Lanakila (Victory) - Recap

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The scene opens at the Halawa Correctional Facility in O’ahu. An inmate has a Correctional Officer hostage and tells another one to open the doors. He tells the one that he has hostage that he is going out the front door. The inmate walks out with the gun and the police shoot him. However, it is not the inmate. It is the Correctional Officer. The inmate is driving past the police in a stolen car and uniform. Meanwhile at the airport, Steve is waiting for someone. A police officer tells him that his sister got arrested for smoking on the plane. He goes in the office and tells that he is having Mary, his sister, released into his custody. Mary tells that she can handle herself and Steve gives her a hard time for missing their dad’s funeral. She tells that she had things to do.

Hawaii Medical Center, Danny is at an appointment with the doctor and tells that he hurt his knee. He tells the doctor it is because he got a new partner. The doctor is confused until Danny tells of all the things he is put through. The doctor tells that Danny tore his ACL and should stay off it for a couple of days. Danny arrives at the Correctional Facility and he has a cane. Steve arrives and has Mary in the car. Danny doesn’t like the fact that he brought her to a crime scene and Steve tells another officer to watch Mary for him and take her out to lunch. They go inside the prison and Chin Ho tells that the inmate is Walton Dawkins and has been a model inmate until yesterday. Nutmeg is found in Dawkin’s cell and Steve tells that it is possible to extract a deadly chemical from it. They watch the surveillance film and they catch that the guard that went to the inmate’s aid had his gun strap unsnapped and Danny tells that they are not supposed to have guns in the prison. They talk to the Correctional Officer and Steve tosses an inmate uniform to him. The officer confesses that he helped because Dawkins promised him 50K with 10K upfront.

Steve and Danny go to the recreation yard and meet with Dawkin’s cellmate. He tells that he will tell what they want if Steve plays basketball. They play and Steve is not good at all. Danny tells that he needs to treat it like football. Danny wins the game and the inmate tells that Dawkins was watching something and he almost killed a guy for changing something. At the station, Danny finds what Dawkins was going crazy about. It is a couple winning $1 Million and a trip to Hawaii. Meanwhile, Kona and Chin Ho find the abandoned car that Dawkins stole and also find that his hair is dyed blonde now. Outside of the bathroom, Kona spots a man wearing the Correctional Officer’s uniform shirt and using a phone. He tells that it was traded. They find out that Dawkins is heading to the hotel where Dana Thorpe and Craig Ellers are staying at. Meanwhile, Dana and Craig are starting to “get busy” when Dawkins comes up behind Dana. Steve and a team arrive at the hotel, but Dawkins is gone with Craig and Dana is lying on the ground. Steve performs CPR and saves her life. Later at the Headquarters, Chin Ho tells that Dawkins is with Craig and that he made two phone calls. One phone call went to ex-con and the other to Sophia Archuletta, Dawkin’s girlfriend.

Karmekona is called in to watch Mary while they are away so that she won’t get into trouble. They arrive at the restaurant where Sophia is and Kona calls and tells that the ex-con told her that he gave Dawkins a new ID and Steve tells that they need to flag that passport. In the restaurant, Danny tells that Steve has no communicative skills and Steve tells that he does. Sophia comes up and Steve asks where Dawkins is. She sits down and tells that she was supposed to tell when Dana and Craig checked into the hotel, but she didn’t know what he was planning to do. He asks Sophia for her car. Kona tracks the vehicle. Chin Ho shows the crimes that Dawkins did and it turns out that Paul Stark, also Craig Sellers, robbed a bank with Dawkins. Kona tracks the car and it is sitting outside of a bank. Dawkins tells that he will go in a bank and he is going to wire the money and put it into the bag. In the bank, Craig takes the money out and the team arrives. Dawkins and Craig see them and Craig tries to run but is shot in the shoulder. He runs out the back door and Chin Ho runs up to Craig. Steve enters and asks Craig where Dawkins is headed and he tells that now that he has his money, he is going to disappear.

Dawkins sees the blockage and turns around. Kona tells that she is going to lose him because there are no more traffic cams. Steve calls up Kathy from the Navy and tells her to give him the tracking of the Mercedes. She agrees and schedules a day. They get the traffic and Makani Kaj helicopter tours is the spot they need to go. Dawkins tells to get him to the Airport. Chin’s friend arrives with a helicopter and they follow. In Dawkin’s helicopter, he is running out of gas. Steve and Chin spot the helicopter and watch it go down. They land hard but everyone is alright. However, when Steve and Chin land, they find the pilot shot in the chest and the family gone. Dawkins and the family members walk through the forest and Steve and Chin Ho follow. They arrive at a creek and the family drinks some water. When Steve and Chin Ho arrive at the stream, Chin Ho stops Steve from drinking the water because the water will put him down if he drinks it. They catch up to them and Steve shoots Dawkins. He is dead.

Back at the hospital, Dana wakes up and Steve tells about Craig. She gets wheeled in to see him and asks why he just didn’t tell her. He tells that he was afraid she would have left. They share a moment and she leaves. As she gets wheeled out, she tells that everyone deserves a little forgiveness. This rings true to Steve and they go back to the headquarters and Karmekona tells that Mary confused him with a Jedi mind trick. Steve tells that he knows where she is. He finds her at the grave of their father and tells that he brought lunch and they have a picnic on the grass.