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Agent Howard is teased by Parker about a promising FBI agent who believed in aliens. To what sci-fi series is this a shout out Easy msd85• FlashForward
• Quantum Leap
• The X-Files
• Angel
What identity did the shape-shifting "Bolt Gun Killer" assume for most of season three Medium msd85• Claire
• Tommy
• Vince
• Dwight
What is the title of the exclusive comic book included with the season three DVD set Hard msd85• After The Fire
• After The End
• After The Storm
• After The Rain
How many episodes were in the third season Easy msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the second season Easy msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
How many episodes were in the first season Easy msd85• 11
• 12
• 13
• 14
In what episode of season 2 does Rev. Driscoll get killed Medium msd85• Who What Where Wendigo
• Business As Usual
• Sins Of The Fathers
• Silent Night
In the special Christmas episode "Silent Night", in what holiday related object do the residents of Haven find themselves trapped inside Medium msd85• A Christmas Tree
• A Snow Globe
• A Santa Attraction
• A Giant Sleigh
In what year did the show premiere Medium msd85• 2008
• 2009
• 2010
• 2011
On what cable network does the show air Medium msd85• SYFY
• Spike
The episode A Tale Of Two Audreys features a scene of a little boy in a yellow rain slicker trying to retrieve a paper boat from a sewer drain and then screaming. What Stephen King story is this a direct reference too Easy msd85• The Shining
• IT
• Pet Sematary
• Needful Things
What Stephen King story is Haven based off of Easy msd85• The Colorado Kid
• Haven
• The Sun Dog
• Everything's Eventual
What does Rev. Driscoll want to do with the "Troubled" Medium msd85• Cure Them
• Imprison Them
• Use Them
• Kill Them
What is Nathan's "trouble" Easy msd85• He can't smell
• He can't taste
• He can't feel
• He can't sleep
Who's identity did the chameleon assume for most of the episode As You Were Medium msd85• Nathan Wournos
• Audrey Parker
• Duke Crocker
• Chief Wournos
What former star of Beverly Hills 90210 played Audrey's short-lived love interest Chris Brody Easy msd85• Luke Perry
• Brian Austin Green
• Jason Priestley
• Ian Ziering
What former WWE wrestler turned actor plays the supporting role of Dwight "The Cleaner" Hendrickson Medium msd85• Triple H
• Edge
• Christian
• Randy Orton
Duke Crocker learns that his father wanted him to return to Haven to kill who Medium msd85• Rev. Driscoll
• Nathan Wournos
• Audrey Parker
• Chris Brody
What is the name of Nathan Wournos' biological father Medium msd85• Garland Wournos
• Ed Driscoll
• Simon Crocker
• Max Hansen
The last time Audrey Parker came to Haven, what name was she known by Easy msd85• Ellen Wournos
• Lucy Ripley
• Jane Crocker
• Emily Driscoll
what maine town is haven based on Easy Anonymous• camden, maine
• bangor,maine
• some other town in maine
Warning: Haven guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Horror/Supernatural | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: Syfy ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 09, 2010
Episode Order: 26
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