Nalowale (Forgotten/Missing) - Recap

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The scene opens with Underwater Waikiki Bay a woman is on her cell phone and her son spots the body of a woman floating in the waters. Steve wakes up in the morning next to Lt. Catherine Rollins. He tells that he is happy to be with her and he gets a call from Danny. At the medical examiner’s office and Danny tells that Steve is happy and asks why. Steve realizes that Danny had Gracie this weekend and is upset that he has to work on Saturday. The governor enters and tells that Dr. Max Bergman is a savant. They enter into his office and look at the body. There are ligature marks and she put up a fight. Max is a little off and Amanda Reeves, the daughter of an Ambassador of the Philippines, Michael Reeves is on the table and Michael is a friend of hers. Robin, Amanda’s sister is missing still and could in fact still be alive.

They visit Michael’s home and his wife Sarah is there as well. They tell that that the security detail wasn’t necessary because they are just on vacation. Chin Ho walks up to Russell Ellison, a private security guard, and he ignores Chin Ho. Steve asks if they made any enemies and he tells that it comes with the territory. Danny tells that it is probably about money and Michael asks where the ransom demand is. At Steve’s place, Catherine walks around in Steve’s shirt and Mary is in the bathroom. She tells that she heard them last night having sex and Catherine is embarrassed. Mary tells her not to worry about it and tells that she will have some competition when she brings home guys. Steve gets into the headquarters and asks on the threats. Chin Ho tells none are credible and they find out that Russell Ellison’s story checks out and that he is a private security consultant. Steve gets a call from Max and Danny and Steve are told that Amanda had traces of the date rape drug inside of her. Danny asks for a blacklight and Max is a little hesitant at first but then gives it to him. On Amanda’s hand, they find a Club Zephyr hand stamp. They go to the station and look at the camera outside the club and see the two girls leaving with a guy.

They go to the club and get inside. They stop for beers and Danny sees that two girls are “eye-humping” Steve and figures out from the smile that Steve got “lucky” last night. They see the guy and hang around until they see him drop the drug into the girl’s drink. They go up to him and make him drink the tainted drink. He wakes up in their headquarters with Steve blowing an air horn in his ear. They ask him who he works for and he tells that he passes the girls off to Kane and that is it. They tell him to schedule the drop and they will take care of it. They have Kona pose as the girl while Chin Ho and Steve follow. Meanwhile, Mary is getting board and watches TV, but a show is on that she doesn’t want to watch and she looks for batteries for the remote control. Along the way, she finds the toolbox that Steve is investigating. She calls Steve up and asks about the box. He tells her to leave it alone. They arrive at the place and Kona is taken inside. The 5-0 gear up and go inside. They take down several guards and take the leader into custody. They ask where Robin is and she tries to tell that she doesn’t know. Kona asks to be alone with the woman. Moments later, Kona tells that the lady did not see the girl get shipped off but she has a number. She told that the dog would be put down if she got locked up, but if she corroborated, she’d find it a good home.

Back at the station, they found that 3 calls were made directly to Ellison who is a K&R (Kidnapping and Ransom) and they go to house. Once there, Steve tells Sarah that they know that Michael got the ransom call and that Ellison is helping. She comes clean. The money transfer came from Carlos Begoyle, a radical that wants to kill Michael. Steve asks for a trace on the car. Meanwhile, Michael goes to the drop site. Steve and Danny arrive on scene but need to try to get Ellison’s team out of there. Once again, Steve calls up Catherine and asks her to trace radio traffic in his area and he promises to give her the dinner she wanted. She tracks them in their storage container. They tell him to pull out but it is too late, they are there. Carlos comes up and Michael recognizes him. Michael asks where Robin is and tells that when they get what they want, they will let her go. They want him to access the server to put the location to a weapons ship. Steve tells that Ellison needs to leave now. Steve communicates with Michael and tells him to ask to see Robin. Steve puts Danny on surveilence and Chin Ho and Kona go to save the day.

Outside, the team moves in and Danny tells that a guy is coming around to Steve. The team takes down the men one by one and get to where Carlos and the rest are. Chin Ho and Kona enter first and Carlos runs. Steve chases him and fights with him he subdues him and he is arrested. Ellison congratulates them, but he is arrested too for obstruction of justice. The governor walks up to Steve and she is emotional that he allowed her to keep a promise to a friend and walks off. Meanwhile, Mary takes the contents out of the toolbox and takes pictures of them. Later that night on the beach, Catherine and Steve are barbecuing and they have that dinner they have always waited for.