Malama Ka Aina (Respect the Land) - Recap

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The scene opens at a Kukui High School football game and Kona is getting into it. Danny brings Gracie to the game and the team introduce themselves to her. Gracie says that she wants Nachos and Danny takes her. Steve jokes and tells him to get some for him as well. They go to the stand and Danny sees two men with guns. He tells a woman that he is a police officer and that he needs her to watch his daughter for a moment. He follows them onto the field and calls Steve. The team jumps into action and they get down with Danny. When the man pulls the gun out, Danny shoots him after the man shoots a guy in the shoulder and Chin Ho chases after another. While running, the man turns around and Chin Ho recognizes him. He lowers his gun in shock and the man runs away.

The man who was shot is dead and Kona tells that one of the shooters has a 14K Tattoo, meaning he is a Triad enforcer and the victim a Samoan. They feel that it is a gang war. Chin Ho comes up and tells that he lost his runner in the parking lot but Kona doesn’t believe him. Danny is on the phone with his ex-wife and she is telling him that Gracie is not safe with him. He tells that Gracie will be home in five minutes and tells that he can’t handle it right now. In Monoa Valley, Chin Ho goes to the home of Sid, the runner from earlier, and his wife tells that she hasn’t seen him in months. Mona Sapolu is the leader of the Triads and word is that he is tired of having the Triads killed off. Steve tells that if it is a war of the gangs, it is only going to get worse. Kona shows Steve and Danny the footage from the gang and they see Junior Satele, the Quarterback, walk toward the shooting while everyone ran away. Kona tells that Junior is still at the school in the locker room. They go inside and find Junior accepting a package and they walk up and find out that it is a gun. Steve tells that he needs to give up the name of the person he was going to kill and to let them handle it. Steve tells him to leave and Danny is upset that he is not paying attention to the law, but Steve tells that they are going to catch the bad guys who killed Junior’s uncle.

At the International Marketplace, Steve is running after the man who shot Junior’s uncle and tackles him into a glass stand. Chin Ho visits Sid at a hotel and tells that he saw him at the football game and that he should go into the station. Sid refuses and Chin Ho tells that he is a cop again and that he was trying to have him go nicely. He takes him to the station and Steve and Danny want to know what is going on. Sid tells that he is only undercover for the Samoans and that he is a police officer for the Hawaii Police Department and also Chin Ho and Kona’s cousin. He calls Chin Ho a dirty cop and tells that he will tell Steve and Danny about his work, but not Chin Ho. In the hallway, Kona tells that Sid didn’t give him a break for being family and neither should Chin Ho. In the room, Sid tells that the Samoans have a lot of bad things and tells that they need to go to an Auto Shop. Steve and Danny go there and Danny suggests that Chin Ho have a few days off and Steve tells that Chin Ho needs to learn to deal. Danny sees that there is no cheese or grease stains in the Pizza boxes. Steve mixes Iodine in a bottle and sprays the box to reveal that the Samoans are running guns.

They go to the pizza place and in the car, Danny gets a call from his ex-wife’s lawyer and he tells that Rachel is trying to get full custody of Gracie. He tells that he is not going to allow that. The lawyer hangs up and Danny is upset. At the pizza place, the owner dodges the officer’s questions and Steve grabs him with Danny’s permission. They go out to the ocean and Steve tells that they are going to throw Joey to the sharks. They put him in a shark cage and leave a little distance. He is screaming and Danny asks if it is dangerous. Steve tells that they are harmless sharks but Joey doesn’t think so. Steve asks what Danny is going to about his ex-wife. Danny tells that Gracie is his life and that he would be alone if she was out of his life. Joey tells that the Samoans are trying to run the Triad’s operation into the ground and that Frank Salvo is coming to town to see the operation to talk to the new gang leader. Frank Salvo is the head of the crime family in New Jersey. At the station, the team discusses the possible war and Danny tells that if Frank Salvo is behind this, they are going to have a lot more incidents like the one at the football game.

Kona goes to Sid at the beach and tells that he needs to forgive Chin Ho and that know that he is not a dirty cop. Sid tells that is not what the bosses think and that is who he has to work for at HPD. Sid tells that he has to take the jobs that nobody wants so that they know that he is not dirty himself and be away from his wife and children. She tells that Chin Ho is family and he needs to forget it. She asks if he can get them into the party with Salvo and he tells that he will for them, but not for Chin Ho. At the party, Kona is disguised as one of the girls and Chin Ho is running surveillance. Danny and Steve pull up and Sid allows them in. When they get inside, they see Frank Salvo and Tuinei go in another room and Kona follows. She asks if they want a drink before their meeting and gets them as well as planting a listening device. However, they are made quickly and Frank Salvo tells that Tuninei has people on the list that shouldn’t be there.

Chin Ho comes to their aid and takes down two guards to get inside. Sid is getting beaten up and Frank asks him why he let the two guests in. Kona and Danny pretend to be a drunken couple and then a shootout begins. Frank is about to shoot Sid, but is shot in the back by Chin Ho. The next day, Danny goes to Rachel’s home and the Governor’s van pulls out. Danny talks to the intercom and says that he won’t stand back and demands that he needs his daughter back. But, all of that was for nothing when it was the maid who he was talking to. Rachel’s lawyer gets on the intercom and tells that Rachel will not talk to him, but tells that she is dropping the case. Gracie comes out and tells that she wants to have a pink football for her birthday.

The episode end with Danny telling Steve that the HPD are treating Sid like a hero and tells that Chin Ho and him are healing their relationship. Danny asks Steve if he told the Governor of his dilemma of the custody issue and Steve lies and says that he did not. Danny thanks him and Steve asks how much of his soul did he have to lose to say that. They walk into the station and Chin Ho and Kona are watching old games of Kukui High School and they watch Steve play. Chin Ho tells that he used to go to the games with Steve’s dad. Steve is shocked and Chin Ho tells that Steve’s dad was his trainer. Danny wants to know why Steve had the number 50 if he was the Quarterback. Steve tells it is 5-0 as in the 50th state. It helped him belong in Hawaii. Kona tells that she likes it and they get their name for their team. Hawaii 5-0.