Pilot - Recap

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The scene opens in Pohang, South Korea. At the U.S. military prisoner transport, Steve McGarret is transporting a prisoner via convoy. The prisoner starts to talk and says that he has done his research on Steve as well. Steve’s phone starts ringing and it’s his dad’s phone. Get answers it and it is Victor, the prisoner’s brother. Victor tells that his brother needs to be set free or Steve’s father dies. At the same time they’re tracing the phone that Steve is using. His father tells that he can talk to him and convince him to listen to Victor. Steve’s father talks to him and tells him to not give them anything. In the convoy, the prisoner says “Boom”. Suddenly they are attacked and in the mist of the attack the prisoner gets killed. Victor calls and Steve apologizes, but it’s too late and Victor says that his father’s dead. Victor shoots him.

In Hawaii, Steve McGarrett arrives and the governor meets up with and Intel’s that he or she wants to give him something that he’s looking for. She tells that she wants him to lead a team. He tells that he has immunity with the new task force to do what he likes. He passes because she is just looking to increase her PR before the election. Steve meets with Chin Ho and he tells that his father was a great man and that he wishes he could do something. He tells that a new person arrived to help with Steve’s father’s murder. Meanwhile, Danny Williams meets with his daughter and has a stuffed rabbit in the front seat for her. She walks out and is holding a real rabbit. Danny doesn’t like this and distracts her so that he can ditch the stuffed rabbit. At the Garret home, Steve is going through the crime scene of his father’s murder and takes pictures. He goes to the garage and finds a toolbox with a key inside and a tape recorder. He plays the tape and it is his father talking about the corruption of the police department. Suddenly, Danny appears and tells that the house is an active crime scene. They have their guns drawn on each other and they slowly both show their badges. He tries to leave with the toolbox and Danny tells him to give it up. Steve calls the Governor and tells that he will take the position with the task force. He gets sworn in over the phone and tells Danny that it is his crime scene now.

A taxi pulls up to Danny’s home and Steve gets out and asks about Durant and the tag that Danny put on him. Danny tells that when he went to run Ballistics on the gun and it returned him to the Duran investigation. He tells that he doesn’t like the fact that Steve came in and thinks that he can do whatever he wants. Steve tells that Danny is in Hawaii so that he can be close to his daughter and that he cares about his work. Steve tells that he likes that in a partner and tells Danny that he is his new partner. Steve and Danny go up to Duran’s trailer and there is a domestic disturbance going on. The girl leaves and Duran notices that something is going on and shoots at the door. Danny is shot in the arm and tells Steve to go in. Steve catches up to Duran and he has a hostage with him. He tells Steve to put down his gun or he’ll kill her. He lowers his weapon and Duran aims his at Steve, but Danny shoots Duran before he shoots Steve. Inside, Steve looks around Duran’s place and finds a girl named Chin Chi in a storage closet. He tells that everything will be alright. Outside, Danny tells that Steve can thank him for saving his life and Steve tells that Danny killed his only lead and that Danny needs to think as if Chin was his daughter and Danny waves his finger in Steve’s face and tells that he doesn’t have the right to say that. Steve grabs Danny in a submissive hold and Danny tells that he will listen. After he is free, Danny punches Steve and tells that he doesn’t like him.

Steve asks Danny how his arm is and Danny tells that they don’t need to talk. Steve calls him sensitive and Danny tells that in the civilized worlds, they have rules. He tells that when someone gets shot because of someone else, they have to say sorry. During his rant, Steve is apologizing and says that he is really sorry that he got him shot. They go and visit Chin Ho tells that he knows a guy and tells that he can’t be a cop anymore and gets up. Steve asks him if he took the money and Chin Ho tells that he did not. Steve tells Chin Ho to join them and all will be forgotten. They visit Kamekona, Chin Ho’s informant and Chin Ho tells that he needs a name. Kamekona tells that the white men need to pay and orders them to wear XL T-Shirts and tells them to stand outside. They stand by Danny’s car in the T-Shirt and drinking a smoothy and a little girl comes up and asks if they are cops. Steve tries to get her to go away and Danny offers her the giant rabbit in the back seat and she leaves. Chin Ho comes back laughing and Steve tells that he better have a name.

The name is Sang Min and that he has reason to do something and that it is a small island and that the bad guys know the good guys. He has a history of smuggling in people from China and using them as prostitutes and drug mules. Steve tells that they need to find where he is hiding. Chin Ho tells that he has the right person for them. He tells that his cousin is training in the Police Academy and that she would do it. They go to the beach and Chin Ho tells them to choose the next words carefully. When they see his cousin, she is an attractive female that is good at surfing. She walks up to Chin Ho and he introduces them to her. She agrees to the plan to set up Sang Min. Back at the station, Steve looks up the fingerprints found on scene of his father’s death and finds that they belong to a Jovan Etienne. Steve and Danny go to the shore and he asks what “Danno” means and Danny asks what is in the toolbox. Steve tells that he doesn’t really know and tells that it is like a puzzle right now. Steve gets a call and tells that they are ready to meet with Sang Min and that they are going to have Kona ready as well too.

Kona meets with Sang Min and she tells that she has family that needs to get over to Hawaii. He tells that he can do it. Danny, Steve, and Chin Ho are listening in. She starts to tell that she has two jobs and that she will be able to pay. Sang Min tells that she couldn’t afford it and to pay in “other ways”. Sang Min realizes that Kona has sand in her hair still and says that she shouldn’t have time for the beach. They are about to pull her out of there but Chin Ho tells that she can handle it. Sang Min tells her to strip off her dress to prove that she is not wearing a wire. She takes off her dress and he doesn’t see the wire. He takes her picture and tells that he is going to send it to a friend of his and Danny traces the call. He says that it is ringing inside of his precinct. Chin Ho tells that he has a mole inside of the station. The message comes back and says that she is a cop. Kona fights a few men close and the team ram the truck inside the building and take Sang Min they are distracted and Sang Min runs off. Steve runs after him and makes him crash his car. Danny notices movement inside a storage shed and they open it up. There are a bunch of China Nationals inside. They take him into questioning and Steve tells that he can take his own family and transport them back to the country where they came from. He talks and asks what kind of cops are they. Steve tells that they are the new kind.

The governor calls up Steve and he reminds that she gave him free range to do what he needs to do and she tells that he sparked an international incident. Steve tells her to tell them that they are smuggling in terrorist and that they won’t say anything. Danny’s ex-wife calls and he argue with her about the fact that he couldn’t pick up his daughter. He tells her to tell his daughter that “Danno” loves her. He tells Steve that “Danno” was what his daughter called him because she couldn’t say his name right. Steve seems a little bit disappointed. They arrive at the docks and ram their car right onto it and start killing people that get in their way. Steve is after one person. That person is Victor. They get out and start shooting the bad guys and eventually, Steve gets caught up to Victor. They fight and Steve wins by shooting Victor into the water. He tells that they need to send someone to find Victor’s body. There is one criminal alive and Danny asks what he should do. Steve yells, “Book ‘em Danno!”. Back at the station, Steve gives Danny a ticket to 4 days at a hotel when he is in charge of his daughter. He thanks him. The team starts to decide on their name and Chin Ho tries to give them a name in Hawaiian and they laugh. Steve tells that they can wait on the name of their Task Force.