Ohana (Family) - Recap

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The scene opens with Roland Lowry, an Ex-NSA specialist, with a suitcase in a seat next to him that is to being taken to a secret meeting. However, Roland has his car crashed into by a white van. This causes the car to flip and turns it upside down. Several gunmen from the van kill Roland’s bodyguards and they kidnap him. Roland’s son is yelling for his dad over the phone that he wasn’t able to finish the call. Steve McGarrett listens to a recording that was left in his father’s red toolbox before he was murdered. The show then flashbacks to Steve swimming in the ocean, and being very happy. The recording of the info is playing and Steve chooses to take it to get the toolbar. Danny “Danno” enters Steve’s house and he says that a lot of people were at a party that he didn’t plan. The bartender’s malasadas walk into McGarrett’s house. But, he offers McGarrett some Malasadas. The chap between banter was quickly followed by McGarrett telling Danno that the “pants and tie look” won’t cut it in Hawaii. Danno goes on to tell McGarrett that this is the way every normal detective in America dresses, and it’s his favorite tie given to him by his daughter, Grace. McGarrett then gets a call about the kidnapping.

Chin Ho is on the scene and gets the cold shoulder treatment from a cop that was someone who he trained in the academy. Despite being kicked off the force for force for drug charges that were bogus, Chin Ho is invited by Kona to go to her graduation party. He tells that he doesn’t want to “stain her reputation” and tells that there are several who still hate him and think that he is just a dirty cop. At the scene, Chin Ho sees that there is a video camera and goes to see if he can get the footage off it. Meanwhile, McGarrett and Danno try and figure out why armor-piercing bullets and bulletproof windows are gracing their crime scene, and Kona finds Roland’s cell phone. Meanwhile, Danno and McGarrett is interviewing Roland’s son, Evan, and he is scared. He tells that he doesn’t know what his dad was kidnapped and tells that his dad is the most boring person. His girlfriend, Natalie, shows up crying and she tells that she doesn’t have any answers. McGarrett tells Kona should stay with Natalie in the just in case it is a ransom not case and Kona is going to have to trace the call. Danno reassures Kona that she will be relieved before her graduation.

McGarrett and Danno go to Hickam Air Force Base and there they talk with Roland’s contact, General Tom Nathanson, and he tells that Roland was always paranoid about the military. He tells that he moved to Hawaii so that he could go on with his work. He tells that Hawaii was vulnerable because of the fact that USA owns 150 million square miles of it. Nathanson tells that Roland had been working on something that is going to prove what his paranoia was all about. Meanwhile at the headquarters, Chin Ho is watching the video of the crime scene and sees that a wounded gunman flees the scene and heads over to the Hilton Hawaiian Village. He calls to McGarrett and Danno over to the scene of the crime. They arrive and they follow the blood to the roof of the Hotel and find him there. Danno tries to awake the gunman. However, McGarrett get unpatient and puts the finger of the gunman on the gunshot wound and puts it on a piece of paper and tells Chin Ho to run it. The guy yells in pain and McGarrett starts pressing him for answers. Danno gets upset and Chin Ho calms things down and tells that he got an ID from the phone. Danno is really upset and tells McGarrett they are going to have a talk later about the issues.

McGarret and Danno go to Roland’s home to start looking for clues. In the car Danno starts to lecture McGarrett on the proper police procedure that needs to be followed and tells that McGarrett was close to getting the guy to talk before he had to step in. McGarrett tells Danno that he only got answers because the guy feared for his life. Danno tells McGarrett that if he is going to follow the shoot first asks questions later method, he should tells him so he knows where and when to duck out of the way. McGarrett says that he is not going to kill him. They arrive at the house and there is security at every entrance. Danno goes inside and finds a secret room. They open it up to find that there is a super “matrix computer” as Danno liked to call it. McGarrett tells that they’re going to need a hacker. Danno tells that he knows someone who can do it. McGarrett is shocked that Danno knows a local guy that is a hacker since he is not a local resident. They visit Danno’s contact in the rainforest and Chickens are everywhere. They pay the hacker, Adam “toast” Charles, a bag of lollipops instead of money. Adam looks at the tie that Danno is wearing and calls him “kama aina”, meaning “local”. They take Adam with them back to Roland’s house. Meanwhile, Kona gets a call from Chin Ho and he sends a picture to her so she can show Evan it.

Adam is over at Roland’s home and is searching for clues on the laptop. He finds that Roland had created a skeleton hey that has the ability to access the security system and also the high security military computers. They find that the hard drive is missing for the skeleton key. Kona makes a crane for Evan and tells him that she had to make 1,0000 of them for all her cousins’ wedding in Japan. She shows the picture, but he doesn’t know the suspect. Chin Ho, McGarrett, and Danno all figure out the suspect came to Oahu two month earlier and along with Drago Zanovic. They pull all the files that they have for other Seribians and Natalie arrives. Kona gets some paper and sees a piece of paper with a time and meeting place. Nathalie sees this and starts to fight with Kona. Just as she is about to get her, Drago shows up and puts a gun to Evan’s head. McGarrett calls Kona and she tells that she is driving the Serbians to the meeting. She tells that she is thinking of taking Evan to Mokuleia Beach so that he can swim, but Natalie throws Kona’s phone out the window. McGarrett tells that they are going north.

Kona goes to the Dillingham Airfield and they go inside to see that Roland is at a computer. Drago threatens Evan to get Roland to do what he needs and Adam is monitoring the skeleton key from Roland’s computer. He calls Danno and tells him that the skeleton key has been activated and tells that the Radar has been shut down. McGarret thinks that a plane is coming. He was right as a plane is trying to land, Kona gets Drago to hit her off the chair and he does. Natalie tells him to kill her but Drago tells that it is good to have hostages. The Five-O team arrive and see an unmarked plane flying low. Chin Ho tells that there is a skydiving school nearby. They guess that Dillingham Airfield is the closest. The plane lands and a man exits with a duffle bag full of cash. The team springs into action and they eventually get control of the situation. The building explodes and the team exit before with the bad guy too. McGarrett tells hom to “Book em Danno” and Danno gives him a hard time about it asking if it is going to be his “thing” now that he is going to do.

The scene cuts to the bathroom and Kona is looking herself over checking for bruises. She missed her graduation and zips up the uniform. However, when she gets out of the bathroom, the team are in full uniform and she says something in Hawaiian. McGarrett gives her a box. It has a gun in it. Danno gives her a beautiful necklace with the patron saint of law enforcement on it. Chin Ho gives her a wand with the inscription “To my cousin, who always brings light to darkness.” He tells that he wouldn’t miss her graduation for anything. Kona gets sworn in and the episode ends.