Director (Action Unit)41 Eps
Shawn Pierce     Music85 Eps
Rob Betola     Music Editor102 Eps
Michael Perlmutter     Music Supervisor56 Eps
Amy Fritz     Music Supervisor18 Eps
Aideen O'Brien     Music Supervisor22 Eps
Jeanie Kimber     Costume Designer19 Eps
Antoinette Messam     Costume Designer11 Eps
Denise Barrett     Costume Designer3 Eps
Steven Wright (2)     Costume Designer56 Eps
Darryl Duzak     Key Grip80 Eps
Ross Sangster     Key Grip (Key Rigging Grip)59 Eps
Darlene Lewis     Set Decorator102 Eps
Andrew Sheridan (2)     Location Manager52 Eps
Rodney Dominey     Transportation Coordinator75 Eps
Jeff Beanlands     Construction Coordinator67 Eps
Mary Louise McCloskey     Script Supervisor20 Eps
Joanne Hagen     Script Supervisor77 Eps
Brian Millikin     Script Coordinator20 Eps
Nick Parker     Script Coordinator44 Eps
Josh Brandon     Script Coordinator8 Eps
Eileen Graham     Post Production Supervisor76 Eps
W. Michael Beard     Post Production Supervisor22 Eps
Jason Ray King     Post Production Supervisor (L.A.)100 Eps
Alfie Dipucchio     Re-Recording Mixer78 Eps
Bruce Fleming     Re-Recording Mixer23 Eps
Paul Williamson (1)     Re-Recording Mixer81 Eps
Ken LeBlanc     Gaffer22 Eps
Jordan Schella     Gaffer40 Eps
Peter MacDonald (1)     Gaffer24 Eps
Christopher Ball     Director of Photography4 Eps
Barry Donlevy     Director of Photography18 Eps
Eric Cayla     Director of Photography72 Eps
Y. Shireen Razack     Story Editor 
Adam Higgs     Story Editor23 Eps
Brian Millikin     Story Editor42 Eps
Annmarie Morais     Story Editor3 Eps
Nora Zuckerman     Story Editor22 Eps
Lilla Zuckerman     Story Editor15 Eps
Randy Boliver     Stunt Coordinator103 Eps
Terry Quennell     Art Director104 Eps
Sarah Coleman (1)     Assistant Production Coordinator36 Eps
John Shurko     Assistant Production Coordinator10 Eps
Sam Ernst     Creative Consultant45 Eps
Jim Dunn     Creative Consultant34 Eps
Robert Ainsley     Sound Editor (1st Assistant)15 Eps
Robert Ainsley     Sound Mixer1 Eps
Jim Rillie     Sound Mixer72 Eps
Lilla Zuckerman     Executive Story Editor18 Eps
Brian Millikin     Executive Story Editor22 Eps
Todd Ulman     Consultant106 Eps
Stephen Lynch (2)     Key Makeup Artist72 Eps
Andre Fratto     Main Title Theme95 Eps
Leah Siegel     Main Title Theme99 Eps
Daniela Zomparelli     Production Accountant40 Eps
Janice Sheridan     Production Accountant18 Eps
B.J. Dainard     Production Accountant17 Eps
Christine MacDonald     Production Accountant (1st Assistant)20 Eps
Michelle MacEachern     Transportation Captain85 Eps
Christopher Ball     "A" Camera Operator92 Eps
Kelsey Smith (1)     "A" Camera Operator3 Eps
Allan Fung     Sound Supervisor41 Eps
Rachel Filiatrault     Assistant Production Manager18 Eps
Joanne Stamp     Key Hairstylist99 Eps
Shawn Pierce     Music Composer18 Eps
Tashi Bieler     Executive In Charge Of Production54 Eps
Susan Alexander (2)     Executive In Charge Of Production (Canwest International)101 Eps
Martin Irusta     Executive In Charge Of Production (Universal Networks International)27 Eps
Vanessa Steinmetz     Production Executive19 Eps
Anne Marie Lapointe     Unit Publicist20 Eps
Skana Gee     Unit Publicist59 Eps
Neil Shaw     Production Associate46 Eps
Steve Copley     Foley Editor (Recordist)20 Eps
Michael Boord     First Assistant Editor24 Eps
Colin Moore     Colorist2 Eps
Mark Kueper     Colorist92 Eps
Kelly McDonald     Assistant Property Master63 Eps
Denise Barrett     Assistant Costume Designer34 Eps
Carol Robinson (1)     Assistant Costume Designer17 Eps
Terry Daly     Rigging Gaffer24 Eps
Peter MacDonald (1)     Rigging Gaffer20 Eps
Chris Baxter     Dolly Grip44 Eps
John Machado (1)     Assistant Sound Editor17 Eps
Virginia Storey     Foley Artist103 Eps
Irene Astle     Payroll Accountant40 Eps
Cam Erais     Digital Imaging Technician2 Eps
Matt Likely     First Assistant Art Director46 Eps
Ulo Greer     First Assistant Art Director21 Eps
Michael Western     Second Assistant Art Director22 Eps
Ulo Greer     Second Assistant Art Director19 Eps
Patrick Doyle (3)     "B" Camera Operator76 Eps
Kelsey Smith (1)     "B" Camera Operator 
Jim Worthen     Wardrobe Set Supervisor20 Eps
Christopher Reardon     Still Photographer18 Eps
Mike Tompkins     Still Photographer79 Eps
Richard Harkness     Sound Special Effects Editor22 Eps
Vanessa Steinmetz     Senior Executive Producer73 Eps
Dina Appleton     Senior Executive Producer70 Eps
Jeff Lynas     Senior Executive Producer8 Eps
John Robinson (4)     Senior Executive Producer57 Eps
Margaret O'Brien (2)     Senior Executive Producer (Senior Executive in Charge of Producton)43 Eps
Andre Fiske     Lead Carpenter2 Eps
Colin Paul     Assistant Set Decorator40 Eps
Melinda Cook (2)     Set Supervisor71 Eps
Brian Millikin     Story Coordinator17 Eps
Keith White (2)     1st Assistant Director (Action Unit)25 Eps
Eddy McInnis     "A" Camera First Assistant105 Eps
Robert Ainsley     ADR Editor38 Eps
Andrew Stretch     "A" Camera Second Assistant97 Eps
Justin Lee (2)     Background Casting7 Eps
Gareth Roberts (2)     "B" Camera First Assistant95 Eps
Mike Snider     "B" Camera Second Assistant98 Eps
Deb Curtis     Creative Executive (Entertainment One)41 Eps
John Hunt     1st Assistant Editor2 Eps
Elisa Cohen     1st Assistant Editor3 Eps
Hannah Long     1st Assistant Editor7 Eps
Joseph M. Gonzales     1st Assistant Editor4 Eps
Shin Peng     1st Assistant Editor3 Eps
Travis Finstein     1st Assistant Editor10 Eps
Brandon Graham     1st Assistant Editor1 Eps
Jessica McKee (2)     1st Assistant Editor2 Eps
Seth Gottlieb     1st Assistant Editor4 Eps
Sarah Zeitlin     1st Assistant Editor12 Eps
Cindy Fret     1st Assistant Editor6 Eps
Michelle Walsh     1st Assistant Editor2 Eps
Keith White (2)     Second Second Assistant Director23 Eps
David Yonson     Foley Recordist42 Eps
Dorothy Martin     Key Makeup23 Eps
John Hunt     Visual Effects Assistant Editor15 Eps
Susan Diamond     2nd Second Assistant Director39 Eps
Cam Erais     Video Playback41 Eps
Trevor Macdonald     Special Effects Technician (Senior)20 Eps
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Horror/Supernatural, Mystery
Status: Ended
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 09, 2010
Ended: December 17, 2015
This guide is currently edited by:
Gadfly (Challenge)